5+ Best Motorcycle Security Locks In 2020

A motorbike is certainly a valuable possession, and is therefore vulnerable to theft. Luckily, finding the best motorcycle security lock is an easy and affordable preventative measure you can make.

Unfortunately, your motorcycle isn't always safe from theft, whether it be the whole bike or selected parts, but there is something you can do.

There are a range of shapes, sizes, styles and makes of security locks on the market at the moment, some appropriate for travelling and others for locking your bike up at home.  

We've made the task of finding the right lock for you a bit easier, with 5 of the top models and a description of key features, pricing and functionality. 

1. MysBiker Disc Brake Lock

  • High pitched alarm
  • Reminder cable loop
  • Impossible to cut off

The MysBiker disc brake motorcycle lock is one which even a seasoned bike thief wouldn’t want to tackle! The alarm goes off at the slightest provocation including touching the lock, moving the bike or even just vibrating the lock.

This lock presents two obstacles to a would-be thief: a visual deterrent and an audible one. The alarm itself is very easy to use: simply slide the 2m disc lock reminder cable around one of the brake or clutch levers and engage the locking mechanism.

This reminder cable has a loop at each end to connect the disc lock to the hand grip. It’s intended to remind you to unlock the lock, which is disabled by a key. Once you’ve touched the bike you have 2-5 seconds to disable the lock.

If not it will set off a highly pitched alarm for 12 seconds or until you’ve unlocked it. The MysBiker disc brake lock is made from durable and strong high-quality forged stainless-steel. The locking mechanism is secured with a 14mm carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin.

It’s all waterproof, with inner silicone rubber gaskets around the alarm device itself so it won’t corrode or malfunction on a rainy day. The 6 batteries and brass security keys on each lock are designed for long life and easy replacement.

This alarm gets the thumbs up from users. It’s solid and seems impossible to cut off the bike, if you were willing to wait through the 12 seconds of ear-piecing noise!

2. OnGuard Mastiff Key Chain Lock

  • Anti bolt cutter protection
  • Intimidating appearance
  • 10mm hex-link chains

The Mastiff bicycle lock from OnGuard is one which can be used by both motor bikers and cyclists alike due to its amazingly detailed and well- considered technical design.

The design consists of 10mm hex-link chains and square section bar links which are highly resistant to tampering and attacks from cutting with saws and bolt cutters. Hex link chains are made from a high strength heat-treated alloy in a hexagonal shape.

The shape prevents the bolt-cutter from getting a proper grip on the link to cut through it. The bar links secure the hex links to each other and to the ends.

The resulting superior strength chain has quattro and dual lockdown mechanisms fitted to protect the chain from thieves pulling or otherwise breaking the locking section.

Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanisms provide superior strength by locking a cross bar on four sides to maximise pull resistance. Dual Lock Down Deadbolt Locking mechanism also provides high pull resistance to the lock.

When you combine all of these features the result is a chain which is almost impossible to cut through or pull apart at the locking point. And to add to that the all the locks are vinyl coated with large diameter steel shackles and rubber coated end points to protect the bike’s painted surfaces.

Now, all of that is a bit technical and perhaps a little OTT but it is important to have some understanding of how these things work.

The point to add is that this lock is extremely intimidating in its appearance as well as being truly intimidating in its construction. It is very heavy so a cyclist may find it a bit of a drudge to carry it around all the time but these days having a good lock is pretty well a must.

The lock comes with 4 keys, with lights to help unlock the chain in the dark.

3. Grip-Lock – Handlebar Security Lock

  • Stops the use of throttle/brake
  • Fits in under 10 seconds
  • Doesn't prevent carry away theft

With installation taking around 10 seconds and a lightweight and versatile design, the Grip-Lock appeals to many cyclists and small motorbike riders who want some peace of mind without the time and expense of some of the more serious and heavyweight bike locks on the market.

These users see it very much as a visible deterrent for the less serious thieves rather than a physical obstacle. The Grip-Lock mounts on the handlebar and locks both the throttle grip and brake lever. Having two points from which to remove the lock the majority of thieves will surely be deterred.

The lock is constructed with four hardened steel cores for maximum protection and reinforced nylon casing to prevent corrosion. It can be mounted on either side of the handlebar, on the left or right grip.

Properly mounted, the Grip-Lock will engage the front brake and secure the front wheel from moving.

The lock is key-operated. Grip-Lock will fit 95% of bikes (grip sizes between 27-38mm). The pack even provides some inserts to increase the grips if they’re not large enough.

It weighs only 330gms and is quite compact (only 15cms long) so it will fit into a pannier or backpack.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Disc Lock

  • Heavy duty disc lock
  • LED fob for night access
  • Doesn't prevent carry away theft

The Kryptonite 999614 Evolution Series-4 Yellow 14mm Disc Lock is a heavy-duty bike lock with some serious high-performance components.

It features a 14mm hardened steel shackle, double deadbolts engaging both ends to increase the holding power of the lock, and a higher security disc-style cylinder which is resistant to being picked or drilled. The lock has 3 stainless steel keys with an LED replaceable key fob so you can see what you’re doing in the dark.

Kryptonite is so sure of this Disc Lock that it promises to give you a monetary payout if yours is defeated when properly installed (subject to your registering your purchase).

The Kryptonite lock comes at a surprisingly low price in light of what they promise it can do. But price is not always an indicator of quality either way. Performance is a much safer way to judge.

This has received consistently positive reviews. It may be quite small and surprisingly light, but customers are saying that it does the job. It comes in a bright yellow: always a great deterrent colour!

It has 3 keys with unique serial number which are replaceable. The lock mechanism is smooth and accessible. The design is good – the lock will easily fit around any bike with room to spare. And it’s rubber coated to protect your bike’s duco.

So, all in all, let’s believe the reviewers and give the Kryptonite Evolution 999614 a good score.

5. Trimax T645S Disc Lock

  • Small disc lock
  • Impossible to remove
  • Check sizes, might not fit

The hardened metal disc lock from Trimax is a really well priced product which has earned an average 4+ stars from over 165 reviewers on Amazon alone. That is pretty impressive.

The lock is designed to fit onto the disc brake of the bike to prevent it from being moved and stolen. Coming in a striking bright canary yellow (another great deterrent factor) it is made from hardened metal (steel) and has a 5.5mm diameter pin to secure behind the disc.

There is also a reminder cable (a bright orange cable to hook over your handlebars, linking the lock to the throttle) to make sure that you don’t attempt to ride off without removing the lock.

The hardened metal is highly resistant to cutting, sawing or chiselling. The key lock is protected form tampering (eg drilling out) by a cover. Because the Disc Lock is quite a small device the measurements are quite important to know before you buy as it doesn’t necessarily fit all bikes.

They are: Pin = 5.5mm diameter; Throat = 35mmL x 30mmW x 5.6mmH. There are bigger versions which fit larger bikes. Despite all of its protective qualities and strength the Trimax Disc Lock is actually pretty small and surprisingly light– the secret is all in the clever design.

You can easily put it in your pocket when you’re out and about.

What To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Locks

There are various different types of motorcycle lock so you should consider a few things before picking the right one for you. 

motorcycle lock
  • Where will you be parking?

You should consider where you're going to be parking. Often expensive bikes park next to a lamp post or street sign and use a heavy chain lock. If you're at home, installing a wall mounted rail and then using a similar lock can deter most thieves as it's bolted to the ground or wall. 

Where this isn't possible, a disc lock and grip lock can be a good option as it locks the front wheel in place. For added security a front and rear disc lock can prevent your bike being wheeled away. 

  • What is the material?

Motorcycle locks should be made from super strong materials, to prevent them being broken by heavy duty cutters that thieves like to use. All the models featured above offer the highest grade materials, often steel. Cheap locks often have cheap materials and can be easily broken.

  • Is it a deterrent to thieves?

Bright coloured locks can act as a deterrent to thieves. If there's two identical bikes in the area, they will almost certainly leave the one with the bike lock alone. That's why most locks are bright yellow or orange, to act as a deterrent. 

While black looks more discreet, you want it to stand out. 

  • Will it fit your bike?

While most motorcycle locks are universal, some are small and will only fit certain disc locks. Additionally some grip-locks only fit certain grips so addons such as heated grips may not work. Be sure to check the size or read the reviews to see other comments. 

  • Is it heavy to carry around?

Motorcycle locks can be light or heavy but you'll need to carry them around. If you've got a scooter or an under-seat storage compartment this might not be an issue, but if you've got a sports bike, you'll likely have limited storage under the rear seat. Some bikes don't even have storage, so you'll need to carry it in your backpack. 

  • Does it come with an alarm?

Some of the more advanced locks come with alarms which emit up to 110 dB for up to 12 seconds if tampered with. This is enough to scare most thieves away, or draw attention to passers-by. 

Alarms can be great if your bike is in the garage or outside your house, giving you time to get out and hopefully save your bike. The great thing is, thieves can't tell which disc locks have alarms, until it's too late! 

  • Is there a reminder cable? 

Imagine jumping on your bike and forgetting the disc lock is on there. Aside from causing considerable damage, you might be stuck getting home. Reminder cables are a good way to ensure you disconnect the lock before riding home. Nearly all disc locks come with one these days. 

Types of Motorcycle Security Locks

There are three main types of motorcycle locks available to purchase in Australia. There's a few smaller types as well, but we'll look at the main ones. 

They all have their own advantages and some disadvantages, but they are much better than having no form of security. Depending on your budget and requirements, choose one that suits you. 

  • Handlebar Grips

These were the original type of lock and they connect to the handebar and lock the brake in place. Usually this is placed on the front brake and stops the biked from being wheeled away by a single thieve. They are good for scooters and low end sports bikes. 

However, two thieves and a van can't stop handlebar grips as they simply lift the front wheel and carry the back end of the bike into the van, where tools can be used to break the lock. 

motorcycle disc lock
  • Disc Brake Locks

These are much more common than handlebar grips and offer the ability to lock the disc brake in place. Usually this goes on the front brake, however savvy motorcycle owners are now purchasing two locks, one for the front and one for the rear. 

If you've got a wall you can park your bike up against this, making it nearly impossible to move or be carried away. Sports bikes are heavier than scooters, so these are a good lock to have to deter thieves. Just make sure you use the reminder cable in case you forget it's still attached. 

Many now come with an audible alarm, up to 110 dB making a long 12-15 second jingle if the device is tampered with. They also cannot usually be broken with cutters due to the protective casing. 

  • Chain Locks or Anchors 

These are probably the most secure as you can wrap it around the wheel and if available a solid structure such as lamp post of street sign. At home you can use a wall or floor bracket. 

They are nearly impossible to cut through without industrial cutting equipment which most thieves won't have on their person, making it much harder to steal. 

A motorcycle chain lock is definitely one of the best motorcycle locks for securing your bike. 

The only downside is having to carry this chain in a backpack as it wouldn't fit in the bike. 

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