17+ Best Selling Toys For Christmas 2021

Are you stuck for what to buy for your son or daughter this Christmas? We took the publicly posted sales data from Amazon, to determine the best selling toys for Christmas this year.

Below you'll see everything from card games, drawing games, kids cameras, building kits and toddler gifts. There's something for every budget.

Plus there's over 80+ other products as you can see the top 100 products, so we've included a link so you can checkout the full catalogue of top selling toys this year. 

Where to buy the best selling toys?

We used our research skills to find the best selling toys. Most are available on Amazon which publishes the top rated and top selling product data. 

We also looked at kickstarter, a great platform for finding new up and coming products and trends. For example Exploding Kittens launched their first product on Kickstarter. 

Amazon is definitely the best place to buy top selling toys as they offer fast free shipping (over $39, or with Amazon Prime), on Amazon stocked products. Take note, some vendors can list themselves and the delivery time and cost may vary. 

You now know the best selling toys in Australia for this year, be sure to checkout our other guides.

The Best Selling Toys For Christmas

1. LEGO Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R

  • Front and back stand
  • Supports up to 500kg bikes
  • Very budget friendly price

This product is geared towards young children and motorbike enthusiasts alike. This LEGO set features a stunning accurate representation of the ultra-fast Ducati Panigale V4 R.

From front and rear suspension to a life-like exhaust pipe, every detail is considered to showcase the prowess of this vehicle.

Once fully assembly, this bike measures 32 by 16 by 8cm. This small size means that it can be placed on any table top or shelf without taking up much room.

This bike comes in an eye-catching red colour, true to the real model. There is a gear box included as well.

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2. Codenames

  • Social word game
  • Suitable for 2-8 players
  • Affordable, quick game.

A word-association game for 2-8 (or more) players in two teams, Codenames is a fun way to spend some family time with kids aged 14 and upwards.

The basic premise of the game is pretty straightforward: there are two people (one on each team) who each know the secret names of 25 spies.

They are the Spymasters. The goal for the rest of their teammates is to make contact with their team’s spies before the other team does.

They do this by guessing what words of their team colour are associated with a one-word clue given to them by the respective Spymasters.

And there is an Assassin who they need to avoid. Of course, there is more to it but that pretty well sums it up.

Codenames is simple, fun and interactive. It can be quite challenging because of the need to find specific words from the Spymasters’ hints, and the need to avoid certain associations.

It is a game that can be quite happily played by adults alone because it is a word game. Quite easy to learn but deceptively challenging, and different time!

Suits a mix of simple, complex and creative thinkers.

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3. Exploding Kittens Card Game

  • Top seller on Amazon
  • Good for ages 7+
  • Simple but addictive

Exploding Kittens received the most support in Kickstarter and is a top seller on Amazon in the toys and games section, and is a favourite amongst casual gamers. This game is ideal for 2 to 5 players, with a maximum of 9 if 2 decks are used. People ages 7 and up can comfortably play.

This game included 56 cards which have fully coloured graphics. The objective is to keep drawing cards until someone picks up an Exploding Kitten, bringing them out of the game and ultimately losing.

There are cards in the deck which allow players to skip turns, defuse shuffle the deck and other activities. This enables both luck and strategy in order to win.

4. Galt 1004870 Slime Lab

  • 7 different experiments
  • 16 page lab book
  • Best slime award in 2019

Slime Lab from Galt is a suitable gift for any child age 5 or above. It comes with all the equipment needed to learn about slime and DIY them.

This kit includes glow-in-the-dark slime, glow bouncing putty and noise pot. The noise put is provided to produce alien-like sounds.

There are also wiggly eyes, different molds and powders for kids to starting making slime. Stickers and a notepad are also included.

There is a 16-page booklet which comes with illustrations and content that covers science and other STEM topics. There are 7 different experiments to follow along.

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5. Galt Toys, Super Marble Run

  • Over 60 different pieces
  • Build as many runs as you can
  • Great for kids 4+

The Super Marble Run set from Galt is a great gift for children ages 4 years and older. Besides just providing hours of fun, it teaches young children about principles such as gravity, acceleration and momentum.

This building kit consists of 60 individual pieces, including 24 tubes, 9 chutes and 9 curves. There is an instructional booklet which provides user-friendly tutorials, supported by coloured illustrations.

The model can be disassembled and configured into uncomplicated or difficult tracks. There is the option to add in loops for interesting races.

There are 8 marbles included to conduct races.

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6. Scalextric: ARC PRO

  • Integrates with mobile phone app
  • Pit stops, fuel usage stats
  • Supercars included, 8 layouts
  • Up to 6 cars used on the same track

With the use of the Scalextric app on a mobile phone and the ARC PRO digital network, racers can compete against one another wirelessly. The app allows players to put in racing backdrops such as the Grand Prix that curate an immersive experience.

Moreover, special features such as pit stops and fuel usage can also be displayed. Cars featured with this set include an exclusive McLaren 720S, the Jaguar CX75 as well as the Lamborghini Centenario at a 1:32 scale.

These 3 cars can all be raced alongside one another on the 6.8m track which consists of 8 different layout options, making each race unique.

Even though 3 cars are included in this set, up to 6 cars can be played on the track. A key attribute of this track is the lane changing units allowing racers to speed up and overtake.

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7. Nerf Super Soaker

  • Capacity: Up to 1.9L
  • Trigger: Pump action
  • Range: Up to 10m

The NERF Super Soaker provides entertainment and fun for children ages 7 and above. With an eye-catching blue and white colourway, this product is a great addition to any NERF collection.

A huge capacity of up to 1.9L of water can be stored in the tank of this toy, which enables several powerful blasts. Both rear and front handles provide easy control over where you want to target your shots.

There is a pumping mechanism enabled to fully soak your opponents. It is designed for outdoors use, where you can play on the grass, in the pool or on the beach. 

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8. Connect 4

  • Teach your kids strategy
  • World famous classic game
  • Affordable price tag

An old time favourite for many of us, Connect 4 is a classically simple but very fun game of strategy for the very young to the older kids.

There’s probably no need to even describe it, but in case you haven’t come across it it’s a game for two players, each of whom has a set of 21 few gold or red discs to alternately drop into an upright grid.

The idea is to get four of your discs in a row, either across, down or vertically. The first to achieve this is the winner.

It sounds so easy. Well, it’s far from it. Blocking your opponent is the name of the game and as often as not there is no winner.

So to open the game up when things are getting a bit stuck there is always the option of releasing a disc or two from the bottom of the grid. (The new version of the game has a slightly different grid base which allows for single discs to be dropped from the bottom).

And then there’s the Connect 4 Frenzy game when both players use one hand to drop their discs into the grid as fast as they can and see who the winner is at the end.

Connect 4 is a great game to teach younger kids how to predict outcomes and learn to strategise. It’s simple and fun, colourful and quick.

A tip from Tim, an anonymous reviewer who must be applauded for his sense of humour: “for a quick game, just get both players to play yellow”.

Connect 4 is a must have game for any family with young children. It is a classic for good reason. And it’s extremely well-priced.

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9. Throw Throw Burrito Action Game

  • Good for ages 7+
  • Dodgeball inspired game
  • Great stocking filler

This game comes from the same designers as Exploding Kittens. There are 2 squishy burritos and a deck of cards included. Throw Throw Burrito is ideal for 2 to 6 players, and those ages 7 years old and above.

This is a dodgeball-inspired activity that combines traditional card games. The goal is to score points by locating 3 matching graphics.

If a person decides to play a Burrito Card, players have to throw the Burrito cushions at each other. Points are deducted every time a player is hit with a Burrito.

This is a family-friendly pastime that is great for both children and adults.

10. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad Drawing Board

  • #1 Best seller from Crayola
  • LED equipped tablet
  • Includes real pencils

This tracing pad from Crayola is designed for young artists 6 years old and over. It features several pictures and patterns for kids to trace over.

This tablet is equipped with LED lights that show the lines of images. In total, there are more than 100 pictures included, featuring sports and music symbols.

In order to get started, just slip a page into the frame and start drawing. The frame ensures that pages are kept flat and flat for a perfect surface to trace.

There is a graphite pencil, 12 coloured pencils and 10 white pieces of paper included.

11. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

  • Amazing colour schemes
  • Includes crayons and markers
  • Includes plan paper

The Crayola Inspiration Art Case has non-toxic art supplies, catered towards young artists ages 5 and above. All components come in a hard travel case, which is printed with bright colours.

This set includes 64 coloured crayons which are protected with double-layered wrapping. There are 20 fun-sized coloured pencils.

In addition to regular colouring tools, the Crayola Inspiration Art Case comes with 40 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies Markers. These markers are washable and has a unique tip for tracing either thin or thick lines.

To provide a suitable drawing surface, this set has 15 pages of plan paper.

12. Star Wars - The Mandalorian 

  • Interactive, talking and musical
  • Moving head, arms and eyes
  • Great for Star Wars fans

This Mandalorian figurine is an interactive toy, perfect for children ages 4 years old and above. It includes more than 25 different movements and sounds.

This toy is an exact replica of the widely popular Baby Yoda from the TV show. There are sounds that replicate feelings of happiness and sleepiness. The eyes can also open and close, while the head can be set to nod. Arms can also raise up and down.

This Baby Yoda toy also has a Nap mode for when using the Force just takes up too much strength.

There is a necklace and 3 AAA batteries provided.

13. VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 Camera

  • Give the gift of a digital camera
  • Record video as well
  • Connect to computer and upload

The Kidizoom Duo is a digital camera designed for little kids ages 3 years old and above. Children can take both regular photos, selfies and even videos.

This toy camera features more than 70 frames and effects for kids to unleash their creative potential. Video recordings can be enabled to record voices as well. Additionally, there are 5 adjustment settings to alter voices for maximum fun.

This device features a Photo Optimisation setting where the camera automatically saves the highest quality image from several shots.

This product can be connected to a computer to share and upload photos and videos.

14. Unstable Unicorns Board Game

  • Build an army, betray friends
  • Good for teenagers 14+
  • Includes 135+ cards

Unstable Unicorns received the People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year in 2019. This is a board game that is suitable for people ages 14 years old and up. It can accommodate between 2 to 8 players.

The object of this game is to become the earliest person to retrieve 7 Unicorns. All members share the same goal, which enables both attacks and betrayals using cards.

There are Upgrade cards to increase defences, while Downgrade cards prevent players from moving forward.

Magic cards are included to turn the tide, but can only be used once. Neigh cards negate the effects of another card.

15. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Building Kit

  • Popular lego building kit
  • Connect 3599 pieces 
  • Collectors booklet

This LEGO set is designed for young engineers ages 12 years old and above. It is the ideal present for those who are passionate about the Bugatti Chiron and other cars.

This kit features 3599 individual pieces. When fully assembled, the size is listed at a 1:8 scale. There are measurements of 14 by 22 by 25cm.

This Bugatti Chiron replica has a rear wing and 8-speed gear box. There is also a W16 engine and steering wheel.

The car comes in a blue colourway with duo-tone effects. There is a collector’s booklet included, as well as a box for storage.

16. Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs

  • Great gift for toddlers
  • Locate and match shapes/colours
  • Good first Christmas present

TOMY Hide and Seek Eggs are perfect for teaching colours and shapes to babies ages 6 months and above. There are 6 squishy eggs included encased in detachable covers. No batteries are needed to operate the set.

Babies can crack open the eggs to view different emotions and colours. The pieces are large enough to prevent accidental swallowing.

The eggs have different faces and colours. Babies can push the heads to hear chirping sounds. The rear of the eggs includes shapes which are matched with the box included.

Babies are encouraged to locating matching shapes and colours.

17. MIBOTE 110 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks

  • Over 110 magnetic pieces
  • Great for kids 3+
  • Build over 20 different models

This toy set from MIBOTE includes 110 magnetic building pieces. This kit is designed for toddlers aged 3 and above to develop their building skills. It allows them to explore and create different shapes, making it perfect for aspiring engineers.

This set includes 60 triangle pieces, 40 square pieces, 6 isosceles triangles and 4 pentagon components. There are red, green and blue coloured pieces.

The pieces are completely safe for toddlers to play with thanks to the food-grade ABS construction. The pieces have a rounded edge to prevent cuts.

This set comes with a storage bag and booklet.

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