5+ Best Nerf Guns To Buy In Australia

There is no better way to get through a long and boring winter, or a particularly unexciting summer for that matter, than a good old-fashioned game with the best nerf guns on the market!

It's an awesome game for anyone to participate in, as it isn't limited to just indoor participation or outdoor participation, and keeps everyone up and about keeping physical while you're having fun.

There's no need to worry about entertaining the kids, gone are the days of worrying about them destroying the house with toy guns and super-soakers. These products have so much to offer!

So forget browsing through hundreds of toys in-store or online, go for the best with these top 5 Nerf Guns, to keep the whole family entertained and up and moving.

1. Nerf Mega Mastodon

  • Send up to 24 darts per use
  • Range of up to 23 meters
  • Accurate, fast, battery powered
  • Heavy (3.5kg)

One of the new Hasbro NERF 50-year Anniversary range of epic blasters, the Mega-Mastadon Motorised Blaster is one of their first-ever motorised one and a treat for Nerf lovers the world over.

This monster Mastadon Blaster has the size and power to defeat its competition on the battlefield with consummate ease. It can send 2-dozen Mega Whistler darts shooting through the air in amazing rapid-fire speed.

The 2-dart rotating drum can be powered up with a hold of the acceleration button and then you can shoot all 24 of the darts in quick-fire succession with a pull of the trigger. The darts can land up to 23 meters away.

This monster blaster is so huge (measuring 85.7*10.8*40cm and weighing 3.5kg it needs a shoulder strap and handle to carry it!

The whole package includes the motorised blaster itself, the 24-dart rotating drum, a handle, 24 nerf Mega darts, and full instructions. The toy is battery operated.

The Mega-Mastadon is a fantastic Christmas or birthday present, keeping the kids happy for days and days, on holidays, at the beach or at home. And it’s available at a great affordable price.

This is a toy recommended for kids aged over 8 years old.

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2. Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

  • Fires 6 mega darts in a row
  • Very accurate
  • Great range

Hasbro NERF is 50 years old this year and they’ve released a new range of N-Strike blasters to celebrate.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster shoots bigger than ever before mega-darts which fire even further than ever.
The big foam Nerf Whistler Darts make a screaming sound as they whizz through the air.

Use the rotating drum, which holds six darts, and pull the trigger to rapid-fire all six mega darts at once without reloading. The darts can reach as far as 23 meters away to hit your competitors when they don’t expect it.

The drum is really easy to reload, even on the run.  And the blaster is a good size, measuring 40.6*25.4*8.9*cm and weighing 794gm, for all kids to manage easily but feel powerful handling.
The Mega-CycloneShock Blaster is a Christmas or birthday present that won’t fail to delight a kid of any age!

Team it up with the other Nerf guns available from this epic new range and you’ll create an unstoppable Nerf blaster battle at your place. This is a toy recommended for everyone aged over 8 years.

3. Nerf Elite Surgefire

  • Slam-fire all 15 darts
  • Great range up to 21 meters
  • Lightweight

One of the new range of epic blasters from Hasbro for their NERF Golden Anniversary, the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Blaster is something to slam your competition out of the game with.

Able to fire off a barrage of 15 Nerf Elite darts in quick-fire succession from the new drum feature this is a whole new world in Nerf blasters.

This rotating drum holds 15 darts and you can choose to fire one dart at a time or to slam-fire all 15 to overwhelm your opponents.

Simply load the darts into the drum, prime the blaster by moving the grip, then pull the trigger. If you move the grip once then the drum will only fire one dart. Moving the grip over and over will fire more darts.

The SurgeFire can shoot the darts up to an incredible 21 meters (90 feet) so you’re ready for action from far far away.

The blaster is quite manageable for the younger kids, measuring 55.2*25.4*7.9cm and weighing 1.16kg.

The Elite SurgeFire Blaster can be teamed it up with other Nerf guns available from the new range, as well as the other Nerf blasters you may already have in your collection, for epic blaster battles between your kids and their friends. This toy is recommended for kids aged over 8 years. Adults will love it as well.

4. Nerf Elite Titan CS 50 Blaster

  • Rapid fire 50 darts at once
  • Included strap and handle
  • Huge nerf gun

The newly released Nerf N-Strike Elite Titan CS 50 Blaster is something to be truly amazed by. This is one of NERF’s epic and impressive 50th-anniversary range.

This beast is a fully motorised blaster with a spinning barrel capable of shooting off up to 50 darts in rapid-fire succession. This will have your opponents begging for mercy, not knowing what’s hit them! And it’s so huge that you need a shoulder strap and handle to manage it!

The Titan measures a massive 94(L) x 39.4(H) x 10.5(W) cm and weighs 3.98kg so yes, you certainly do need the included strap and handle!

The Titan is compatible with most other Nerf Elite dart clips and the darts supplied are made from foam with flexible hollow tips for safety to both players and property, inside and outdoors.

Add this blaster to any other Nerf blasters you may already have in your collection, or look at the other new releases, and you’ll have the kids totally sorted next holiday break. This is a toy recommended for anyone aged over 8 years.

5. Nerf Elite Accustrike RaptorStrike

  • Looks awesome
  • Clip holds 6 darts per use
  • Extendable bipod

Designed to delight and excite fans of all ages, the new Hasbro NERF 50-year Anniversary range of amazing blasters is certainly epic.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike Blaster is one you’ll certainly one you’ll want to have in your collection of Nerf Blasters. This is an awesome looking toy with a profile looking like it belongs in Desert Storm.

The AccuStrike is designed especially for accuracy. It features the most accurate of any of the Nerf darts so far. It has bolt-action blasting with an extendable bipod and pop-up sight for aiming, just like the real thing.

This Blaster comes equipped with 18 darts from the AccuStrike series. Each supplied clip holds 6 darts so you can have one clip in the blaster with another one on hand ready for a quick reload.

The bipod stabilises your shots and there are two extendable legs to adjust the height for greater accuracy. The pop-up sight allows you to aim for your target. The length of the barrel is 75cm.

The Elite Accutrike RaptorStrike cannot fail as a popular gift for Christmas or a birthday, especially if it joins an already growing collection of other Nerf guns from the new range, or other Nerf blasters already in the collection. This toy is recommended for kids aged 8 years and over.

Where To Buy Nerf Guns In Australia?

You can purchase Nerf from a number of retailers including toy stores, big box retailers as well as stores such as Myer, David Jones, Target, Big W and Kmart. They all carry a limited selection of guns so be sure to check their websites before venturing into store looking for a specific gun.

You will find online toy stores such as Toysrus, Hasbro, MrToys and Toyworld offer a large range. The biggest range is found online at Amazon.com.au which offers individual sellers to list their products, providing a huge Nerf marketplace. You can even buy USA Nerf Guns on Amazon. 

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