5+ Best Baseball Pitching Machines

Speed, agility, accuracy, timing, coordination...all valuable sporting skills that can drastically improve by purchasing the best baseball pitching machine

Whether you're just starting out, or you have been playing for years, a pitching machine is the easiest way to practice hitting at high speed. 

Perhaps you're a parent or coach with a child interested in sport, but you aren't always able to be physically present to practice with them.

Either way, these machines do not come cheap, and are therefore worth investigating. We've saved you that trouble and collated 5 of the most effective baseball pitching machines. 

Best Baseball Pitching Machines

1. Louisville Slugger

  • Throws up to 90kmh
  • Manual powered
  • Various speeds, pitches

A practice aid for a variety of ball sports, the Louisville Black Flame ball pitcher delivers any type of ball including cricket, baseball, tennis, volley and soccer balls.

The machine can be set up to deliver different types of pitches as well, including ground, fly-balls, and straight.

You can set the speed of the pitch to anywhere between 18 and 60 miles per hour, depending on the type being practised: for example baseballs 18 – 50 mph, softballs 15 – 45 mph, light training balls up to 60 mph and so on.

The pitcher will throw up to 20 – 25 balls per hour with perfect accuracy for a relaxed and comfortable training session (no fear of being hit by a stray ball).

The pitch will include some variation to simulate the real world of a ball game but not at dangerous levels. The distance from the plate can also be set to different lengths.

Interchangeable parts make it possible to have it throw different styles of arched pitches (strike, high fly, long balls and so on). It also accepts many different ball types including plastic, leather, dimpled, hard, soft, etc.

The machine is mechanically operated by a spring so there is no need for a power cord or even batteries. It is lightweight (only 10kg) and easily transportable. Assembly is required but User Instructions make this an easy process.

Good for adults baseball pitching practice. 

2.Franklin Sports MLB Pitcher

  • Auto pitch every 10 seconds
  • Height adjustable
  • Red LED pitching light
  • Includes 6 plastic baseballs

Ideal for practising ball hitting skills in kids the Franklin MLB pitching machine offers a realistic simulated environment where balls are thrown at 10-second intervals to the striker. The machine is easily set up and adjusts to three height settings.

Operated by battery (size D rechargeable, not included) the pitcher holds up to nine balls at a time and flashes a red light as it prepares to pitch to warn the striker to prepare for the ball.

The balls are pitched at an ideal speed for training young kids to hit or to catch balls. The pitch does vary slightly to simulate real-life playing situations.

It can be used for practicing a variety of ball sports including baseball, cricket, softball, tennis etc and will accept balls other than those supplied with purchase, as long as they are of a similar size (eg wiffle balls work well).

Indeed, using slightly heavier balls tends to make the deliveries more consistent, particularly if there is a breeze.  Some people even use the machine for exercising their dogs!

The assembled size of the product is 45 x 24 x 25 cm, and it weighs 1.45kg for easy transportation. The pitcher comes with a set of six Aero-Strike plastic baseballs.

Good for little league baseball pitching practice.

3. Heater Sports PowerAlley

  • Pitch up to 90km/h
  • Automatic pitching motor
  • Tripod design

The Heater PowerAlley baseball pitching machine is ideal for both adults and kids practising both striking and catching baseballs and other similar size balls such as cricket, softballs, tennis, wiffle balls etc. The pitcher will throw baseballs up to 45mph and lighter balls up to 60mph.

It features a useful speed adjustment knob with a selection of ten speeds, allowing the trainer to simulate the real-life speeds of the standard the striker is experiencing at his/her matches.

An inflatable rubber tyre within the machine controls the pitching and can also be adjusted as the tyre deflates over time.

It has a powerful motor (housed in lightweight nylon and fibreglass) and a tubular steel tripod stand configuration, which is easily set up and transported, weighing only 5.8 kg.

The set comes with one yellow dimple ball which is lighter than regular baseballs and travels slightly faster, but you can use other balls of the same size to practice the game you wish to simulate.

Accuracy is pretty consistent but the slight variations are useful for real-life practice and to assist improvement in eye-hand coordination.

The manufacturer also produces a ball-feeder attachment which is a useful accessory for safety as it blocks the feeder hole and prevents fingers from being caught in the spinning wheel of the pitcher itself.

4. Franklin Sports Pop a Pitch

  • Designed for kids to learn
  • Auto ball feeder
  • Includes bat and 3 balls

An excellent ball practice machine for younger children, the Franklin Pop A Pitch is inexpensive and easy to use, with a mechanical action and simple construction.

The pitcher is designed to improve eye-hand coordination in young players for any ball sports including baseball, tennis, cricket, softball, etc.

This is specifically a striking practice pitcher and is operated by the player standing on the foot pedal, adopting their batting stance and striking the pitched ball. There is no need for an adult to be involved in the practice session.

The unit releases a ball into the strike area directly in front of the player each time with reasonable accuracy for consistent swing training.

The balls are pitched at a 3-foot height. The variations are important to improve the coordination through real-life simulation. By setting up a goal to aim for the child will also have practice at ball direction skills.

The unit is powered by its own mechanical action – no need for batteries or power cords. It’s made from durable and lightweight ABS plastic and only weighs just under 1kg for easy transportation.

It’s assembled in a few seconds and can be assembled by a child quite easily.It comes with a sturdy 25” telescopic collapsible plastic bat and 3 AeroStrike plastic baseballs.

5. Paceman Original S3

  • Pitch speed up to 90km/h
  • 12 ball auto feeder
  • Fully adjustable pitch

The Paceman Original S3 pitching machine is a second-generation model designed primarily for batting practice for cricket. But it also suits other striking or catching practice for other ball sports.

The unit is powered by a Titan ¼ horsepower AC motor (which does require a power outlet or a battery pack with inverter) and incorporates the third generation 3G Paceman Integrated Drive System. The housing of the pitching system and the motor is an upgraded rubber for impact resistance and durability.

The pitcher is capable of throwing balls up to 90kph and is adjustable to vary between full and short pitch deliveries.

It can also deliver in-swing and out-swing pitches.The Paceman can be used in any setting which has an area like a driveway as long as a cricket pitch.

The balls it uses are exclusively Paceman Light, Junior and LTD for optimum performance and safety. The balls are a lighter weight than a cricket ball to prevent injury and damage to surrounding structures and windows. The ball-feeder holds twelve balls at once which it delivers automatically at 10-second intervals.

The product does require initial assembly but it is easily done, and then just as easily disassembled for transportation and storage. At 9kg it is a sturdy weight for stability, but a good weight for easy carrying.


Practice your home runs with these awesome baseball pitching machines, designed for kids through to adults. Gone are the days of using a friend to pitch you, these machines are automatic and offer various pitching heights and speeds up to 90km/h helping you to practice like a true MLB superstar

James Hunter

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