5+ Best Rocket Gadgets To Buy In Australia

The different toys that are the most fun in my opinion are the space-themed ones, so it's no surprise that I loved the idea of looking at the best rocket gadgets on the Australian market, that will keep kids (and adults) entertained for hours. 

Get your senses motivated to learn more about the boundless mysteries of space and NASA with an entertaining but safe model rocket. 

While these top 5 rocket gadgets won't actually take your kid up into the stratosphere, they are reasonably priced and perfect gift ideas for every occasion. 

1. Liquifly Deluxe Water Rocket

  • Build your own water rocket
  • Shoots up to 30 meters
  • Just add a bicycle pump

This is an adult-supervised game that will have kids engrossed for hours and learning some basic Newtonian physics as well.

The Liquifly Deluxe Water Rocket will shoot water-filled bottles straight up into the air up to 30 metres so be careful where you play with this! You need an open space on a windless day and a curious mind.

The rocket operates on the same principle that other rockets do: ie that the energy from pressurised water and air can be enough to propel a water-filled bottle sky-high.

The secret is in the process. It involves pumping air into a full water bottle with a pump-action from a bicycle pump (not supplied).

This causes the water in the bottle to become pressurised, which in turn, when released through the nozzle, creates the necessary thrust to launch the bottle upwards.

This is an example of Newton’s 3rd law of motion: that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

Liquifly is great fun and the kit contains everything you need to do the educational experiment (except for the bicycle pump), including a comprehensive Instruction Booklet.

BUT it is not appropriate as an unsupervised toy, or in populated areas.

2. Liquify Fizz Rocket

  • Vinegar and bicarb rocket
  • Great gift or stocking filler
  • Teaches law of motion

Liquifly’s Rocket ‘Toys’ are all about using common household and other commonly found items to create fun, interesting and educational science experiments to engage the curiosity of kids and make learning lots and lots of fun!

Generally, they demonstrate Newton’s 3rd law of Motion: that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, ie to explain how rockets work.

The Liquifly Fizz Rocket is no exception. This one is all about using the chemical reaction of bicarb soda and vinegar to make a rocket fly into the air at incredible speeds.

The reaction between these two everyday products results in the build-up of carbon monoxide in the base of the rocket, eventually leading to sufficient thermodynamic thrust to launch the rocket up to five meters into the air.

This is a great present or stocking filler for any kid with a curious mind.  The kit holds the rocket body and launching pad, a special measuring scoop, and full detailed instructions.

All you need is the bicarb soda and vinegar from your kitchen pantry. Adult supervision is strongly recommended for all kids under 14yo, and the experiment should be performed in an open space.

3. 4M Green Rocket Model Kit

  • Build a water rocket
  • Shoot up to 25 meters
  • Great gift idea

Fun science kits are a great birthday or Christmas idea for kids with inquisitive minds.

They’re both fun and educational, preparing them for the world, engaging that curiosity and increasing their knowledge base without them even realising it.

The 4M Green Rocket Model Kit is no exception. It demonstrates Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion that was critical to the development of rockets.

A big plus is that it also encourages a ‘green’ attitude in kids. And it’s not electronic – another plus in this age of electronic games – and not expensive.

This is a model kit which uses recycled material and air pressure alone to launch homemade rockets into the air up to 25 meters high.

The kit includes all you need to construct two rockets and the launching system. All you need to have are some soda bottles (preferably recycled) and old magazines. A detailed Instruction Booklet is also included.

The kit works over and over and is easy to keep intact in its box between uses. It suits all ages but does need to be supervised for younger children.

You can help your kids experiment using different size bottles and different pressures. It’s fun, it’s green and it’s educational – do right by your kids and the planet!

4. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

  • Stomp to launch
  • Glides over 100ft
  • 3 stunt planes

Get your kids outdoors for some fun and some exercise with the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes which soar through the air on the power of a stomp of the foot alone. No batteries or other power required.

The Stunt Planes sets include three different planes which perform a variety of actions all designed by aeronautical engineers. This makes for hours of active healthy fun for all the family.

The Looped Plane can do giant loops in the air, the Glider soars up to 100 feet in the air, and the Wildcat performs a variety of amazing tricks. All with the power of a jump on the Launch Stomp Pad.

You can change their trajectory with the sturdy adjustable launch stand or move the stand so they fly into or against the wind for a different experience.

These are safe and fun for kids aged 5 and upwards, and very easy for even younger ones to build themselves. Just take a run-up, a jump and stamp onto the Launch Pad and watch the planes perform.

Try it at your local park and watch the other kids swarm to watch. Or try competitions to see who in the family can launch one higher or farther or with the most spins! These offer endless fun for kids and adults alike in the healthy outdoors.

5. Estes Big Daddy Flying Model Rocket 

  • Reach up to 900 feet
  • Build your own rocket
  • Requires an engine

Able to reach an incredible 900 feet the Estes Big Daddy Flying Model Rocket Kit is part of their Skill Level 2 Series for those aged 18 years and older. Supervision is required for under-18-year-olds.

This is a re-design of their classic to handle the new powerful E engines. It can however still work at lower heights on the Estes C11 or D engines for those who aren’t yet ready to swap to the new engine.

This is a rocket which stands 20” tall with a wait of 3”. It features a large blow-moulded nose cone and a 24-inch pre-assembled parachute which ensures a safe landing every time. The Estes rocket model range is not just fun and very exciting, it’s highly educational.

It teaches young adults all about the basics of aerodynamics, propulsion, and flight. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion is just a start to what is learnt.

Skill Level 2 is just the beginning of the learning curve of the Estes range – it requires concentration, skill and perfection in building skills including construction, finishing and painting.

Following detailed instructions is inherent in getting the finished product which will actually be able to fly. But, the end result is certainly worth the effort. And once you’ve completed your first one you’ll be hooked!

The sense of satisfaction is hard to describe, and the skills and knowledge acquired invaluable. Say no more.

Best Rocket Gadgets To Buy?

Look at who you're buying for and this will help you decide. If it's for a child then you probably want to purchase a water or bi-carb rocket as they are easy to maintain. 

If it's for a teenager then you could look at an actual model rocket. Just be sure to checkout the local laws in your state about operating such a device. You'll also need an engine for your rocket as the standard kits only include the frame, parachute and firing line.

If you're buying a birthday present, stocking filler or secret santa then a stomp rocket can be a good option as it offers plenty of laughs for all the family. There's no mess and it's almost guaranteed to work provided the weight limit isn't exceed and it breaks! 

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