5+ Best Slime Kits In Australia For Kids

 one of the most popular search terms in Australia in the last year was for slime kits for kids and today we will be looking at the best slime kits in Australia for a wide variety of different budgets. 

No you can let your children explore their full potential with the slime making kits which will allow them to create their own moulds, powders and crazy inventions. 

We've researched and reviewed the top 5 sets which you can purchase online in Australia however there are a wide variety of different slime making kits out there. 

Perfect for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or a gift for a special someone or simply for your own child, here are the best slime kits for kids in Australia. 

The 5 Best Slime Kits For Kids

1.Galt 1004870 Slime Lab

  • 7 different experiments
  • 16 page lab book
  • Best slime award in 2019

Slime Lab from Galt is a suitable gift for any child age 5 or above. It comes with all the equipment needed to learn about slime and DIY them.

This kit includes glow-in-the-dark slime, glow bouncing putty and noise pot. The noise put is provided to produce alien-like sounds.

There are also wiggly eyes, different molds and powders for kids to starting making slime. Stickers and a notepad are also included.

There is a 16-page booklet which comes with illustrations and content that covers science and other STEM topics. There are 7 different experiments to follow along.


  • 8 types of slime/putty
  • Colour learning guide
  • Glow in the dark putty

The Mega Slime Kit is ideal for children ages 8 and above. It is a great way to stimulate young minds and teach them about science, all with non-toxic ingredients.

This set includes 8 different types of putty and slime. There is glow-in-the-dark putty, fluffy slime and snotty slime. A tub of magnetic putty, colour changing putty and bouncing putting are also added.

Tubs and other accessories are provided for DIY experiments. A UV light comes with this kit to detect glow-in-the-dark putty.

There is a 16-page booklet which provides instructions to DIY your own slime and learn more about science. 

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3. Play-Doh - Slime Mega Pack

  • 30 different slimes
  • Great STEM gift idea
  • Lots of creative ideas

The Slime Mega Pack from Play-Doh provides entertainment for kids ages 3 and above. Thanks to Play-Doh’s 60 years of experience in the industry, it can be trusted to deliver both fun and education to children.

Inside the kit is 30 different colour slimes. The colour options include different shades of blue, green, yellow, pink and red. There is also purple slime available. Each slime is fitted into a 90g container for mess-free play.

The Slime Mega Pack enables children to be creative and experiment with different compositions and shapes. It allows young children to develop both their senses and motor abilities. 

4. Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit

  • Create your own slime
  • Learn and then play
  • Highly reviewed online

The Slime Starter Kit from Elmer’s provides a harmless and fun way for kids to learn and play. This set includes 2 bottles of clear glue which come in 147ml bottles.

The glue is washable and made from safe ingredients to protect delicate hands and fingers. There are also 2 68ml bottles of Magical Liquid. To add some colour, 5 glitter glue pens are provided. These pens come in silver, blue, green, yellow and red.

This kit allows young children to easily curate slime by mixing in all components. The washable formula ensures that messes are easily cleaned up.

5. Cra-Z-Slimy Glitter Scented Slime Studio

  • Create your own slime
  • Great STEM gift idea
  • Scented glitter

This kit from Cra-Z Slimy makes a great gift for kids ages 6 years and older. It aids in the mental development of children and encourages further learning in STEM subjects such as science and engineering.

It comes with all the equipment needed for children to DIY their own slime. This includes activators, a mixing machine, glitter and tubs. Paddle sticks and different colour dyes enable full creativity to mix in different shades. Scents are also provided for an extra layer of fun and creativity.

This kit is made from non-toxic ingredients for kids to learn and play in a safe environment.

How to choose the best slime kits?

 when it comes to choosing the best slime making kits what should you be looking for in a product that makes that product better at than a another product from a competitor or another vendor?

We created this short guide to help you better understand the various types of slime making kits available in Australia and how to pick the right one for your child or a gift idea for another child.

You want to consider a few different things such as the brand of the company as well as the price and the build quality as well as the type of slime, how safe it is and whether it's a DIY kit or already created kit. 


There are many different types of brands that create slime kits for children in Australia. Some of these are more well-known than other is such as Play-Doh which originally created Play-Doh for kids and now creates slime as well. 

Additionally you've got brands such as Cra-Z-Slimy, Elmer's, and GALT. These are all fairly well-known but are a lot cheaper than some of the other brands. 

National Geographic also offer a slime kit however you are paying for the name and their kits are often a lot more expensive than others however they are a great gift idea as the packaging is very sophisticated and looks amazing. 

Type of Kit

Some slime kits are premade and they are ready to go in pots and you can take the slime out of these pots and then when you are finished you can put them back in again. 

Other kits are do it yourself and you have to actually make the slime yourself so it's up to you whether you want to encourage your children to make their own slime before they can play with it or if they want to get straight into the action you may like to buy a pre mixed slime kit. 

Personally I think the fun is in the creating and then the plane so purchasing a do it yourself kit is much better option. These kids are often called STEM, which is encouraged by schools and academic institutions for helping your kids to prepare themselves for school. 

Build Quality

Some slime kits come with pots where as other kids come with a full instructional manual on how to get started, so whether you are deciding on a gift or simply purchasing slime for your kids this may have an impact on the model or the brand that you choose.

If you take the National Geographic set that we mentioned earlier for example it comes with a lot of colours and a 16 page manual which allows your kids to follow along and to learn what they are doing. Some kits only come with pots and have no direction. 


Slime is fairly safe however you should ensure that the kids that you are purchasing is relevant to the age of your child, for example if it is for kids over the age of 8 then please purchase this if your child is over 8.

If not you will need to purchase a kit for a lower age and you will find that some brands offer kits for kids as low as 5 years old. 

What's the best slime kit gift set?

When it comes to choosing the best slime making kit for a gift I have to say I am a huge fan of the National Geographic series as the box set looks very professional and appealing to a younger audience, thanks to the colour schemes and the 16 page follow along manual.

We actually enjoyed using this set ourselves, despite being well into our 20s! 

When gift wrapped it would look great as a stocking filler or under the Christmas tree. Or if you're buying a gift for a friends child, it would make a great STEM gift set idea. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Slime Kits

Slime kits are a great way to encourage your child to develop skills and experiences that will help them to learn how to be creative. Some kits offer STM features which are encouraged by schools to develop kids skills before starting school. 

Slime kits double up as an educational tool and can keep your children busy for many hours and hopefully the bars guys above as well as the five different slime kits that we have recommended or a good starting point for choosing the best slime making kit for your child.

You've seen the best slime kits Australia has to offer, why not checkout these related articles and guides for other ideas for your children.

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