Best Dash Cam Australia (Protect Yourself On The Road)

Are you looking for the best dash cam Australia has to offer?

If so then you’ve come to the right place. In a marketplace flooded with Chinese imports, it’s difficult to actually know which cameras offer the highest quality features and technology that you actually need in your dash camera. 

Gone are the days of simply recording footage from the front of your car to a micro-SD card. Although this is still possible, most dash cam's will now allow you to connect your smartphone to instantly download or upload footage to social media, warn you to upcoming threats and even integrate with your work GPS tracking or satellite navigation.

We’ve tried and tested five of the very best in the industry to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. We're even using one model in our work fleet!

Whether you’re looking for a forward facing camera or dual front and rear recording, you’ll get a good overview on what you can buy with our buyers guide.

Best Dash Cam Australia

Best Dash Cam Australia

1. C1 Dash Cam HaloCam

  • 1080P FHD 165 degree lens
  • Connect smartphone via app
  • Parking monitoring
  • Head-up display

If you’re headed off to a road trip this weekend and are wanting to ensure your safety while also taking clear HD photos then the C1 Dash Cam HaloCam is the best to achieve that.

This dash cam has built-in Wi–Fi so that you can take pictures and record videos with the remote controller and upload to your social media platforms instantly.

This can all be done from the HaloCam Auto which is the compatible app that can be downloaded on your phone’s app store.

The FHD 1080P & 165° wide angle lens of the HaloCam ensures that all your imagines are of high quality. The ARM master chip for recording ensures that everything captured is sharp full 1080p resolution with an extended 165° field of view.

This will give you those wide angles to capture the panoramic views.

The small size of the HaloCam and 360° rotational movement make this dash cam easy to mount whilst staying securely in place. To charge the dash cam, just use your car charger to power the camera and you’re good to go.

Not only can you use the HaloCam to take pictures and videos, but you can also use it to enhance your driving experience by providing a warning for possible forward collision and lane departure, route management and speeding warning system.

We Use This Dash Cam!

We are currently using this dash camera in our work vehicles after it was deemed to be the best dash camera in our opinion. It offers super high quality videos as well advanced warnings for collision's, route management and speed warning systems. 

The built-in WiFi is perfect for connecting directly to the camera from your smartphone to instantly save footage, take photos and then upload everything directly to social media. 

The wide lens is perfect for capturing everything on the road. 

2. Vantrue N2 Pro

  • Dual 1080P dash cam
  • Infrared night vision
  • Safety parking monitor
  • Emergency lock mode

For a dash cam that ensures visibility and safety, the Vantrue N2 Pro is your best choice!

This is the first dual 1080P dash cam on the market which has an advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 rear camera and an OV4689 front camera so you can capture not only the road ahead but also the cabin behind in crystal clear quality.

A great feature of the Vantrue is that it has seamless loop recording which overwrites old footage once the memory card fills up. This way you’re guaranteed to always have a recording of any incident that occurs without worrying whether your memory has run out.

You can use the Vantrue not only during the day but also at night using the infrared night vision.

The F2.0 6-glass lens rear–facing cam plus 4 IR LED lights enable the use of night vision in a low light environment, making sure you’re safe while driving at night.

The Vantrue N2 Pro is the smart dash camera of the future by having a built-in 24-hour parking monitor which records motion in front of your car and starts recording automatically every time you start.

This ensures the safety of your car and you when either while driving or parked.

3. Auto-Vox Dash Cam

  • 1080P UHD wide angle lens
  • One click sharing
  • Connect via smartphone app

For a versatile dash cam that not only ensures safety but takes high definition pictures, the Auto-Vox dash cam is the pick of the crop.

The camera of the Auto-Vox has 6 full glass F1.8 lens and Panasonic CMOS Sensor. This gives you 1920*1080P Ultra HD video to pick up every single detail, even during the night with night vision.

The camera has the ability to record videos, watch real–time reviews and playback, and enable loop recording to ensure safe driving while you’re on the road.

The Auto-Vox Dash Cam is very easy to set up. All you need to do is download the app ‘Auto-Vox’ on your phone’s app store, connection to the Wi-Fi and your dash cam is ready to go.

Operating this dash cam is super easy as well with the ‘one-button-share’. Whether it be a selfie, accident, or just the beautiful road trip views, you can directly share on to your social media platforms.

An added feature is the Gesture Photography ability of the Auto-Vox where you can take a picture simply by waving your hands at fleeting moments in front of the device. So, you can drive and effortlessly take pictures, in a safe manner.

4. Blueskysea B1W

  • Small discreet camera
  • Smartphone capability
  • Impact mode G--Sensor

The Blueskysea B1W is a small device offering big features that are guaranteed to impress every user. The discreet camera is only 90mm/3.54in x 29mm/1.14in x 38mm/1.50in without LCD screen.

The small size makes it hidden easily and does not block your line of sight. With a 360° rotatable camera, the B1W can take pictures or record videos from any angle so you won’t miss any detail, whether it be inside or outside the car.

If you’re wanting to download your images and videos, all you need to do is connect to the built-in Wi-Fi via an app on your phone. This makes it super easy to use while you’re on the go as there are fewer wires to fiddle with.

A brilliant feature of the B1W is that it has a parking mode function that is triggered by a G-sensor.

If any sort of impact is detected by the G-sensor, the camera automatically starts recording to capture the moment.

That way you can playback to ensure accuracy and safety. If the included 32GB memory ends up getting full, not to worry as the B1W has loop recording.

This allows the camera to record on top of the oldest recordings so that there is always space for your future recordings. You can ensure that your most important videos aren’t recorded on top of by locking the video.

5. OldShark DashCam

  • Ultra HD, 170 degree angle
  • Built-in 3" LCD display
  • Parking guard
  • Emergency lock

Mount the OldShark Dash Cam in your car to capture high–quality images and record seamless videos while you’re on the go.

The OldShark provides ultra-high definition images as it features an all–glass F1.6 aperture high sensitivity image sensor and a 170-degree wide angle camera that allows you to capture the road, scenery and the inside of your car as well.

Not only can you use this during the daylight, but also at night with the built-in night vision, so not only are you safe during the day but also at night.

To use the OldShark, all you need to do is mount the dash cam to the windshield, connect the device to the power cable and the camera will start automatically recording once the car engine is turned on.

You can play back your recordings on the 3-inch LCD display and to choose the menu settings. Combined with the numerous features such as G-sensor, parking guard, motion detection, emergency lock, you’re bound to have the best driving experience.

Why Buy The Best Dash Cam?

Most people buy a dash cam after they have an accident and find out the police aren’t interested in helping side with one party. Insurance companies are hesitant to pay out and the other driver is probably blaming the other person when it was clearly their fault.

If it was a rural accident with no witnesses, it’s one word vs another. A dash cam would solve all these problems with real time evidence of what happened.

Do yourself a favour and buy a dash cam, mount it to the dash or window and record all your driving. If you have an accident that is clearly not your fault, you can present the footage and it should be case closed.

Imagine a police case going to court, with CCTV evidence a conviction is far more likely. It’s no different making an insurance claim, so get yourself sorted soon.

In the United States, you can even get lower premiums on your insurance by having a dash cam. While this model hasn’t reached Australia yet, it’s only a matter of time before this happens in AU.

How Is A Dash Cam Powered?

This is another common question we get asked,

Most dash cams offer battery mode or can be connected directly to the car battery or the cigarette port depending on your type of car.

The easiest method is to use the cigarette lighter port and this will ensure the dash cam turns on when the car engine is on and stops when it’s switched off.

An internal memory card stores the footage and this can be deleted on a regular basis.

You can checkout this article for further power ideas. 

Will my dash cam survive a car crash?

Most dash cameras have an emergency mode which will protect the memory card when impact is detected. This will ensure footage doesn’t go missing or become corrupted when an accident occurs. Make sure you check to ensure this feature is included. 

Our #1 and #2 recommendations include this.

Where can I buy a dash cam? 

You can buy a dash cam from many different retailers such as Harvey Norman, JB HiFi and Kogan.

If you want to buy a cheap dash cam you can checkout BigW or Target.

We found all ours on which offers fast free shipping nationwide and an easy to use returns and warranty process.

Most dash cams come with one year retail warranty with some manufacturers offering additional warranties so check before you buy to see what you’re covered for.

Last Updated: December 2, 2021 by Rhys