5+ Best Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Stands Australia

So you want to clean your motorcycle like a pro, but don't want to spend a fortune? Today we'll be looking at the best motorcycle wheel cleaning stands. 

When I owned my sports bike, I remember cleaning the back wheel and chain was a piece of cake, using my paddock stand, but the front wheel was always a hassle. 

If only I'd discovered the wheel cleaning stands that are out there. Needless to say I didn't and I was pushing the bike a few cm and cleaning, then pushing again, you get the idea.

A motorcycle wheel cleaning stand, speeds up the process ten fold, and makes it very easy to clean the front and rear wheels on your motorcycle. 

Today we'll show you 5 different options to suit every budget. 

The Best Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Stands

1. MaxxHaul 80401 Cleaning Stand

  • Lightweight, aluminium design
  • Diamond knurled rollers
  • Supports up to 225kg weight

This cleaning stand from MaxxHaul can withstand a maximum weight of 225kg, more than enough to uphold standard motorcycles. Despite the large weight bearing capacity, it weighs just under 2kg.

It is constructed mainly out of aluminum which is resistant to rust and corrosive properties. There are rubber feet lining the bottom to keep wheels and other parts in place during use. Diamond knurled rollers are attached to evenly distribute weight and provide better grip.

This product is designed to aid in maintaining wheels and bike chains. It can easily be wiped down and moved between locations thanks to the compact size.

2. Grand Pitstop Wheel Cleaning Stand

  • Super lightweight, only 750g
  • Supports up to 220kg weight
  • Built with steel & aluminium

This cleaning stand from GrandPitstop makes motorbike examinations and maintenance easy. This is an extremely lightweight and compact product, weighing only 750g. It is small enough to fit any backpack pocket. Despite this, there is a weight bearing limit of up to 220kg.

This product is made out of a steel and aluminum frame for maximum durability and strength. There are anti-rusting and corrosion properties as well. The frame is held in place with non-skid bearings.

There is a larger size available which can hold motorcycles up to 270kg in weight. This model is suggested for thicker tyres as well.

3. Hardline Products Rollastand

  • Geared towards sports bikes
  • Supports up to 230kg
  • Lightweight, only 1.5kg

The Rollastand from Hardline Products is geared towards use with sport bikes, especially ones without center-stands. Despite a weight of only 1.5kg, bikes up to 230kg in weight can easily be positioned on this stand.

This cleaning stand features powder-coated metal which is protected from rusting and enables long-term use.

The fame is supported with non-skid bearings which prevent movement while changing wheels or lubricating chains. Thorough inspections can be conducted, without concern over the bike toppling over.

Besides sport bikes, standard motorcycles can also be fitted on for easy maintenance. Thanks to the small size, this product can be transported between places.

4. La Corsa Heavy Duty Wheel Roller

  • Good for workshops, fixed positions
  • Heavy duty steel design
  • Famous brand name

This product is true to its name, with a sturdy steel frame that can withstand standard sized bikes. It is especially recommended that bikes without center-stands be used.

Unlike conventional cleaning stands, this item can be bolted to the ground for additional stability. There are also non-skid bearings. This product is designed to last thanks to the powder coating which prevents rusting, despite frequent use.

Inspections and cleaning duties are made easy as high-quality materials keep everything in place. Rollers provide extra grip and support during use. Lubricate chains and wipe wheels without concerns over the bike falling over. 

5. Wheel Monkey Roller Stand

  • Slim and compact design
  • Super lightweight, only 200g
  • Good for bikes up to 226kg

This is a slim and compact stand, with a weight of only 200g. This product can easily fit into any backpack, making it easy to transport between locations. Despite the small size, it can hold motorcycles up to 226kg in weight. This is enough for most standard sized bikes.

Thanks to the sturdy construction and diamond-textured rollers, this product provides extra grip and maintains an even distribution of weight. Additionally, non-slip bearings line the bottom for more stability and support, as well as grip.

This stand is best for standard maintenance such as lubricating chains and wiping down wheels. 

Now you know what we think are the best motorcycle wheel cleaning stands, be sure to checkout our other related guides and articles. 

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