5+ Best Inflatable Water Slides In Australia

There is no shortage of fun with an inflatable water slide, as this at-home theme park will have your kids out in the sun, getting some exercise and cooling off in the heat.

Why waste time and energy going to an expensive water park, when you can have just as much outdoor fun at home by purchasing this fantastic play equipment.

This entertaining backyard amusement park is quick and easy to set up and can be deflated and stored without difficulty, making it the perfect summer activity for all the family. 

These inflatable water parks are a must-have for a safe, enjoyable birthday party, as many of these models accommodate multiple children at once. 

With that being said, if you wish to drag your kids away from their devices for some fresh air and action-packed fun, consider purchasing one of our top 5 recommendations. 

P.S. We look at the biggest you can buy in Australia for residential use. 

1. Ocean Park Water Slide

  • Biggest home use in Australia
  • Two slides, climbing wall
  • Water cannons, lagoon pool

The Happy Hop Ocean Park Water Slide is a certified safe inflatable waterslide and jumping castle for home use, great for birthday parties and more.

This is a large piece of equipment, measuring 5.25m in length, 2.95m high and 5.15m wide.

There are three slides – a short central one with climbing steps and one longer on each side so there’s plenty of room for plenty of kids to have fun at the same time (up to the four child maximum recommended at any given time).

It can handle rider weights up to 45kgs with a maximum total weight of 180kgs (dispersed weight across the surface area of up to four children).

Recommended to be set up on a flat grassy area, the slide is inflatable in up to one minute using an approved electric blower (supplied).

It’s made from an exterior skin of heavy-duty puncture proof laminated polyester, and a sandwich layer in the central play area of sturdy PVC.

The entire structure is quadruple stitched for superior strength and durability. Transparent netting around the sides protects the children from falling out of the play area or slide.

As well as the bouncer and air blower, the kit comes with a water Jet set, ground stakes, pegs, a large carry/storage bag, a repair kit and Instruction Manual.

2. Bestway Double Water Slide

  • Double racer, 10 play areas
  • Hoop, water blaster
  • Climbing wall, water dumper
  • Lagoon pool

The Inflatable Toy Park Water Slide and Lagoon Summit from Bestway is a combo of everything kids love to do at water fun parks and can enjoy right in the backyard.

This easily inflatable piece of equipment has 10 separate play areas.

There’s a double water slide, a wading lagoon pool, a climbing wall, a water dumper and a water blaster, a basketball hoop, and general water fun area all in one.

A water-filled blob at the base of the slides ensures a soft safe landing.

The kit comes with its own electric blower and inflates fully in less than two minutes. Once up it’s super strong and sturdy, with durable puncture-proof PVC coated polyester made to last.

There is a secure mesh around the top section to ensure that children can play safely without risk of falling. Once inflated the structure measures a huge 5.05m x 3.4m x 2.65m.

Up to 8 kids can play on it at the same time so all your kids can invite a friend or two on the same day. Their shoes can be safely stored away in handy side pockets. When deflated it can be stored away in the storage bag included.

3. Happy Hop Inflatable Water Slide

  • Huge water slide
  • Climbing wall, basketball hoop
  • Trampoline, splash pool

The Happy Hop Inflatable Outdoor Inflatable Water Slide/Jumping Trampoline/Bouncer is way more than just a water slide. It’s a complete water play centre.

Featuring a 3.3-meter curved water slide with security bar on its sides, random water jet sprays, a tunnel underneath, a basketball hoop, a splash pool, climbing wall and mesh-protected play area right at the top, this is a source of endless fun for kids right through summer.

Made from durable UV-protected puncture-proof materials the equipment also has quadruple machine stitching for added strength and longevity.

The playset inflates with the supplied electric blower in less than 2 minutes. The blower is kept on to keep the centre inflated.

Once inflated it measures a huge 4.2m long x 3.15m wide x 2.3m high. It can handle up to three kids playing on it at any given time, up to 45kg maximum weight each.

The total weight on the base of the inflated area of the structure ie the wading pool, is 90kg (two 45kg kids).

Inside the kit, you'll also receive the water jet set, ground stakes and pegs, a hose connector, a repair kit, handy carry/storage and Instruction Manual.

4. Bargains Double Slide

  • Double slide and slip n slide
  • Kids pool
  • Water cannons

From Bargains Online the XL Huge Inflatable Water Double Slide Kids Splash Toy is more than that. 

The whole play unit is designed for young children and includes two slides, two cannons shooting water at the slides, a climbing wall in the centre and a large wading pool area in the front.

A bonus flat slide is also included which isn't inflated – it lays along the ground and is wettened so the kids can take a run up and slide along its length.

Fully inflated it measures a huge 51.2m in length, 5.2m high and 2.9m wide.

A 640W electric blower (supplied) inflates the equipment in minutes and deflation is equally effortless. The materials it’s made from (primarily nylon) are puncture-proof and extremely heavy-duty.

All aspects of this piece of play equipment comply with applicable Australian standards.

The pack includes the unit and also the two slides, two cannons, a climber, a front paddling pool, a bonus flat water slide (extends along the grass), a repair kit, carry/storage bag and User Manual.

The water playset does need to be completely dry before any long period of storage.

5. Happy Hop Double The Fun Slide

  • Double lane racer
  • Established brand name

From Happy Hop Kids, the sole Australian distributor of Happy Hop slides and other kids’ play products, the Double The Fun Inflatable Water Slide and Jumping Castle is a twin water slide with jumping fun play area.

The slides have a play area at the top with safety netting to prevent falling, and a flat slide and play area at their base as well.

Safety buffers run down each side of each slide to protect the players from falling out and from bumping into each other.

The inflated parts of the play equipment can take weights up to 45kg with a maximum weight on the flat jumping surface areas of 90kg.

The manufacturer recommends a maximum of 2 players at any given time.

Fully inflated the whole structure measures 6m in length, 2.55m high and 2.15m wide. Made from extremely heavy-duty materials – an exterior of laminated polyester and a sandwiched PVC on the jumping area – the equipment is also quadruple stitched for additional strength and durability against rupture.

With the supplied electric blowing machine (Compliant with Australian standards) it takes less than a minute to inflate.

With the Bouncer and the blower, the kit also includes ground stakes and pegs, complete repair kit, water Jet Set pack, Carry/storage bag and User Manual.

There is a 2-month warranty on both the electric blower and the stitching.

How To Choose Best Inflatable Water Slide?

To find out the criteria for choosing the best inflatable water slide, we looked at a wide range of different aspects for each; including the materials, the durability, the features, the ease of use, the reviews, and whether other people thought the product lived up to expectations or not.

1. Materials

The first thing you'll want to do when trying to figure out which product you should purchase is to look at the materials.

While you can definitely pick up a cheap inflatable water slide, you definitely want something durable and sturdy that is going to last a long time.

You're going to need to have a thick material that is resistant from developing holes or punctures.

As children play on the slide, a weaker model is likely to rip and tear, which can result in the slide, not inflating correctly.

2. Durability

You want to ensure that your product is durable through the use of general wear and tear. As more and more children play on your slide, and the heavier they get, the more physical abuse your slide is going to receive. 

To avoid an air leak or water leak, you'll want something that comes with reinforced seams. Of the models we featured, most offered this. 

However for the best durability you'll want something with a quadruple seam. This might cost more initially but will ensure your water slide lasts a longer time.

If you're looking for something longterm and future proof, then definitely spend a little bit more up front purchasing a durable, quadruple a stitched. ​

3. Features 

Nearly all waterslides come with a splash pool at the bottom. However, you aren't just limited to these types of devices (slide + plunge pool).

Some slides come with additional activity such as a water fountains, basketball hoops, climbing walls, Tarzan ropes, ball pits or paddling pools. 

Others come with two water slides and some even come with three so that you can race your friends. Some even have 3 or 4 different tracks for water races. 

You should sit down and ask your children what exactly they want. If you've been to a water park in the past in Australia or around the world, what did they enjoy the most? If it was racing with their friends, then you'll probably want to purchase a slide that has multiple lanes.

Some slides that we've looked at today actually include rock climbing walls instead of stairs, which can be better for older children however for younger children, this could be dangerous.

4. Ease of use

Inflatable water slides are designed to be incredibly easy. However, you will need a power source to plug in your air pump.

If you're going to be playing outside in the garden, you're going to need to have an extension cord into the house unless you've got outdoor power.

Speaking of air pump, some models come with a cheap and nasty air pump and you will need to purchase a more premium offer from another seller.

Be sure to check that your waterslide does not come with a special adaptor or anything like that. ​

Most of the slides require you to unwrap and lay it on the ground, and then you connect the blower and turn it on as it starts to inflate.

Additionally, you will need a water source, which is usually provided in the form of a garden hose, and you can add soap and water as well.

Initially, putting up the slide is the easiest part with the tear down, becoming the most complicated part, you only to make sure it's clean and dry or else when you fold it away, you will start to get mold on it.

You need to fully deflate it and then fold it up into a storage bag and it is a lot easier to take it out of the bag than it is to fit it back in, much like a sleeping bag.

However, these are all minor points.

When you consider the amount of fun that you're going to give your children, when you set this up in the backyard, some of these water slides are so big that everyone in the street is going to want to come along and start playing on your waterslide.

5. Size

The size of the slide depends on how much you're willing to spend and the features that you wish to achieve from your inflatable water slide.

If you are looking for something small for maybe younger children, then you can definitely get away with paying a couple of hundred dollars for an inflatable slide.

Today, we've actually looked at the biggest slides you can purchase online, and these come with multiple features and multiple slides, suitable for older kids.  

With that, you can expect to pay over $1,000 for the privilege of purchasing such a slide.

You'll need to make sure that the place you're going to put your slide has enough room and also has room around the outsides to allow for give and take, depending on how many users are on your slide.

Additionally, you'll need to look at the white of the product to ensure that you can move it around by yourself without requiring multiple hands to do the process.

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