5+ Best Motorcycle Dash Cams In Australia

Are you looking for the best motorcycle dash cams? We've looked at 5 of the most top rated, feature rich, affordable motorcycle dash cameras, available to purchase in Australia.

When you're out riding, many things could happen such as getting pulled over by Police, having an accident or even having your bike stolen.

By recording the road in front (and behind you), you can provide evidence to an insurer, the authorities or a court case should you need too. 

Until recently dash cams were often only found in cars and work vehicles, but more and more motorcyclists are equipping their bikes with the best motorcycle dash cams, that are affordable and easy to install, often wired into the battery. 

Below the top rated products you'll find a buyers guide on how to choose the best motorcycle dash camera for your riding style and needs. 

1. Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam

  • 1080p dual leans camera
  • Large LCD mounting screen
  • Record direct to microSD cards

This dash cam from Blueskysea is equipped with a 1080p dual lens camera with a 130-degree wide angle optics. Capture footage with a 2MP recorder in 30FPS, where loop recording can be enabled.

Thanks to the in-built G-sensory, it is not possible to overwrite data. Additional qualities include an advanced night vision and exclusive Sony light sensors for capturing great footage. There is a built-in infrared filter which decreases intense glare when operating under direct sunlight.

There is a large LCD screen measuring 2.35 inches with a 960 x 480 dots resolution for additional brightness. Both the screen and optic lens are rated IPX67, which makes them waterproof. This allows for use in all terrains.

This product can be attached to any motorcycle to take recordings of scenic drives, or just as a safety precaution. It is compatible with micro SD cards. Mounts, bandages and other accessories come included. 

2. WonVon MT1 Motorcycle Dash Cam

  • High quality 1080p camera
  • Large 2.7" LCD screen
  • Built-in WiFi sharing

This dash cam is equipped with 2 200W lens which can record 1080p quality and 30FPS. There is an integrated microphone system for better audio sound. Night vision is included thanks to Sony components, in addition to an advanced G-sensor. This product also has motion sensitivity.

This is a waterproof product which protects against mud splashes and heavy rain. It is also kept safe thanks to exclusive G-sensor protection, where recordings are systemically saved when rough motion is detected.

It features a 2.7-inch LCD screen that is bright in colour and performs well in sunny weather. The screen can be used to manipulate settings, and capture both front and rear views at the same time.

This dash cam supports Wi-Fi, allowing you to share picturesque views on social media. Additionally, micro SD cards up to 256GB can be inserted to save recordings. Overwriting is also enabled.

Accessories include a GPS module and rubber protection.

3. Vsysto Motorcycle Dash Cam

  • Huge 4.5" LCD Screen
  • HD 1080p camera quality
  • Wide 170-degrees angle lens
  • Record directly to MicroSD

This product from VSYSTO features a 4.5-inch LCD screen with an 850 x 480 resolution and a 360-degree mounting bracket. Wi-Fi can be enabled to share files with friends through the app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

This camera captures videos in 1080p and comes with an integrated microphone and speaker set. There are twin 170-degrees wide angle lenses for a better field of view. A Sony sensor is also integrated to maximise image clarity.

Thanks to night vision mode, this dash cam can still offer high-quality recordings in low-light environments. 

This is a well-built dash cam with waterproof lenses and screen. G-sensor can also be enabled to automatically save footage during accidents and collisions.

Micro SD cards up to 128GB can be inserted. This product can be used wirelessing and comes included with a wireless controller.

This dash cam can be attached to any motorcycle, bike or car to capture scenic views.

4. Halocam Motorcycle Dash cam

  • High quality 1080P lens
  • Supports WiFi sharing
  • GPS for map geolocation
  • Rear & front simultaneous recording

This dash cam from HaloCam features 2 lens that capture both photos and recordings in 1080p in 30FPS. These lenses have a wide-angle view of 155-degrees, allowing you to capture whole landscapes.

Thanks to Sony components, night vision mode is also available to take advantage of.
This product comes with a 2.7-inch LCD screen where settings can be easily adjusted. You can enable loop recording and GPS tracking. Rear and front recordings can run simultaneously as well.

This dash cam also supports Wi-Fi and works best with the HaloCam Moto App to share images on social media.

The screen and lens have been rated IP67 waterproof, allowing for utilisation in all terrain and weather conditions. A GPS antenna comes included and can be attached for map settings.

It is suggested that a 256GB micro SD card be inserted for easy and low-maintenance storage. It can be attached to motorbikes and mountain bikes.

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5. Motowolf M6 Motorcycle Dash Cam

  • High quality 1080p lens
  • Supports WiFi sharing
  • GPS antenna for maps
  • Screen not waterproof

The M6 Dash Cam from Motowolf offers 155-degree lens to capture wide angle shots during sporting tournaments. The lenses are also rated IP68 for protection against rain and sand.

Videos and photos alike are captured in 1080p and in 30FPS. Loop recordings can be enabled and clarify is ensured thanks to Sony sensors which capture low-noise shots.

This product is compatible with Wi-Fi and is designed to be used with the MotoCam app, available in the App Store and Play Store. Share beautiful photos and videos in real-time and on various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

This dash cam features a 2.7-inch and has an integrated microphone and speaker combo for enhanced audio recording. Unlike the lenses, the screen is not water-resistant and should not be used in the rain.

This dash cam can be fitted with a 256GB micro SD card. It comes with a GPS antenna for map functions.

How to choose best motorcycle dash cam?

What makes a motorcycle dash cam the best for you? Most have the same features such as the number of lens (i.e. a front and rear camera), as well as the quality (most are 1080P HD), and they all have an LCD screen of various sizes allowing you to record on the go, change settings and playback video in real time. 

So what should you consider? 

Waterproof Material

You'll want to ensure the model you're buying is actually waterproof and can handle the elements you'll ultimately be riding in. You might be a fair weather rider only, but most will be riding in the rain at some point, so a good IPX67 rating is important.

And while some models have waterproof cameras, the LCD screen might not be, and may need a protective cover, so just ensure your model has a waterproof screen if required. 

Wide Angle Lens

You probably want the largest angled lens you can get. Most offer 120 - 170 degrees, with the top models offering 170 degrees. This gives you an entire picture of your surroundings and is perfect for ensuring you're covered in the event of an accident or crash. 

If the model of motorcycle dash cam you're looking at buying offers multiple angle lens, I'd always choose the one that has the greatest angle, for better coverage. 

LCD Screen

Most motorcycle dash cameras now come with an LCD screen which will need to be mounted somewhere on your bike. This is usually on/in the handlebars, or on the fuel tank. You'll usually find these screens are 2.5-4.5" in size. 

While bigger is better sometimes, you may find it's an unnecessary weight and distraction on your bike so a smaller screen may be better for your motorcycle dash cam. 

Micro-SD Support Capacity

While most dash cameras will support Micro-SD, not all of them support the latest technology which can allow memory cards of up to 500GB be used. 

Most will only work with 128GB or 256GB micro-SD cards. I'd ensure you have a model that offers the largest storage capacity, especially for longer rides, or multi day use without having to clear the footage each time. 

Video Recording Quality

Most dash cams will offer the same quality, i.e. up to 1080P HD. There aren't any models that currently support 2K or 4K video. The storage required would be far too high to offer this level of video recording functionality. 

The quality on most models at 1080P is great and allows you to read the license plates of the cars in front/coming towards you. 

Now that you know the best motorcycle dash cams Australia has to offer, as well as how to choose the best model for your needs, be sure to checkout our other guides: 

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