5+ Best Kids Super Soakers In Australia [Top Rated]

Summer is nearly here and what better way than to get outside then with a Super Soaker and today we will be looking at the best kids Super Soakers to purchase online in Australia.

Growing up I was always out in the backyard playing with my Super Soaker with my brother and back then are Super Soakers were very expensive but equally they were very powerful which is why we enjoyed them so much.

Today we will be looking at a wide variety of different models from brands such as Nerf, Nerf Fortnite, Hasbro and Steam Machine.

Each of these offer their own pros and cons and we will show you which ones we recommend are the best Super Soakers to purchase right now based on reviews, features and specifications. 

The 5 Best Super Soakers

1. NERF Super Soaker

  • Capacity: Up to 1.9L
  • Trigger: Pump action
  • Range: Up to 10m

The NERF Super Soaker provides entertainment and fun for children ages 7 and above. With an eye-catching blue and white colourway, this product is a great addition to any NERF collection.

A huge capacity of up to 1.9L of water can be stored in the tank of this toy, which enables several powerful blasts. Both rear and front handles provide easy control over where you want to target your shots.

There is a pumping mechanism enabled to fully soak your opponents. It is designed for outdoors use, where you can play on the grass, in the pool or on the beach. 

2. Hasbro E2769 NERF Super Soaker

  • Capacity: Up to 177ml 
  • Trigger: Pull 
  • Range: Up to 5m 

The Hasbro E2769 is a fun-sized pistol that allows one-handed maneuvering for increased mobility. It is a great gift for any kids aged 6 and above. With a bright blue and white scheme, it adds a pop of colour that is sure to make any kid satisfied.

This product can carry up to 177ml of water. Unlike larger and louder blasters, this product is designed to deliver unsuspecting shots.

The Hasbro E2769 is great for small children thanks to the small size and easy operation. Simply fill up the tank and pull the trigger for instant fun. 

3. Fortnite Nerf Rocket Launcher Super Soaker

  • Capacity: Up to 275ml 
  • Trigger: Pull 
  • Range: Up to 5m 

This Super Soaker from Hasbro mirrors the highly popular rocket launcher from Fortnite. It provides outdoor fun, suitable for children ages 6 years and over.

This is an incredibly powerful blaster which can get people soaked in seconds. The tank can hold up to 275ml of water. No assembly is required, simply fill up the tank and pull the trigger to start off.

There are two handles provided to deliver the most precise and powerful attacks. The narrow nozzle allows a steady stream of water to pass right through.

This product is great for any outdoor activity with children.

4. Stream Machine QF-2000

  • Capacity: Up to 1.5L 
  • Trigger: Push 
  • Range: Up to 10m

The QF-2000 from Water Sports Inc is available in orange, green, blue and purple which makes it great for any festive outdoor activity.

This product consists of a 75cm barrel made out of a durable polymer material that maintains shape and colour under direct sunlight.

It has the ability to deliver water attacks that reach over 170cm in length. Thanks to the wide nozzle, a 10mm blast can be shot.

The QF-2000 is large enough for children 8 years old and above. It is easy to operate and requires no assembly. Simply fill the barrel with water and draw back the handle.

5. Nerf Soakzooka Super Soaker

  • Capacity: Up to 1.6L
  • Trigger: Pull 
  • Range: Up to 10m

The Nerf Soakzooka is a large water blaster, recommended for children ages 6 years old and above. It comes in a vivid blue and white colourway that matches any festive occasion.

This product is extremely powerful, and can be filled with up to 1.6L of water. This is a huge capacity compared to other soakers.

Thanks to the included level, there is more control and fun with every shot delivered.

The Nerf Soakooza is a great toy for any outdoor activity, whether that be a pool party or beach gathering. Quickly soak opponents within seconds with a steady stream of water from every pull. 

How to choose the best kids super soaker?

When it comes to choosing the best Super Soaker for your kids how do you know which is the best model to choose? 

Size & Capacity

Some super soakers are designed for kids over the age of 6 to 10 years old or is others are designed for much older children while others are designed for much younger children.

Above you will see a wide variety of different models and at a wide variety of different age groups and this will help you to decide on which model you should purchase. 

For example the larger the water capacity the heavier the Super Soaker is actually going to be and this will be problematic for younger children at they will not be able to lift the Supersoaker up if the capacity is full.

Some smaller guns have a capacity of around 200L whereas others have 2000L (2kg). 

Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism is something that you should also consider before purchasing a Super Soaker. Some models are pool trigger whereas others are pump action which would require a lot more strength to clock and load the gun each time you want to use it which again depending on the age of your child could be problematic.

Generally the further the range that the Supersoaker can cover is determined by the trigger mechanism, for example pump action has a far greater range than pull trigger due to the tension created by the air chamber during the clock back. 

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