26+ Best Gift Ideas For Boys In Australia [GUIDE]

Buying the best gifts for boys can be challenging, especially if they've either got everything already, or have no interest in deciding for themselves what they actually want. 

Fortunately, we've done the hard work and research for you, choosing 10 of the best gifts to suit every budget, from the uber affordable to the top end. 

Our gift ideas are unique, you probably won't find most of these in the high street retailers. So if you want something educational or inspirational, these are some good picks to consider. 

All are in Australia and available for fast delivery. 

Best Gift Ideas For Boys

1. Retro Magic Table Set

  • Price: $89.99
  • Good For: The future Dynamo
  • Age: For 6+

With an amazing 150 magic tricks, the Retro Magic Table Magician's Set has everything a boy needs to play mind-boggling tricks for his mates and keep them guessing with mouths open!

The tricks include making coins disappear, a cup and ball trick, the classic linking ring trick, and many card tricks.

The set consists of a retro-looking table which also doubles as a magician’s travelling case. So he can take to school or over to other people’s places.

The magic table has two legs and three feet. The case holds 3 cups, 4 balls, 4 metal rings, a magic wand, flying coins, a magic box, a money paddle, magic cards, 2 strange boomerangs, and a vanishing coin. A Book of Secrets is also included.

Download the instructional video and he can learn all the tricks. 

2. 4M 3 in 1 Solar Robot Engineering Kit

  • Price: $39.99
  • Good For: Junior Engineers
  • Age: For 8+

With the 4M 3-in-1 Mini Solar Robot Engineering Kit a kid can construct three different Solar Powered Robots from scratch.

The kit has all the materials he needs to create robots which can then be transformed into a racer, a climber and a walker using the supplied solar panel.

Not only will he have a tremendous amount of fun both building and then playing with the robots, but he'll also learn a lot in the process.

In the box are a solar panel and its support and gearbox, a motor with wiring, 2 hooks, a gearbox cover, faceplate, baseplate, two link arms, two cam wheels, two feet, eight connectors, string and screws.

A detailed Instruction Manual is also included. He will also need a small Phillips Head screwdriver which is not supplied.

3. 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen

  • Price: $188.99
  • Good For: Creative kids
  • WOW: World's first 3D pen
  • Age: For 8+

From the creators of the world’s first 3D printing pen comes the 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen which can be used to create the most incredible 3D artworks or jewellery, or models, or game pieces, or anything else that your imagination can think of.

The possibilities are indeed endless. You really need to watch the online video on the 3DDoodler Create + website to understand just what this magical pen can do.

The pen fits into the palm of your hand and gives total control over the work.It works by extruding heated plastic which instantly cools and becomes solid.

This occurs wherever it is, on a surface or in mid-air. So it can make 3D objects.  Have a look for yourself – it is truly magical.

Can be bought with Afterpay. Over 21 positive reviews. 

4. 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot

  • Price: $59.99
  • Good For: Learning to code
  • Age: For 8+

The 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot is a kit which uses STEM learning principles and some real fun for kids. It uses mechanical coding so there are no digital elements in the construction process – no apps or computers.

It teaches basic coding skills which are recognised as an essential learning requirement for our kids these days.

Once constructed (another learning process) the robot can be coded to change its functions and movements.

The skill level is increased as the child learns how to use the coding buttons on the coding wheel in more complex ways. And it’s unplugged, so important sometimes in this tech world we live in.

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5. Build-a-coaster set

  • Price: $89.99
  • Good For: Mechanical Engineering
  • Age: For 8+
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries

From F.A.O. Schwartz the 753 Piece Build-A-Coaster Set gets kids learning both mechanical engineering and other valuable STEM skills while having loads of fun building their own roller coaster!

The kit has all they need (including motors, chains, conveyor wheel, pulley, connectors etc) to construct a three-foot-tall roller coaster which actually works.

Expect to spend a bit of time helping your younger child with this toy as some of the parts are quite small and tricky to connect.

A detailed step-by-step Instruction Manual is included to guide them through the construction process. They can create their own twists, corners, turns and dips. Place the motor on top of the coaster and it works a treat!

6. 101 Things To Do To Become a Superhero

  • Price: $15.99
  • Good For: Becoming a Superhero
  • Age: For 6+ 

How to become a Superhero or Evil Genius? Find out in this fun little book called “101 Things To Do To Become A Superhero…..or Evil Genius”.

Written by Helen Szirtes and Richard Horne, the book is light-hearted, fun and simple, and contains (for kids) ‘ways’ to do what the title says.

This includes instructions about the items they’ll need, and the process to follow to complete given objectives in each chapter.

It teaches them how to make things, master new tricks and learn how to think like a superhero…or an evil genius.

Highly interactive it has spaces for scribbling notes, drawing pictures, or placing stickers as they forge ahead through the book!

7. Astronaut LED Table Lamp

  • Price: $49.99
  • Good For: Space Fans
  • Age: For 3+

A perfect bedside lamp for a boy’s bedroom, the Astronaut On The Moon LED Table Lamp is a 28cm tall lamp which is battery operated so he can move it around his room, and also has a bulb which never gets hot so it’s safe for him to do that.

The lamp features a realistically moulded astronaut who has a detailed spacesuit and gold visor helmet. His feet are set on a perfectly dimpled surface, just like the moon.

The bulb is also a long-lasting energy-efficient one. The batteries are AAA (3 are required and are not included with purchase). It arrives in beautiful gift packaging.

8. Bump This Handshake Game

  • Price: $29.99
  • Good For: The whole family
  • Age: For 8+

Another FUN card game for kids (and possibly Mum and Dad as well) is Bump This Handshake Showdown.

The idea of the game is to follow the instructions on the cards to add more and more moves to your handshakes, just like at school but way more complicated than that!

If you mess it up though you have to pick up a bonus reaction card which might make you do the handshake backwards – or worse!

The game has a cool storage tin and complete set of Instructions. It can be played by two or more players.

9. AFL Footy Feud Card Game

  • Price: $16.99
  • Good For: AFL Fans
  • Age: For 7+

The officially licensed AFL Footy Feud Card Game is fast and fun, just like a game of AFL footy is!

It’s a short game but it’s loads of fun – the idea is to make the most points by using your cards strategically as the game progresses.

The game has four quarters, just like an AFL match, so there are plenty of chances to catch up.

The cards are worth points – zero, one (a behind), or six (a goal). Play your best cards to gain the most points.

Play FEUD cards to boost your points or muck up your opponents.

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10. Boxing Laundry Bag

  • Price: $29.99
  • Good For: Those who hate laundry
  • Age: For 3+

There’s nothing better than a good smash at a punching bag for relieving tension!

The Boxing Laundry Bag – Smash That Laundry will make that feeling even better.

The bag is intended to be filled with all the dirty laundry you have that is really just driving you nuts and you get to give it all a really good bashing.

It won’t miraculously take the laundry away but it makes you feel a little better about it all.

The bag comes with a hook and a drawstring top for easy closure at the top. Let the kids have a go as well, just for some fun and exercise! Why buy an expensive boxing bag when you can use the dirty clothes?

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11. ROKR 3D Shotgun Puzzle

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Gun lovers
  • Age: For 8+

Perfect for older children who want to build and fire their own rubber band gun. Teach them how to build the gun using the step by step instructions which takes over 2 hours.

Then get ready for war, with the ability to fire 5 rubber bands in quick succession thanks to the pump action shotgun design.

With range of over 9 meters, there's plenty of target practice to be had with the included 5 targets, and once they're done, be sure to purchase one of the many other ROKR 3D puzzles available.

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12. Bits and Bytes Coding Game

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Learning to code
  • Age: For 4+

Another STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) educational game is Bits & Bytes Coding game for Kids.

This teaches kids aged 4 – 9 the fundamentals of computer programming – something which will certainly stand them in good stead for their future, whatever that may be, in this increasingly internet-driven world.

Programming is also becoming a required part of primary school curriculum's around the world, so this is an invaluable learning aid because it makes this education fun.

This is a fun card game that’s fun and very easy to play, with vibrant characters and rules which require them to apply basic logical and strategic thinking, as well as problem-solving skills.

It also uses basic programming concepts such as Walls, Bugs, CPU, Grid etc to familiarise them with the terminology early in life.

It can be played by 2 - 4 players so is a fun game for the whole family.

13. 4M Kidz Magnet Science Kit

  • Price: $26.99 
  • Good For: Learning Magnets
  • Age: For 8+ 

Educational toys are always popular and the 4M Kidz Magnet Science Kit is one which will help your child to understand all about magnets and the science behind them while building toys and playing games.

The kit includes everything they need to create 10 experiments with different magnets, including fishing games, a wand, a magnetic racing car and a magnetic yacht.

In the kit are 2 super power bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, 1 set magnet handle, a magnet fish, a car/boat chassis, 4 wheels, 1 long axle, 1 fishing mast rod and joint, 2 ring magnet joints, metal screw nuts and a roll of thread.

There is also a detailed Assembly Manual as well as Instructions for games.

14. Apitor Superbot

  • Price: $159.99
  • Good For: Make 18 different bots
  • Age: For 8+

The APITOR Super Robot is one such toy. It’s a programmable mini robot which can be built from 400+ pieces from easy-to-follow directions.

Once assembled and programmed, the robot can be controlled by a smartphone using the free app available on iTunes and Google Play.

The bot can be assembled in 18 different ways and is compatible with most building block brands such as Lego.

This means it can be used to create even bigger designs and characters or vehicles, all able to be controlled and programmed to take directions such as following lines, avoiding obstacles and playing games with friends’ robots. The app supplies heaps of online resources and lessons.

15. Buoyant Forces

  • Price: $49.99 
  • Good For: Water Enthusiasts
  • Age: For 8+

Engino has produced a brilliant and educational Multi-Level Learning System of learning called Buoyant Forces, which develops a child’s STEM skills as they create four different buoyancy models including a submarine and a Polynesian boat.

The kit includes laminated surface panels, building pieces, an extraction tool, Instruction Booklet and Learning Guide.

A free app supplements the kit to assist with learning and to provide online sharing opportunities. The child uses these to firstly build the various buoyancy models by following the instructions supplied.

After completing that stage, they are taught how to draw their own designs for new models to be made out of the plastic skins in the kit.

By adding their own water bottle they then get to test their models’ buoyancy in water, using various techniques, to experiment with the theories around buoyancy, writing notes and making observations.

And finally, there’s an online quiz to test their knowledge about buoyancy and to teach them some exciting new facts.

16. Ocean Park Water Slide

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Backyard Fun
  • Age: For 6+

The Happy Hop Ocean Park Water Slide is a certified safe inflatable waterslide and jumping castle for home use, great for birthday parties and more.

This is a large piece of equipment, measuring 5.25m in length, 2.95m high and 5.15m wide.

There are three slides – a short central one with climbing steps and one longer on each side so there’s plenty of room for plenty of kids to have fun at the same time (up to the four child maximum recommended at any given time).

It can handle rider weights up to 45kgs with a maximum total weight of 180kgs (dispersed weight across the surface area of up to four children).

Recommended to be set up on a flat grassy area, the slide is inflatable in up to one minute using an approved electric blower (supplied).

It’s made from an exterior skin of heavy-duty puncture proof laminated polyester, and a sandwich layer in the central play area of sturdy PVC.

The entire structure is quadruple stitched for superior strength and durability. Transparent netting around the sides protects the children from falling out of the play area or slide.

As well as the bouncer and air blower, the kit comes with a water Jet set, ground stakes, pegs, a large carry/storage bag, a repair kit and Instruction Manual.

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17. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Night time gaming
  • Age: For 8+

The ArmoGear authentic InfraRed Laser Tag Mega Set is fun for the whole family or a great idea to make a party hit top gear. This is a game which can be played by up to four players.

The pack includes child-safe laser tag blaster guns and target vests for the ultimate immersive laser game away from a computer screen or gaming arcade.

This is the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there.

The set has target vests, invisibility mode, night vision flashlight mode, voice-guided direction control, and a radical 150-foot shooting range.

The laser tag blasters can switch between Shotgun, Machine Gun and Rocket for even more power and fun. And they vibrate and make lifelike shooting sounds for real-life simulation, just like you experience in a computer game. The target vests receive hits.

Players can turn on Invisibility Mode to hide their location from their opponents. A night vision flashlight can help you to find other players in the dark. And clear voice-guided directions guide you through the game.

The blasters are designed to fit comfortably in the hand of even a young child of 8 years old and upwards. And the infrared laser signal emission is rated at 0.9mW which is totally safe for children.

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18. Nerf Elite Titan CS 50 Blaster

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Rapid fire
  • Age: For 8+

The newly released Nerf N-Strike Elite Titan CS 50 Blaster is something to be truly amazed by. This is one of NERF’s epic and impressive 50th-anniversary range.

This beast is a fully motorised blaster with a spinning barrel capable of shooting off up to 50 darts in rapid-fire succession. This will have your opponents begging for mercy, not knowing what’s hit them! And it’s so huge that you need a shoulder strap and handle to manage it!

The Titan measures a massive 94(L) x 39.4(H) x 10.5(W) cm and weighs 3.98kg so yes, you certainly do need the included strap and handle!

The Titan is compatible with most other Nerf Elite dart clips and the darts supplied are made from foam with flexible hollow tips for safety to both players and property, inside and outdoors.

Add this blaster to any other Nerf blasters you may already have in your collection, or look at the other new releases, and you’ll have the kids totally sorted next holiday break. This is a toy recommended for anyone aged over 8 years.

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19. Philips Sonicare Kids Brush

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Healthy teeth
  • Age: For 3+ 

Give this healthy gift to your kids or relatives.

Turn your children’s toothbrushing routine from a chore into a fun game with the Philips Bluetooth electric toothbrush and the Sonicare For Kids experience and Quadpacer app.

The system is designed to teach children how to brush properly by syncing their toothbrush with a device like a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Quadpacer then tracks the child’s performance and shows them proper brushing techniques. Sounds boring doesn’t it? How could that be fun for a 3yo, let alone a mature and cynical 8yo?

Well, it can be. By using a rewards system and making the tracking fun in and of itself kids become engaged in the process and want to do well.

They can see themselves brushing their teeth and can accept the challenge of using different (ie better) techniques for rewards. It’s the way kids learn best being harnessed into teaching them better oral hygiene practices for life.

The toothbrush itself is programmed to recognise when a brushing session starts and ends via a stamp on the toothbrush handle. It has a memory which can store up to 20 sessions.

That memory can be accessed when you next choose to use Quadpacer plus the toothbrush together for a teaching time with your child. That time gives the child clear visual instructions and demonstrations about correct brushing techniques and talks them through their brushing session.

In addition, the app includes a fun character called Sparkly. Kids are encouraged to make Sparkly happy by doing a great job on their own teeth. And the happier Sparkly is the more rewards the child receives.

The Sonicare For Kids toothbrush and app make toothbrushing fun for kids, and in the process teach them good dental care habits for life.

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20. Pocket Rocket Mini Bike

  • Price: $274.95
  • Good For: Learning to ride
  • Age: Up to parent to decide

The cheapest pocket bike you'll find in Australia, perfect for teaching your kids about mechanics including maintenance and riding.

Powered by a 49cc, 2 stroke single cylinder air cooled motor, this pocket rocket is automatic and packs a lot of grunt from 0 to the top speed of 45km/h (rated for a 50kg rider).

Suspension is pretty decent considering the price, built out of steel and a single shock. You get a front and rear disc lock for the brakes which wrap around racing tyres.

This mini moto comes with an electric pull starter motor, fold up pedals and a straight exhaust. The handlebars are foldable which reduces your shipping cost dramatically.

While it's more expensive than the other educational toys on this list, it's definitely a present they'll remember for many years to come.

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21. BCOZZY Travel Pillow

  • Price: N/A
  • Good For: Travelling kids
  • Age: For 3+

The BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow is a patented design specifically to support a child’s chin, neck and head while sitting in planes and cars for long periods.

As a travel pillow though the BCOZZY Kids is an excellent product for both adults and kids. With overlapping arms under the chin, it encases the entire neck and supports the head, neck and chin whatever position the child is sitting or sleeping in.

It prevents the head from falling forward which saves the child from waking unexpectedly or from experiencing neck pain. The side cushions also prevent the head from falling sideways.

The BCOZZY is adaptable, by twisting and shaping alone, to fit any child from age three to eight years, so even though it is a bit pricier than its competitors it should last a lot longer.

And because it’s filled with machine washable polyester fibre, that may happen despite the worst that your child can throw at it! And it has a handy snap strap to attach it to other bags.

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22. Liquifly Deluxe Water Rocket

  • Price: $39.99 
  • Learn: Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
  • Age: For 8+

This is an adult-supervised game that will have kids engrossed for hours and learning some basic Newtonian physics as well.

The Liquifly Deluxe Water Rocket will shoot water-filled bottles straight up into the air up to 30 metres so be careful where you play with this! You need an open space on a windless day and a curious mind.

The rocket operates on the same principle that other rockets do: ie that the energy from pressurised water and air can be enough to propel a water-filled bottle sky-high.

The secret is in the process. It involves pumping air into a full water bottle with a pump-action from a bicycle pump (not supplied).

This causes the water in the bottle to become pressurised, which in turn, when released through the nozzle, creates the necessary thrust to launch the bottle upwards.

This is an example of Newton’s 3rd law of motion: that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

Liquifly is great fun and the kit contains everything you need to do the educational experiment (except for the bicycle pump), including a comprehensive Instruction Booklet.

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23. Franklin Pop A Pitch

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Backyard Baseball
  • Age: For 6+

An excellent ball practice machine for younger children, the Franklin Pop A Pitch is inexpensive and easy to use, with a mechanical action and simple construction.

The pitcher is designed to improve eye-hand coordination in young players for any ball sports including baseball, tennis, cricket, softball, etc.

This is specifically a striking practice pitcher and is operated by the player standing on the foot pedal, adopting their batting stance and striking the pitched ball. There is no need for an adult to be involved in the practice session.

The unit releases a ball into the strike area directly in front of the player each time with reasonable accuracy for consistent swing training.

The balls are pitched at a 3-foot height. The variations are important to improve the coordination through real-life simulation. By setting up a goal to aim for the child will also have practice at ball direction skills.

The unit is powered by its own mechanical action – no need for batteries or power cords. It’s made from durable and lightweight ABS plastic and only weighs just under 1kg for easy transportation.

It’s assembled in a few seconds and can be assembled by a child quite easily.It comes with a sturdy 25” telescopic collapsible plastic bat and 3 AeroStrike plastic baseballs.

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24. Giant Four-in-a-Row Connect

  • Price: $299
  • Good For: Backyard Family Fun
  • Age: For 3+

Connect 4 has to be a timeless favourite with kids from a very young age. It has never ceased to be fun and has never gone out of fashion. Now there’s an adult version to challenge the ‘big kids’ called Giant Four-In-A-Row Connect and it’s available in two sizes: MEGA and PREMIUM.

MEGA measures 60 x 79cm and PREMIUM measures 106 x 118cm. These are suitable for play either indoors or outside if the weathers bad.

Easily assembled these are perfect games for special occasions like weddings, 21st birthdays or other outdoor parties. And real kids over the age of 3 will love them too.

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25. Pie Face Chain Reaction

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Family Games
  • Age: For 5+

Pie Face is very simply a screamingly silly game of whipped cream in the face fun for the younger members of the family! It’s up to the older ones (Mum and Dad) whether the whipped cream (not included in the box by the way) actually gets loaded!

Recommended for ages 5+ and described as a ‘family social game’, the strategy is pretty simple: the mechanical hand is filled with whipped cream and players then take turns at putting their faces through the open mask and spinning the spinner.

Whether or not they get a face full of whipped cream before the spinning stops is pure (bad) luck! Players score points each time they survive their turn in the mask with a clean face.

But the longer the spinner turns without going off the more likely it is that the next player will get ‘pie-faced’. The first player to reach 25 points is the winner.

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26. Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

  • Price: Check
  • Good For: Dog Lovers
  • Age: For 8+

Do you have a dog who seems to be happy to run around all day long? Needs a lot of exercise that you just can’t keep up with? The Tennis Ball Blaster Gun from Nerf will solve this problem for you.

This is a durable gadget which launches tennis balls into mid-air for more than 15 meters, sending your dog happily chasing them at top speeds.

This will keep the dog, and you, happy for hours. Used at a park or on the beach you’ll be giving your best friend the best present forever. He’ll be more tired than you can imagine.

The ball launcher is simple and easy to use – it’s even hands-free loading by putting the gun’s muzzle against the ball and letting it swallow it. A simple safe trigger mechanism then shoots the ball into the air.

There is even a one-in-the-chamber-and -one-on-the-go-mode so you can keep him on the run without a breather!

Larger breeds of dogs will really benefit from this ball launcher. They’ll receive the workout they need for best health. The gun accepts standard size tennis balls and measures 45cm long, 9cm wide and 20cm high. It’s suitable for anyone over 14 to use.

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There's plenty of products out there that are suitable for boys and these are just a handful of the best gifts for boys Australia has to offer.

You can get great stocking fillers, birthday gifts and presents well under $100 and most come with gift appropriate packaging.

Simply wrap em up and give them away and see the smile on your recipients face when they open them up. They'll appreciate the effort you've gone too, to get something special that's related to their interests. 

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