5+ Best Waterproof Dry Bags In Australia (Top Picks)

Why risk damaging your precious and expensive outdoor gear? Not when some of the best waterproof dry bags are more accessible and affordable than ever. 

Whether your're kayaking, abseiling, canoeing or white-water rafting, your fragile items will likely end up soaked and ruined, turning your outdoor experience into a costly one.

A quality dry bag, should be enclosed by waterproof material to keep your items safe and dry, it should also be a somewhat sturdy material to withstand harsh conditions. 

Quality is ensured with the following five dry bags, all of which offer numerous features for any water adventure enthusiast. 

Best Drybags Australia

1. Rocontrip Dry Bag

  • Sizes: 10,20,25L
  • Straps: Shoulder
  • Weight: 200-600g

The Rocontrip dry bag is made from good quality 0.5mm thick PVC coated material which passes IPX 7 level waterproof testing for confident water sports use. The bag is airtight as well as being waterproof.

The bag features detachable and adjustable shoulder straps which roll up for easy storage inside the bag. Included with purchase are four straps: one single and three double straps for different weights being carried up to 40 litres.

The straps can be made long enough to sling across your back when walking or swimming. Short enough to be stowed on the back of a bike when cycling.

The bag is strong and durable. Its seams are multi stitched to ensure no fraying or leakage. You can be confident stowing your valuables including phone, keys, and laptop in the dry bag and they won’t get wet, sandy or dirty.

There is enough room for wet suit, towels, food, snorkel masks, sleeping bag and more. The bag expands to fit the contents so you won’t be carrying around unnecessary air space.

The reflective silver stripe along the side of the bag provides visibility at night – safety if you get lost or separated from friends. The bag weighs 408g when empty and will carry 40 litres. It measures 35 x 30cm.

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2. Bigfoot Dry Bag

  • Sizes: 5,10,20,30L
  • Straps: Shoulder
  • Weight: 200-400g
  • Bonus: Phone case

Built to last and to protect your valuables in the most extreme of conditions when undertaking outdoor sports and other activities the dry bag from Bigfoot Ventures is available in four sizes between 5 and 30 litres.

The bag is a floating waterproof backpack designed for carrying items like mobile phones, keys, cash, camera, clothes, documents, etc from water, snow, sand, dirt and dust. The smaller options are ideal for small items when you’re on a short trip and just need to protect fewer smaller items.

The larger bags are designed for longer outings like camping. The 5 and 10-litre dry bags have an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for slinging over the shoulder or attaching to the side of a boat or bike.

The 20 and 30-litre bags have a built-in grab handle and backpack style straps (also detachable and adjustable) to manage the heavier weights.

All bags have reflective zip strips for night visibility. Free with purchase is a smaller phone-case bag (measuring 10 x 20cms) with a simple snap and lock access and dual-sided clear windows which allow you to read texts etc and otherwise operate the phone while it’s inside the case.

The phone case can be attached to the larger dry bag or to your belt for handy use.

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3. TOMSHOO Dry Bags

  • Sizes: 10 or 20L
  • Straps: Shoulder
  • Weight: 245-405g

Available in 10 or 20-litre sizes, the dry sack from TOMSHOO is an ideal companion on outdoor sporting and other activities for storage of valuables and other accessories including phone, keys, cash, clothing, food and other items and keep them free from water, rain, snow, sand, dust, dirt etc.

Made from heavy-duty PVC the dry bag is both highly water-resistant and durable. The bag is not fully waterproof so should not be submerged in water but it is extremely water-repellent.

Although this is not a particularly large dry sack it is a good size for a one-day outing or even camping.

It is very simple to use: the bag works most efficiently by being filled than wrapped around the interior metal bar and snapped shut to be airtight.

It is then surprisingly spacious. The detachable and adjustable strap can be slung over the shoulder and has a strong buckle for closure.

The bag is easily rolled up into a small package when not in use. The product comes with a small IPX7 waterproof 6” phone case which is transparent so allows you to use the phone vis the touchscreen.

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4. Joto Dry Bag Case

  • Sizes: One size
  • Straps: Shoulder 
  • Weight: 36g

This pouch/waist pack from JOTO is perfect for a day out when you want your small items to be protected from water, sand, dust, dirt.

Stow your phone, cash, camera, glasses, passport etc inside and relax. The pouch is waterproof with a strong zipper closure to seal the pouch and a fold-over lid with hook and loop to secure it.

The bag can be rolled over itself before closing with the hook and loop to seal it and make it smaller and even more convenient.The strong PVC material is all black and non-transparent for absolute privacy.

Measuring 21.8 x 16.5 x 0.5cm and weighing only 50g when empty the pouch is large enough to carry what you need but compact and light enough to not be onerous when walking for long periods.

The material is thin enough for you to be able to answer the phone without opening the pouch or to use 'fast passes' at amusement parks while they are still inside as well.

The strap at the waist is stretchy and also adjustable by a releasable buckle so you can choose to wear it over your shoulder or even around your neck if you prefer.

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5. OverBoard Pro-Vis Duffel Bag

  • Sizes: One size (60L)
  • Straps: Carry handle & d-rings
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Fully water-repellant this large 60-litre duffel bag is ideal for camping, travelling or water sports. It is specifically designed for extreme sports. The bag has a wide mouth roll-top opening for easy access to all your gear.

It features a large internal wet/dry pocket and front weatherproof easy-access zip pocket.

The bag is waterproof against weather, splashing and quick submersion because of its welded seams, the Overboard Fold Seal System (roll from the top until tightly sealed then fold over close with hook and loop fastenings). It will also protect the contents from sand, dirt and dust.

The bag will float if dropped into a body of water. Reflective strips on the front and back of the bag give high visibility day and night for safety. The bag’s bright yellow colour is also a safety feature in itself.

The bag has a top carry handle (detachable) and D-rings for multiple attachment options such as water bottles, m lights and equipment. There are also four heavy-duty loops for attachment of heavier items, or attachment to the side of a boat etc.

Elasticated webbing on the sides provides an additional space for miscellaneous items. The bag measures 67 x 32 x 27cm and weighs 1.5kg empty.

How To Choose Best Drybags

When it comes to choosing the best drybag for your needs, you probably have a few considerations to take into account. 

The obvious one is the size, we won't discuss this too much as it should be obvious, the bigger the bag the heavier it will be but the more things you can fit inside. Most common is 10-25L bags. 

If you're going kayaking or paddle boarding, a smaller dry bag might be better, whereas if you're going to be carrying your pack through rivers, a larger one for your clothes and valuables is advisable. 

Most dry bags offer the same IPX 7 waterproof rating which means it won't absorb or leak water when in use. Additionally all bags are created with good quality PVC coating material. 

Most dry bags come with a shoulder strap. Others might come with a free phone holder drybag as well which usually cost $10 by themselves, so you can save money getting a 2-in-1 deal. 

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