5+ Best Power Towers For The Ultimate Workout

Do you love fitness and want to take your workouts to the next level? Do you want a challenge that will really push your limits? If so, power towers are a great option. A power tower is an exercise machine that includes pull-up bars, dip bars, and leg raise stations. They can be used for many different exercises including chin ups, dips, push ups, ab workouts and more! In this post I am going to go over some of the best power towers on the market today as well as what features they have so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly!

The 5 Best Power Towers

1. CrazySales 9 in 1 Power Tower

  • Maximum load of 150kg
  • Height adjustable pull-up bar
  • Foldable bench

This is an all-in-1 power tower with 6 adjustable height settings from 165 to 235cm. This item weights about 150kg and is constructed out of steel, making it long-lasting.

The bottom is kept protected with rubber padding for non-slip properties. The design of this product allows every part of the body to be worked upon, whether that be legs, arms or abs.

There are separate stations for leg raises, leg extensions, push-ups and various exercises. It is advertised that around 16 exercises can be performed using this tower alone. There are barbell racks included, making it ideal for placement in a home gym.

The bench can be modified and placed in a folding position. There are areas covered with padding for better gripping.

This is a rather compact tower, measuring 130 by 90 by 165-235cm. Due to the modifiable height settings, it is ideal for people of sizes. This item comes in an all-black finish.

2. Everfit Power Tower

  • Maximum load of 200kg
  • 4-in-1 multi-function 
  • Height adjustable pull-up bar

The Power Tower from Everfit is designed to help tone the upper body. This 4-in-1 product measures 85 by 67 by 199cm. However, the height can be raised to 235cm to accommodate larger people.

Thanks to the steel construction, this product can last for years to come. It weighs 200kg and is designed to be used in home gyms.

Several exercises such as bench presses, leg raises and pull ups can be performed. There is no need to worry about slipping as the bottoms are lined with rubber.

The handles are lined with padding for comfort and better grip. There is also a back cushion to support the spine during strenuous exercise.

This tower does not come with a fold-out bench, making it best for shoulder and upper body conditioning.

The Everfit Power Tower is available in an all-black design due to the powder coating.

3. Powertrain Multi Station Power Tower

  • Maximum load of 150kg
  • 4-in-1 multi-function 
  • Comfort and durability

This tower from Powertrain is a 4-in-1 product which acts as a station for pull ups, dips, push ups and leg raises. It does not include a separate bench and is recommended for strengthening the core and upper body.

All in all, there is a measurement of 215 by 110 by 70cm. This product is incredibly lightweight at only 22kg, but can be used up people up to 150kg.

The construction is all-steel which permits longevity despite heavy use. The base is secured with rubber feet to reduce the risk of slips during heavy exercise. There is a back cushion and the arm rest is also padded.

Handles are also padded to offer grip and comfort during exercises. Exercises such as lateral pull ups, knee raises and chin ups can be safely performed.

This product makes for a great addition to home gyms. It comes in a black design.

4. Fortis Home Gym Multi-Function Power Tower

  • Maximum load of 100kg
  • 6 Height settings
  • Multi-function equipment

This power tower from Fortis has a weight of only 24.5kg but can accommodate people up to 100kg.

This product is made out of steel which offers durability and stability, even during the most intense workout sessions. This product has 6 height settings up to 235cm, making it suitable for bodies of all sizes.

There are stations are pull ups, leg raises, chin ups and more. There is also a bench which can be folded out to perform simple crunches. There are also barbell racks to store additional gym equipment on.

Rubber feet cover several areas of the base to prevent slips. Cushions lined with sweat-resistant fabric are positioned for back and arm support.

This power tower has stations designed to offer a full-body workout in just half an hour. Thanks to the compact size, it can be placed in a small home gym or any empty space. It comes in a black finish.

5. KingKang Multi-Function Power Tower

  • Maximum load of 150kg
  • 6 levels height adjustable:
  • All in one fitness equipment

This power tower from KingKang is lightweight at only 27kg but can bear up to 150kg. It has 6 modifiable heights, from 165 to 235cm.

This quality makes it ideal for trainers of all sizes. Thanks to the all-steel make, this product can last for years despite daily use. As it is rather small, this item can be positioned in a home gym or office without taking up much space.

This tower is an all-in-one tool to perform exercises like pull ups, dips, leg raises and more. There is no bench included, making it best for conditioning the abs and upper body. There are suction cups at the base to prevent skid marks.

The back cushion and arm rest padding are designed to provide support and grip during workout sessions.

There are barbell racks located at the posterior, allowing additional gym equipment to be hung. This product comes in a black finish.

How to choose the best power tower?

When looking for a power tower, there are many factors to consider. These include the size of your home or gym and what you plan on using it for. If you want to do pull-ups and chin-ups, then make sure that the bar is wide enough to support your weight and grip comfortably. Most models are similar in size and width, to accommodate most adults up to around 6ft 2. Larger adults may need to go with a commercial power tower offering.

Another factor is how much space you have in your home/gym and where you’ll be putting it. You also need to think about whether or not this item will fit into your budget as well as if you’re willing to put one together yourself or pay someone else to do it.

Lastly, make sure that the product has good reviews from other customers who have tried out similar products before making a purchase decision!

How much do power towers cost?

As you've seen in this buyers guide, you can pickup a cheap power tower for as low as $150 - $250. Some more premium models cost upwards of $500 - $1,000. Power towers are not to be confused with smith machines which can cost a lot more, as they come with all the pullies, weights, bars, benches etc. 

Shipping is often free when flat packed and some setup may be required. 

How to use a power tower?

Be sure to checkout this video on how to get the most out of your power towers. 

Now you know the best power towers in Australia for every budget, checkout some of our other guides here at Best Five. 

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