5+ Best Dog Ball Launchers In Australia

Playing fetch with your dog is one of the best ways to keep you and your dog fit, while creating a bonding experience with your beloved pet.

Which is why you need one of the best dog ball launchers.

But whether it's due to a sore arm, injury or simple tiredness, throwing the ball yourself can get old very quickly, and can make this experience less desirable for you and your dog.

So save your energy for more active fun with your treasured pet, and consider purchasing a product that will launch the ball for you. A solution that both you and your dog will benefit from.

So forget sifting through hundreds of models, systems and types of automatic launchers, researching various reviews and hoping for the best. These top 5 dog ball launchers that will guarantee quality and lots of fun. 

1. Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

  • Launches tennis balls
  • Range up to 15 meters
  • Hands-free loading

Do you have a dog who seems to be happy to run around all day long? Needs a lot of exercise that you just can’t keep up with? The Tennis Ball Blaster Gun from Nerf will solve this problem for you.

This is a durable gadget which launches tennis balls into mid-air for more than 15 meters, sending your dog happily chasing them at top speeds. 

This will keep the dog, and you, happy for hours. Used at a park or on the beach you’ll be giving your best friend the best present forever. He’ll be more tired than you can imagine.

The ball launcher is simple and easy to use – it’s even hands-free loading by putting the gun’s muzzle against the ball and letting it swallow it. A simple safe trigger mechanism then shoots the ball into the air.

There is even a one-in-the-chamber-and -one-on-the-go-mode so you can keep him on the run without a breather!

Larger breeds of dogs will really benefit from this ball launcher. They’ll receive the workout they need for best health. The gun accepts standard size tennis balls and measures 45cm long, 9cm wide and 20cm high. It’s suitable for anyone over 14 to use.

Voted: Best Dog Ball Launcher. 

2. iFetch Too Interactive

  • Launch 300 times up to 12 meters
  • Weather resistant
  • Teach dog to use themselves

Exercising your best friend, especially if he’s a larger breed, can at times be a difficult routine to maintain. Some do need a lot of regular, ie daily, exercise for optimum health and fitness. And walking alone is not necessarily enough.

The solution might just be this electronic ball launching gadget called the iFetch Too Interactive Dog Ball Launcher.

This clever device automatically launches as many as 300 full-sized tennis balls for up to 12 meters (adjustable) before needing a recharge of the inbuilt Lithium-ion battery.

The launcher can be programmed to throw the balls at set or random distances at 3,7 or 12 meters. You can even teach your dog to use the machine himself! This is a weather-resistant device that can be used inside or outdoors.

Train your pooch to simply place a ball into the mouth of the iFetch and let it go, or load it yourself. It will automatically launch the ball at the programmed distance or cycle through randomly.

The launcher comes with three special iFetch non-abrasive balls to protect your dog’s teeth from erosion, or it will take standard tennis balls. A charger is also included for both 110 and 220 volts.

3. Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2

  • Launch up to 100ft per tennis ball
  • Store a spare ball
  • Good for larger breeds

The Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Tennis Ball Launcher is an interactive ball-launcher for fun-filled play with your dog, which at the same time provides him with all the exercise he needs to stay fit and super healthy.

The launcher shoots tennis balls up to 100-feet and features a handy hands-free pick-up mechanism to avoid the tedious and unpleasant part of ball games with the dog after they’ve drooled on the ball a few times.

There’s a storage loop next to the trigger for an extra ball in the event of losing a ball or to send balls in quick succession to keep your pooch on the run.

And the launcher comes with one standard tennis ball to start you off. Buy a hoard of used tennis balls and you’re set to go (the launcher does work better with dry balls).

This is a particularly good toy for larger breeds which require a lot of exercise, especially running, which can be difficult to provide regularly. And it keeps your hands clean!

4. iFetch Original

  • Good budget friendly option
  • Random distance thrower
  • Dog can use themselves

Designed for all size dogs as an exerciser, the iFetch Original Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is the budget-friendly option for all dog owners wanting this brilliant gadget!

This is designed for small to medium dogs and comes with three small-ish balls to suit them. These are smaller than tennis balls so it should not be used for large breeds because of the danger of swallowing. It’s ideal for smaller gardens and apartments etc.

This version is battery (6 x C batteries – not included) or mains power operated (kit includes 1 x AU/NZ SAA Certified 100-240V AC Adapter). It’s an electronic ball thrower which shoots the supplied balls a randomly variable distance of either 3, 6 or 9 meters.

Simply place the ball in the mouth of the device and it will automatically launch it from the smaller opening. Train your pooch to place the balls in the machine himself and it becomes a hands-free dog exerciser!

The balls do become wet with slobber so you do need to be on hand to wipe them down occasionally. This is particularly useful for dogs, large or small, who need lots of running around. Sometimes it’s hard to give them enough of that to keep them in their healthy best condition. It’s also loads of fun for your best mate – and you!

5. Chuckit! Sport Launcher

  • Original design thrower
  • Up to 12 meter range
  • No manual loading required

A simple yet highly effective design, the Chuckit! Sport Launcher is a fantastic way to get your favourite friend the exercise he needs without wearing yourself out.

This version, the 12M 30cm Assorted pack is great for smaller areas like indoors or in a small garden or for smaller pooches. It will throw a tennis ball up to around 12 meters with not too much exertion needed on the part of the user.

This means that if you’re not strong yourself you’ll still be able to toss balls a lot further than you can with this launcher.

The gadget has a comfortable rubber handle and the gadget works by having a cup at the end of a long flexible curved pole which can pick up the balls and then hold them while you toss them in a movement a little like you would use to throw out a fishing line.

There are different lengths to suit different people's heights and a variety of different cup sizes for different sized balls. This means that you can find one to suit you and your dog’s individual needs.

And there are also Chuckit! Brand balls as well in different sizes – each one comes with one branded ball of the appropriate size. This is a very popular gadget because it is so easy and also very well priced.

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys