6+ Best Heat Resistant Gloves For The Ultimate Grill

There are several benefits to using heat-resistant gloves for different kinds of jobs especially BBQ use. They are great for protection against burns, abrasions, and heat. Heat-resistant gloves are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Today we'll be looking at the very best heat resistant gloves for all your cooking needs.

The Best Heat Resistance Gloves

1. BBQ Gorilla Heat Resistant Gloves

  • Extreme heat resistant
  • Fits most sizes
  • Anti-slip design

These gloves from BBQ Gorilla are suitable for use during outdoor grills or just in the kitchen.
The gloves are made out of recycled materials which are tightly woven for optimal heat resistance. A maximum temperature of 500℃ can be handled.

An extended sleeve prevents the wrist from any burns. Each glove includes a cotton lining which provides comfort during long grilling sessions.

Besides heat resistance, these gloves also enable you to carefully move delicate plates and dishes thanks to the silicone texture.

These gloves are one-size-fits-all. It can be broken in after a few uses to accommodate the natural contours of the hands. The stretchy design adheres to both the palms and fingertips.This pair of gloves come in a red and black colourway.

2. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

  • Highest heat resistant
  • One size fits all
  • Anti-slip design

These cooking gloves from Grill Armor are available in a variety of different colours. They can be worn in the kitchen during baking, or for hosting BBQs. Overall, they are great all-rounder products for handling hot objects.

These gloves are made out of M-ARAMID and P-ARAMID materials which provide a heat resistance of 500℃. The interior is made up of cotton fabric which is both comfortable and breathable.

The exterior is lined with textured silicone which prevents slipping when moving around breakable plates and dishes.

The One Size Fits Most comes in red, grey and blue. There is also a size for ladies with smaller hands, which have the same colour options. There is also a waterproof edition which can handling hot liquids such as cooking oil.

3. Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

  • Thick gloves
  • One size fits all
  • Anti-slip design

The Grill Gloves from Grill Heat Aid allow you to safely grasp hot products, whether that be a Dutch oven or broiler pan.

These gloves are lined with cotton which ensure the hands are free from scratches during use. The exterior is made out of a P-Aramid and M-Aramid fusion material, which is also frequently used in the military.

This thick material prevents burns from creeping into the skin, yet is still breathable and lightweight.

This pair of gloves are also non-slip thanks to silicone which pattern the palms and fingertips region. Silicone ensures that delicate kitchen appliances are not damaged while being handled.

The small to medium size comes in black, blue, mint, grey and a Spiderman theme. There is also a one-size-fits-all with the same colours.

4. Meiso BBQ Grilling Gloves

  • Excellent heat resistant
  • One size fits all
  • Dual layer design

BBQ Grilling Gloves from Meiso can be used as oven mitts in the kitchen, or to handle campfires in the outdoors. It comes included with meat claws and brushes, making it a great gift idea.

The two-layered design enables heat protection up to 260℃. The inner glove is made out of a cotton material, while the outer glove consists of silicone for easy gripping. All materials are eco-friendly and 100% free from BPA.

The gloves have an extended sleeve to protect the wrists from burns. There is also a hoop attachment to easily hang up on any extension.

These gloves are waterproof. You can wear them when working with hot liquids such as cooking oil and soups.

These gloves are available in one size, and in orange.

5. Grillaholics Barbecue Gloves

  • Extreme heat resistant
  • One size fits all
  • Anti-slip design

These heat resistant gloves from Grillaholics are a perfect gift for any grill enthusiast. They can be used to manage campfires and outdoor BBQs.

These gloves can tolerate a maximum temperature of 348℃ thanks to the two-layered structure. There is a cotton inner lining that prevents moisture from seeping through. The cotton layer also provides comfort during long grilling sessions.

The outer layer consists of 100% aramid weaving for maximum heat resistance. The exterior is also stamped with ThermoMatrix silicone to provide a stronger grip when handling delicate dishes and objects. Silicone is also heat resistant and prevents heat from passing through.

These gloves are easy to maintain, and can be thrown in the washing machine to clean. There is one size available, which comes in red and black.

6. Schwer BBQ Grill Gloves

  • Extreme heat resistant
  • One size fits all
  • Waterproof 

BBQ Grill Gloves from Schwer come in a 10/14-inch size and a 10/18 inch one. Despite the name, these gloves are not only heat resistance, but waterproof and cold resistant as well.

They can be used for grilling or managing frozen meats. These gloves can also tolerate boiling water and cooking oils.

These gloves can tolerate endure a maximum temperature of 800℃ for up to 10 seconds. This is due to the rubber outer layer, which is covered with a neoprene coating. There are 2 layers of cotton fabric for maximum comfort and breathability.

The cotton can be used in cold climates with no issues.
The gloves come in an all-black colourway. Both sizes reach from the fingertips to above the wrist, to prevent burns.

What to consider when buying heat resistant gloves?

What should you look at before purchasing heat resistant gloves for use. We take a look with our buyers guide on the most important things to consider which will help you make an informed buying decision. 

Check your work conditions (BBQ, heavy duty etc)

A key feature of heat-resistant gloves is their ability to protect workers' hands from burns and other hazards. While all heat-resistant gloves are designed to protect the hands, some are better suited to some workplaces than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thermal burns accounted for more than 14,000 work-related injuries in 2014.

High-strength heat-resistant gloves are designed to provide good grip and control when working with hot materials. Some gloves have nitrile or silicone-based palm dots to increase grip. Heat-resistant gloves may be made with a combination of these materials to meet different requirements for protection. Worker safety and comfort are essential considerations when choosing the appropriate hand protection. When selecting heat-resistant gloves, be sure to ask your employer for details about the job site and the conditions the workers face.

Types of heat-resistant gloves

There are several types of heat-resistant gloves available in the market. You can either buy them online or from brick and mortar stores. Brick and mortar stores are convenient because you can try on the gloves before you purchase them. Online shops offer more varieties, and they are often cheaper than brick and mortar stores. When purchasing heat-resistant gloves online, be sure to check for the warranties and keep the receipt as proof of purchase. These gloves are very durable and can be machine-washed, which is an advantage.

The type of material used to make the glove is another consideration. Some types are waterproof. Some are made of Kevlar, the material that is famous for bulletproof vests. These gloves can be worn as shells over terry liners, eliminating the risk of burning the terry fabric. Neoprene gloves are the best option if you are working with steam or moist heat. Since neoprene is made of synthetic rubber, it has a high melting point.

Chemical resistance of heat-resistant gloves

In addition to a high level of protection, chemical-resistant gloves also improve dexterity. A thin surgical-style glove is designed for greater dexterity but at the cost of chemical resistance. A stretchy glove is also subject to rapid permeation. Heat and chemicals will weaken the polymer and decrease its safety performance. To ensure safety, choose a thick surgical-style glove that will last for the entire job.

Chemical resistance can also vary significantly depending on the temperature of a chemical. Hot chemicals can permeate through the gloves and have a greater impact on the skin than cold ones. For example, sulfuric acid that is heated to 100 degrees can cause more severe burns than the same chemical at a lower temperature. A study conducted at the University of Michigan shows that when gloves are raised to body temperature, their chemical resistance increases by 33 percent, and their permeation rate increases by nearly sixfold.

Comfort of heat-resistant gloves

A good pair of heat-resistant gloves should be comfortable, but they shouldn't restrict hand movements or make it difficult to lift a spoon. They should also be easy to clean. Avoid heat-resistant gloves with sharp edges, and find a pair you can wash in your washing machine. This article will discuss the best methods for choosing a pair of heat-resistant gloves. The comfort of heat-resistant gloves should be top priority when purchasing heat-resistant gloves.

High-quality heat-resistant gloves should be made of premium materials. Aramid fibre is known for its durability and resistance to thermal damage, and silicone layers provide flexibility and grip. The cotton inner lining provides comfort and balances comfort. A long cuff and sleeve are essential features for heat-resistant gloves, but they should be ordered one size smaller than your regular size. Then, you can decide if they fit comfortably.

How much do heat resistant gloves cost?

Our research took us into the depths of this technology and there's a wide range of pricing, ultimately determined by the material. There's alot of misrepresentations, wrong materials listed and this ultimately affects the price. You definitely get what you pay for in this industry, so if you want the best, it will cost you! Gloves generally cost $50 for entry level up to $300 for top grade. 

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