17+ Best Gifts For Gun Lovers In Australia

So you know your friend, spouse or child loves guns but that's about it? 

Fear not. 

We're going to show you the best gifts for gun lovers, that will bring a smile to their face. 

Plus we'll look at various budgets, so no matter how much you want to spend, you'll have something suitable for their special surprise. 

From salt water, marshmallows and slime balls to bottle caps and drinking water, it seems almost anything can be shot out of a toy gun these days with these ingenious little devices. 

So for the best gift a boy or girl gun lover could ask for, here's our top 17 picks. 

1. Salt War Bug Gun

  • Price: $64.99
  • Hunt down and kill flies with salt
  • Shoots over 70cm

Use just plain table salt to kill flies this summer with the Salt War Bug Gun. This gadget is so easy to use and is absolutely safe to use around food. It’s ideal as a barbeque or picnic accessory. Simply fill the canister and pump to shoot salt over a distance of 70cms to hit flies and kill them instantly.

The gun has a safety OFF button so it’s OK to leave it around children. It’s not safe for younger children to use because it does have a strong powerful shot. It certainly should not be aimed at people, ever.

So much better than having nasty and noxious fly spray around your face and your food. And it’s cheap, after the initial outlay on the gun itself.

Something Cheaper? Try the $9.99 Fly Assassin

2. Marshmallow Shooter

  • Price: $49.99
  • Fire marshmallows up to 10m
  • Delicious fun for all

What an excellent idea for a kid’s birthday party, or for some family fun. This Marshmallow Shooting Gun can hold 25 mini-marshmallows in its tube barrel and shoot them up to ten metres away!

The powerful pump-action handle can shoot with a rapid-fire action, making war-time simulation games so safe and loads of fun. So that you can start straight away there’s a 125gm bag of marshmallows included with purchase.

The gun comes in a fun blue and red design and the barrel is transparent so you can easily see the status of your load at any time. It features two handles just like a real-life machine-gun so you feel really in control of the action. The marshmallow gun is suitable for anyone over the age of 6 years.

Get the cammo version instead

3. Slimeball Gobzooka Gun

  • Price: $49.99
  • Shoots up to 7 metres
  • Air pressure so no batteries

Slime has always been a favourite of kids the world over. Now there’s the Slimeball Gobzooka Gun for shooting balls of slime at each other up to 7 metres away.

This is an air-powered gun – after inserting a slimeball pump the gun to power it up and shoot at your opponent.

There are two slimeballs included with purchase. They are particularly ooey and gooey and slimy: perfect! But they are also perfectly safe, non-toxic and won’t mark walls or furniture.

And they can be washed (in warm soapy water) to keep them fresh and as-new.

The gun is suitable for kids aged 6 years and above.

Ideal as a birthday gift – include two in your parcel though so the birthday boy or girl can immediately start a slimeball war! They do come gift packaged.

4. Bottle Cap Gun Launcher

  • Price: $16.99
  • Shoots up to 5 metres
  • Trigger action like real gun

Looking for a Kris Kringle idea for a workmate? Or another drinking game? Look no further.  The Bottle Cap Gun Launcher is a fun game for adults (or kids over 14 years of age).

This gadget removes the metal bottle cap and then can shoot it over five meters away with a single trigger press.  This is a great fun game at your next barbecue or picnic, or at the bar.

Collect your bottle caps and let your teenagers have some fun as well. The trigger action simulates the action of a real-life gun. And measuring 13cms it’s even designed to look like a gun In red plastic).

Opening your stubbie and casually launching the cap makes you look pretty cool!

5. Drink Bottle Water Gun

  • Price: $13.99
  • Random colour sent
  • Use any water bottle

What to do with your water or other drink bottles to liven up your outdoor party, barbecue or picnic. Turn it into a water gun obviously!  

The Drink Bottle Water Gun is a cool looking gadget with gun styled looks which you screw your bottle onto and then use it as a traditional water gun.

The water bottle simply acts as a tank for the device. Fill additional bottles for backup ammo. The price of this gadget is so budget-friendly that you could stock up enough of them for all the guests at your next birthday party or other get-togethers.

There are four great colours: blue, red, green and orange. They’re sent randomly so you won’t know which colours you’ll be getting till they arrive.

6. Retro Potato Spud Gun

  • Price: $9.99
  • Old fashioned potato gun
  • Good stocking filler

The Retro Potato Spud Gun is just another toy which the kids (recommended for those over 8 years old) will be in stitches over.

It’s so simple – simply push the end of the toy gun’s barrel into a potato and press the trigger. It spits out small and harmless potato pellets which can be used in a fun war game.

The toy is spring-loaded and totally safe – of course, it's important to avoid shooting at faces and eyes in particular.

You could stock up on a few of these cheap toys and invite your child’s friends over, or use as a birthday party game.

7. Alcohol Shot Gun

  • Price: $25.99
  • Great for adult birthdays
  • Aim, fire and shot!

A fun adults-only gadget, the Alcohol Shot Gun is ideal for a hen’s night, buck show or a 21st birthday bash.

The idea is to fill the gun with a shot of alcohol (neat is best of course!), aim it at your open mouth and fire! If you’re a good shot, and you’re still sober enough to be able to aim straight, you’ll get that shot straight into your mouth without it touching the sides.

Each shot measures 41mls so be prepared for a wild night! The plunger is spring-loaded for a great trigger sensation and powered shot! It is recommended that you use this toy wisely with alcohol and that you close your eyes when firing the gun.

8. Rubber Band Gun

  • Price: $16.99
  • Includes 4 stand up targets
  • Includes gun, rubber bands

Made from eco-friendly and old-fashioned wood, the Rubber Band Gun is a really fun target game for all ages. The aim is to fire rubber bands (supplied with purchase) at each of four stand-up cards and see how true your aim is.

The cards feature pictures of a teddy bear, a cupcake, a flower and a handbag. The gun can hold multiple rubber bands and can be fired rapidly for ultimate target practice without the need to be constantly reloading.

And the gun is designed to be extremely accurate to encourage the player to enjoy it and to keep playing to improve their skills.
It’s important that the rubber bands not be aimed at other people or at animals. 

9. Sauce Dispenser Gun

  • Works with any sauce
  • Changeable cartridges
  • Perfect party gift

Barbeques, picnics or just plain old mealtimes can be made so much fun with the Sauce Dispenser Gun. This fun gadget holds two cartridges which can be filled with any sauce or liquid condiment is your preferred that day and shot on to your food.

You won’t know which sauce you’ll be getting until it comes out! Will you have your mayo under your tomato sauce?

Will you even know what sauces you’ll be having with your food that meal? Some nasty tricks could be played with chilli sauce or mustard!

The 50ml cartridges are interchangeable. You won’t have any idea what is in which side. It looks like a real gun, trigger, double barrel and all.

The materials used in manufacture are food-safe plastics. And the entire sauce gun is only cleaned with warm soapy water – it is not dishwasher-safe.

10. Money Gun

  • Make it rain with your money
  • Made famous by supreme
  • Use your AUD or included USD bills

Make playing Monopoly an even more fun experience with the Money Gun, a battery-operated rapid-fire money dispensing fun gun. Load the gun with money – play or real (if you can!) – and shoot it all over family or friends.

If you’re a serious prankster, and you know your local shop owner well, pay him with a spray of notes next time you buy your groceries – he literally won’t know what’s hit him! Hilarious!

The Money Gun does come with a supply of fake dollars so rest assured that you won’t need to raid your kids’ money boxes or even your Monopoly set.

For a few minutes every now and then you can forget what real life is and imagine that you’re a millionaire! Or make a cash gift a bit of fun! This toy uses 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied). 

11. Nerf Elite Disruptor Blaster

  • 6-dart rotating drum
  • Fires up to 21 metres
  • Includes 6 darts

This entry level Nerf gun comes with change from $20 and offers the perfect gift for any gun lover. You'll be able to get straight into the action with 6 darts, that fire in quick succession using the quick-draw loading mechanism. 

It looks slick and comes in a vibrant orange, blue and white colour scheme. It's capable of firing up to 21 metres, bringing smiles and joy to the face of the user. 

It happens to be one of the most popular Nerf Elite branded gun's with thousands of positive comments. It's the perfect birthday gift, secret santa or stocking filler. 

Be sure to checkout our top 5 picks on larger Nerf guns

12. Zuru Water Blaster X-Shot

  • Awesome water pistol
  • Shoots up to 10 metres
  • Fill up in 1 second

Remember the days of using a super-soaker or water pistol? The worst part was refilling your gun. Well Zuru has launched the Fast-Fill X-Short which lets you refill your ammo in under 1 second.

Simply dunk your gun in a bucket of water or the kitchen sink and you'll be topped up with 700ml of water, ready for your next victim. 

Suitable for those over the age of 5, this water gun by Zuru looks sleek and is powered by a pump action air compressor, making it easy to release a barrage of water fast. 

The range is a casual 10 metres which means you'll need to get close to the competition for best results, so why not add two to your cart? They cost less than $20 each. 

13. ROKR 3D Shotgun Puzzle Band Gun

  • Build your own shotgun
  • Multiple shot up to 5 bands
  • 2 hours build time

Earlier we had the rubber band gun, but why not build your very own pump action shotgun that fires rubber bands using a mechanical system?

Follow the included instructions on how to assemble the laser precision cutouts that slot together in a little over 2 hours. It's the perfect gift set for kids and adults alike. 

Once complete you'll be able to fire up to 5 rubber bands in quick succession using the pump-action system. When you pull the trigger, they'll cover a distance of up to 9 metres, wow!

ROKR are well known for their 3D puzzles so if the shotgun isn't your recipients favourite weapon, there's others available such as a revolver or pistol. 

14. Gun Handle Mug

  • Price: $19.99
  • Perfect for the office
  • Boxed gift set

Drink your coffee like a gangster, without getting involved in any crime whatsoever with this top gun mug. It's the perfect gift for any serious gun lover and looks hella good in the office. 

The conventional handle has been replaced with a hand gun style grip and while it doesn't fire anything like our other gun lover gifts, it's still a badass gift. 

The gun handle mug comes in a beautiful box, making it ripe for wrapping and gifting. The dimensions are 10x15x8cm, so there's plenty of volume for a decent cup of coffee too. 

Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe, in case you were wondering. 

15. Gun Alarm Clock

  • Price: $39.99
  • Shoot the target to snooze
  • Use your own alarm music
  • Infrared up to 5 metres

If you're not a morning person then you can vent your anger each morning by shooting your own alarm clock to go back to sleep. 

Can't aim like a pro? Well the music keeps playing until you do. So you better practice your aim. For more adventurous users you can enable hard mode, meaning you've got to shoot the bulls-eye five times in a row to kill the alarm. 

You can choose your own music, a specific tune or simply use the boring ones included. Likewise you can change the snooze time, by default it's 5 minutes of sleep. 

It's the perfect gun gadget to help you wake up on time each morning. Just be sure to add 6 x AA batteries with your purchase so you can start the fun, right away. 

16. Desktop Duck Shoot

  • Price: $9.99
  • Pencil rubber band gun
  • Duck targets are erasers

Perfect for that person who gets distracted in the office, this is the famous duck carnival game that comes in a box set and makes use of some rubber bands, erasers and a pencil. 

When boredom strikes, whip out this duck shooter and fire rubber bands at your ducks. Before long you'll be choosing new targets such as your coffee mug or your work colleagues monitor. 

The packaging makes this a perfect stocking filler, secret santa or birthday gift. 

17. Nerf Dog Ball Blaster Gun

  • Price: $49.99
  • Fire tennis balls up to 15metres
  • Hands free loading

The perfect gift for any gun lover who also loves to take their dog for a walk. Blast tennis balls up to 15 metres using this pump action air blaster. 

Pickup balls automatically by pressing down on a tennis ball and it'll swallow it whole, ready to blast into the air again. Perfect for your dog to run and fetech it. 

This Nerf dog ball launcher is quite big, coming in at 45cm x 20cm, it's suitable for those over 14 years due to the size and weight. It comes with one standard sized tennis ball, but you can load your own should you wish. 

A perfect gift, there's more dog ball launchers we've reviewed. 

Where to buy gifts for gun lovers?

There are many web retailers that sell gifts online. We find that Yellow Octopus offers the best selection of gifts in this category. You'll also find a lot of niche products on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces. 

I have no idea, I need gift cards

OK maybe you're not interested in the ten top gifts for gun lovers we mentioned above. No worries, sometimes it's best to let them choose their own gift or buy something else. 

There are many places to purchase everything for gun lovers including:

Amazon - Gun Toys

Yellow Octopus - Gun Gifts

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