5+ Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands [Top Rated]

Are you looking for the best motorcycle paddock stand for your home workshop or day on the track? If so we've looked at the top rated options available to buy in Australia.

Whether you want a front or rear paddock stand, there's a range of models out there with different materials such as steel and aluminimum. 

Some models have large wheels, capable of supporting larger bikes than others, so we'll take a look at the different weight load supports to better help you make the best buying decision. 

Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands

1. KUP Living Paddock Stand

  • Front and back stand
  • Supports up to 500kg bikes
  • Very budget friendly price

This stand can be used to simply display motorcycles or for performing repairs. The brackets are made out of stainless steel and are equipped with 4 wheels for seamless movement.

The brackets are also supported by rubber bearings which prevent scratches on surfaces. Overall, this item has a powder coat for long-term use.

This stand supports up to 250kg on both the front and rear end, for a maximum of 500kg.
This is a beginner friendly product that can be assembled within minutes. It comes included with all the required bolts, springs and brackets. It is available in a black finish.

2. MOTO4U Motorcycle Stand

  • Specifically designed for sports bikes
  • 4 wheel robust design
  • Easy width modification

This product from MOTO4U is specifically catered for sportbikes from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. It can fit most standard sized sportbikes without any issues.

Thanks to the powder-coated metal construction, this stand is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. The stand is fitted with 4 wheels which makes lifting bikes a hassle-free task.

The width of this product can be modified using the knob. The knob provides a surface that is easy to grip, even with gloves.

This stand is ideal for general maintenance of bikes such as cleaning tyres and lubricating chains. It comes in a black and red finish.

3. La Corsa Aluminium Rear Race Stand

  • Good for racing use
  • Lightweight aluminium design 
  • Easy use

The race stand from La Corsa is a staple product for racers and motorbike owners. It is designed specifically for rear end wheels.

The chassis is constructed out of aluminium which provides sturdiness during use. There is a single large wheel attached to the main body. This wheel allows bike owners to easily lift up bikes.

Basic at-home maintenance such as lubrication can easily be performed with this stand. It is also recommended for professional motocross races.

This product is large enough to fit most standard sized bikes. It is available in a classic black finish with the La Corsa logo.

4. La Corda Steel Swingarm Stand

  • Good for larger/heavier bikes
  • Robust steel design
  • Matte black finish

The bike stand from La Corsa is constructed out of steel for maximum durability. The main frame is fitted with 2 large wheels for aid when maneuvering bikes. This swingarm attaches firmly to motorbike wheels for easy pivot movements.

It is large enough to accommodate most sport bikes and standard sized motorcycles. It is recommended for rear ends only.

This product is great for both personal and professional use. It makes standard maintenance such as cleaning wheels a hassle-free task.

This item comes in a matte black finish with the La Corsa logo. The wheels come in a bright red hue.

5. Apextreme Motorcycle Stand

  • Good for larger bikes
  • Strong steel design
  • Adjustable width

The Apextreme Motorcycle Stand is compatible with most motorcycles from Honda, Ducati and Suzuki. The maximum weight limit is listed at 340kg, which accommodates larger bikes. Additionally, the width can be adjusted to fit thicker tyres.

This swingarm can be used for both front and rear wheels. It is made out of steel and coated in a red varnish which is both dirt and oil resistant. This product is supported by 4 wheels to easily maneuver bikes. Rubber pads line the bottom to prevent scratches.

This is a great product for general maintenance of bikes. It comes in a bright red finish.

How to choose the best motorcycle paddock stand?

When it comes to choosing the best, you'll want to consider a few different factors. Some of these are more important than others, depending on the buyer. 


Most paddock stands come in either aluminium or steel versions. While you'll find both are competitively priced, the latter is more heavy and robust, allowing you to use with larger bikes, such as Suzuki Hayabusa, as well as large touring bikes. 

If portability is important, or you'll be attending a track day with your sports bike, then you'll most likely want to go with an aluminium option for your paddock stand. 

Weight Limit

Not all paddock stands are equal, as mentioned earlier, steel models can usually support a greater weight. Consider the weight of your bike, and based on this you can ensure the model you're buying supports your bikes weight. 

A bike falling off the paddock stand can cause injury to yourself, and damage your bike, so ensure you've got a strong paddock stand, that can support your bike. 

Front or Rear

Most paddock stands are rear, however you can also buy a forward stand for the front wheel, which keeps the front wheel lifted, perfect for cleaning or attaching a tyre warmer. 

Some models, such as our #1 pick come with a front and rear stand, saving you the hassle of having to purchase two different models for the front and rear. 

If you only need the rear you can find cheaper alternatives out there. We've included some other options from #2 to #5. 

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