6+ Best Marble Run Toys In Australia

Are you looking for the best marble run toys Australia has to offer? These classic toys never seem to get old and will help your child to learn the basics of educational STEM as well as hours of endless fun building their own structures. 

Today we're looking at a range of top rated marble runs to suit every budget and age range. From small starter packs to the biggest combo, it's a perfect mix of fun and education. 

Marble runs are often constructed from plastic, so it's essential you choose the best and safest for your child. Ensure the products are free of phtalate, lead and BPA. Plus for younger children ensure there's no sharp edges or corners. 

Marble runs are perfect STEM gifts (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and will help your child to develop key skills they'll learn in the classroom. 

1. Galt Toys, Super Marble Run

The Super Marble Run set from Galt is a great gift for children ages 4 years and older. Besides just providing hours of fun, it teaches young children about principles such as gravity, acceleration and momentum.

This building kit consists of 60 individual pieces, including 24 tubes, 9 chutes and 9 curves. There is an instructional booklet which provides user-friendly tutorials, supported by coloured illustrations.

The model can be disassembled and configured into uncomplicated or difficult tracks. There is the option to add in loops for interesting races.

There are 8 marbles included to conduct races. 

2. Quercetti Super Marble Run

The Super Marble Run building kit from Quercetti is recommended for kids ages 8 years old and over. It features an intricate structure for young children to learn about engineering and physics.
This set is made up of 213 individual pieces.

There are different textured slides, columns and spirals. Unlike other sets that have only one designed, this model can be reconfigured several times.

This building kit includes 8 marbles which are made of real glass. Marble races can be conducted on the tracks. Besides providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike, you can also observe and learn about acceleration and gravity.


Glowing Marble Run from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC provides a great way for young scientists who are interested in STEM-focused topics like engineering and math.

This kit consists of 80 individual pieces which include 45 different tracks. You can create different variations and structures for hours of fun.

There are 15 glow-in-the-dark marbles, completely constructed out of glass. In order to power them, a UV light is also provided. Fun and exciting marble races can be conducted completely in the dark.

There is an educational booklet to teach young kids about physics and aerodynamic principles. A mesh bag comes included for easy storage.

4. Quercetti Marble Run Cuboga Premium

This marble kit from Quercetti is suitable for young children ages 3 years old and above. It is a 50-piece set that allows you to build tracks for marble races.

This package provides blocks and connectors in order to configure a variety of tracks. More simple and flat structures can be curated for younger kids to easily follow along.

There are also special designs which allow marbles to move upwards, suitable for more advanced minds. This kit forces you to use just the right tracks and cubes in order to maintain practicality.
There are 3 different marbles included with this kit to conduct races.

5. Kool-Ed Maze Escape Marble Run

The Maze Escape building kit from Kool-Ed is a great gift for any child aged 8 years old and over. It allows kids to have fun while learning critical reasoning and engineering skills.

The Maze Escape consists of 9 towers and 3 different marbles. There are 60 game cards which have difficulty levels ranging from beginner all the way to expert. Kids get to be mentally challenged and forced to use logic to solve problems.

This kit is great for classroom activities or as a pastime for family and friends. There is a user-friendly instruction manual that allows set up right out of the box.

You've looked at the best marble runs Australia has to offer to suit every budget, why not checkout our other guides on toys and STEM gifts. 

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