About Us

Every week our team spends over 120 hours per week researching new products and services, conducting tests, documenting and writing our technical expertise in articles that include five of the best for each topic such as 'washing machines, steam cleaners and televisions.'

Meet The Team


James Hunter

James has a PHD from UCL and is the chief editor at bestfive. He has the final word on what's published.


Vicky Lane

A passionate traveller, she's been to over 100 countries. Exploring other cultures is here passion.  


Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb loves to write about technology and has a strong interest in Crypto. He's currently studying further.


Yves Matthews

Yves is located in Gold Coast and loves the outdoors. A mum of 3, she writes our parenting guides.


Duncan Elliot

Duncan also loves to travel and is a professional base jumper (really). He's based in USA and writes a lot.


Jill Saunders

Jill loves the outdoors and living in Perth gives her the freedom to explore while writing for bestfive.

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