5+ Best Acupressure Mats To Buy [Top Rated]

Acupressure is a Chinese therapy that is proven to aid with pain relief, mental health and weight management. 

If you're looking for a home workout, that doesn't require much effort, aside from lying down on the prickly spikes, look no further. 

An acupressure mat offers many different benefits, and you can take advantage of these by purchasing a mat for your own home. 

Our 5 Best Acupressure Mat Reviews

We've spent over 10 hours looking at these products, to provide you with 5 of the best acupressure mats available to buy online in Australia. 

1. ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow

  • 6,210 tips on the mat
  • 7 unique colour schemes
  • Highly rated online

This set is inclusive of a mat and pillow that can be used separately or together. The mat is embedded with 6,210 acupressure tips while the pillow has 1,782.

These tips are designed for endorphins delivery for pain relief and relaxation for the back, neck, legs, feet and other regions of the body. Additionally, this set improves blood circulation and can be used after vigorous workout sessions to allow muscles to recuperate.

This set can be used straight after waking up to provide a burst of energy and double up for nighttime use to ease into a deep sleep. The mat can accommodate various back sizes and is filled with foam to provide comfort.

The pillow is also packed with foam and is safe to use on the face without pain and any safety concerns. One could use the mat as a yoga mat or just place it against a chair or bed for everyday comfort.

There a 7 colours to choose from including orange, blue, pink, purple, green, grey and black. The mat could be rolled up and transported around with the pillow between the yoga studio, gym and home with ease.

2. Ajna Acupressure Mat

  • 5,000+ pressure points
  • Wide range of colours
  • Highly rated online

This mat has over 5000 acupressure points which reach deep into the muscles to relieve pain and generate energy. Additional benefits include improved blood circulation and skin elasticity as well as the stimulation of endorphins.

Furthermore, repeated use of this mat can aid in weight loss and reduce the appearance of cellulite, making it useful for both health and aesthetics. This product can be used at any time of the day with the option to be employed at night to easily fall asleep.

The user could simply lie down on the mat for instant relief or use it in place of a standard yoga mat to switch up exercise routines. It can also be propped up on a bed or chair for comfort on a regular basis.

This mat from Ajna is handmade with sustainable materials such as organic cotton fiber and linen. A purchase of this item is inclusive of a complementary carrying case. This allows the mat to be carried between home and the workplace with easy.

It is available in a variety of colours ranging from more neutral tones to brighter hues. Overall, this is an ideal gift for health-conscious people.

3. Shakti Mat

  • Established brand name
  • 6,000+ pressure points
  • Range of colours

The Shakti mat has a range of advertised pros with usage such as stimulating blood circulation, soothing body aches and alleviating stress. There are over 6,000 ABS acupressure points which stimulate energy release and target deep areas of the muscle.

It can be placed beneath the back to provide comfort, enabling a deep slumber. The mat can be positioned on a bed or chair for everyday use. At first, it is recommended that the user wear a shirt as the spikes may feel too harsh and uncomfortable.

After some time however, a wave of relief usually comes and the skin will adapt to the pressure. The spikes are safe to be used without any clothing but many indentations can be expected.

This mat is handmade with sustainable materials such as the ABS plastic which can endure years of constant use. This item is big enough to accommodate the back but can also be used beneath the neck and feet.

This mat comes in a black finish with gold detailing. It can be wrapped up and moved around between home and professional environments. Overall, this is an ideal product to soothe both the body and mind holistically.

4. White Lotus Memory Foam Acupressure Mat

  • Established brand
  • 6,500+ pressure points
  • Velcro straps for fold away

This mat is handmade and has a foam filling with food-grade acupressure points that can be safely applied to various parts of the body. The filling is encased in soft, cotton case.

There are 6534 spikes embedded on the product which are designed to take away pain, soothe the body and alleviate muscle stiffness. Additionally, the mat can be used to simply unwind and relax.

People with insomnia may benefit from using this item due to the soothing mechanisms. Due to the large size, this product can fit neatly against the back and is specifically designed to adjust to several curves and crevices.

There are Velcro straps attached to this mat which unlock more functions. This mat can simply be used on the ground or wrapped around a specific region such as the arms and calves for targeted pain relief and muscle stimulation.

With these straps, there is on-the-go convenience between home and the workplace. This mat is not limited to use on the group with the option to place it on a chair or bed.

This item is available in a lush purple colour. It is an ideal product for people interested in more holistic ways of relieving pain.

5. Neptune Blanket Acupressure Mat

  • Blanket style
  • 6,200+ pressure points
  • Folds away

This mat is fitted with 6,210 acupressure spikes which are designed to alleviate stress, relieve pain from the muscle and joints as well as improve blood flow. Simply sleeping on the mat allows the neck, shoulders and back to experience heated vibrations that creep into the rest of the body.

This mat could be used during in the morning to start the day off right with a burst of energy. On the other hand, it could also be employed frequently at night to bring along sleep. Simple yoga exercises could be performed on this map to add diversity to regular routines.

The spikes on this mat are made out of ABS plastic which can still retain shape and sharpness after years of use. Furthermore, the cover is made out of 100% cotton. This product can be used at home or in professional settings as well since it can be rolled up easily.

There is the option to cover a chair or surface with the item for long, extended use. This mat comes in a black finish which fits along with various other fitness equipment. This is a great prop that offers a holistic method of relieving stress.

Features of Acupressure Mats

If you're not sure which is the right mat for you, then we've created this easy to follow buyers guide, to help make your buying decision better. 

Below we've outlined the main features to consider when choosing an acupressure mat. 

Pressure Points

As you've seen above, manufacturers use the number of pressure points in their marketing, this is usually quotes in thousands, but it doesn't always mean, more is better. 

The high numbers refer to the number of spikes on the mat, which means the number of pressure points on your back, neck, etc. 

Nearly all mats offer plastic spikes, as they are safer, but some models available in the United States such as the Aku Mat, come with metal spikes. Metal usually have less spikes, but are more effective. 


Most mats are made of foam with a cover. Some more advanced mats will use environmentally friendly materials whereas others focus purely on comfort. 


Nearly all the acupressure mats we looked at today are the same size, however some vary in length and width, so be sure to checkout the measurements, if you need something longer. 

Some brands offer travel size mats, although these aren't as good as they don't include anywhere near enough pressure points due to the small nature of them. 

Fold Away

Most mats can be rolled away but be sure to check the sales page to ensure the model can be folded away. If you're using it at home, you may not need to roll away after each use. 

Carry Bag

Heading off on a trip or to the gym? You may want a carry bag to make your mat easier to carry, and look a lot more professional. 

Price / Affordability

Prices for mats usually range from around $50 to $150 depending on the brand. In Australia there's many brands reselling the exact same models, under a private label brand. Just because it's got a fancy name, doesn't mean it's necessarily a better mat, as it may be the same as that $50 option. 

Customer Reviews

While you can use our guide as good starting point, you'll probably want to take a look at the reviews before purchasing to see what recent comments there are about your chosen mat, and what other people think of this. 

FAQs about Acupressure Mats

Do acupressure mats actually work?

Yes, there has been scientific research and clinical trials to say that they do work. 

Are acupressure mats dangerous?

There are some scenarios that could cause the mat to be dangerous, however while there is a sharp pain when you initially lie down, this will not break the skin. 

Therefore in our opinion, acupressure mats are not dangerous. 

How much do acupressure mats cost?

From our research the average price is around $50 up to $150 at the top end. You definitely don't need to buy the most expensive model, for the same effect. 

How do I choose an acupressure mat?

Try to find an acupressure mat with foam padding and the greatest number of spikes possible as this will hit as many stress points as possible. Some cheaper brands will be lucky to have a few hundred spikes, whereas typically 6,000 to greater than 8,000 spikes is better for you.

Do acupressure mats do anything?

While there isn't much medical or clinical studies backing up the claim that these mats actually work, it's a well known fact that relieving pressure on the neck, back and shoulders can be achieved through their use. Health professionals have said they can help, similar to a massage and we all know sports athletes get a lot of those.

Does a bed of nails mat actually work?

While research study until now is vague, current research studies have revealed that nail mats utilised 15 minutes a day for three weeks reduced clients' levels of back and neck pain. They found that back temperature was higher on the nail floor coverings as compared to a typical mattress, as a result of enhanced blood circulation.

Are Shakti mats good?

The shakti mat aids me a lot with my neck and back pain issues. It looks a little frightening (if you take an appearance at my back in the photo) yet it's most definitely worth every dime. You simply feel wonderful after a Shakti Session, would highly advise. However, Shakti is just a name for the original acupressure mat, so you don't necessarily need to buy that specific model, as some unbranded models work just as well.

Can you lay on your stomach on an acupressure mat?

Yes you can, infact you can lay anyway you want. While traditionally designed for the back and shoulders, you can use your stomach, feet, side or any other part of your body. Just be careful with more delicate parts of your body as the spikes could pierce the skin.

How often should you use an acupressure mat

To obtain maximum results, use the mat every day for 10 to 20 minutes at once. Keep in mind to breathe and exercise purposely unwinding your body. Choose the surface to put it on. Beginners often utilise the mat expanded on a bed or couch however I prefer a hard floor for better results.

Can acupressure be harmful?

There is no clinical science to suggest using such mats is harmful to your body and is no different to a massage. However, just like a massage, damage could be done through incorrect procedures and this also applies to acupressure mats, so ensure you read the instructions first!

Do acupressure mats help with weight loss?

Acupressure is a sort of conventional Chinese medication that's believed to have many favourable wellness advantages, including assisting in fat burning. While the research on acupressure for weight reduction is limited, the present literature suggests that both acupressure and also acupuncture might be effective fat burning treatments, but we'll leave this one up to the weight loss experts.

Are acupressure mats good for anxiety?

Yes they are, and it's been tried and tested that they can help reduce anxiety in their users. Further some additional outcomes include minimised stress and anxiety, discomfort, far better sleep as well as alleviation from migraines.

Why do Indians sleep on a bed of nails?

While the method may have stemmed in India, today it is largely a kind of home entertainment. In circuses, adjuncts and also various other places, lying on a bed of nails is an expression of a performer's endurance, valor and also imperviousness to discomfort.

How many times a day can you use a Shakti mat?

At first, 10-15 minutes on the mat might suffice yet you can slowly boost your sessions to 20-40 minutes. It does not matter if you spend more time on the mat or even drop off to sleep on it.

What does an acupressure mat feel like?

It feels like you're sitting on a hedgehog, with lots of prinkly spikes digging into your back, shoulders. The firmer the floor the mat is placed on, the harder they dig into you, as you put your weight on the mat. Beginners can use a bed for less discomfort. Once the initial few minutes have passed, the pain disappears and it becomes more comfortable. Getting off is the hardest part as the spikes are removed, leaving lots of red pin holes on your back. You then start to feel so much better, atleast for the evening, as if you've just had a full massage.

Why does Shakti mat work?

The advantages of using a Shakti Mat mirror a few of the advantages of acupressure and also can consist of the following: Enhanced high quality sleep. Reducing stress. Muscular tissue tension healing.

How does Shakti mat work?

Shakti acupuncture mats are similar (in such a way) to yoga exercise mats; the difference is they feature thousands of small spikes which apply pressure to the skin as well as muscular tissues. The word 'Shakti' is a Sanskrit concept, symbolizing women empowerment, wealth and adjustment.

Can an acupressure mat help with cellulite?

Medical research studies based on dimensions, monitorings and also analysis by professionals in numerous fields show that there are genuine benefits being used the acupressure mat for numerous disorders, including cellulite.

Do acupressure mats help bloating?

Yes, acupressure is a type of traditional Chinese medication that's thought to be efficient for gas, bloating, and also stomach pain, among various other conditions.

What's the difference between acupuncture and acupressure?

Unlike acupressure, acupuncture can only be executed by a qualified specialist: an acupuncturist. In acupressure, physical pressure is used to acupuncture factors. Basically any individual, who has actually reviewed a handbook, can execute acupressure. You can also perform acupressure on yourself.

How long should you lay on an acupressure mat?

You will certainly intend to lay on the mat for at least 25 minutes and approximately 40 minutes to completely unwind your body and also your mind. This can be actually great to do at the end of the day as you prepare yourself to go to bed.

Do acupressure mats help depression?

A major research conducted in 2015 found that clinical depression, stress and anxiety, and stress can be positively impacted by acupressure. Subjects utilised the mat three times a week for four weeks revealed favourable results and the floor covering discovered to substantially reduce depression, anxiety and anxiousness.

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