5+ Best Lego Architecture Building Kits

Lego has come a long way in the last few years, exploring and creating kits for nearly everything imaginable, from cars to planes, to famous landmarks and so much more. Today we're going to be looking at the best Lego architecture building kits, to build your famous building in your living room.

With kits ranging from a few hundred pieces, up to thousands, and prices ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $800, there's a building kit for every budget and occasion. Whether you're buying for your son or daughter's birthday, a Christmas gift, a stocking filler or buying for yourself, these are (in my opinion) the best Lego architecture building kits based on value for money, reviews and satisfaction. 

The Best Lego Architecture Building Kits

1. LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty 21042 Building Kit

  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Easy Instructions provided
  • Real-life structure

This LEGO set features the iconic Statue of Liberty which sits in New York Harbour. It stands at 44cm in height when fully assembled. There is also a width of 14cm and depth of 14cm.

The State is made up of 1,685 pieces which are ideal for teenagers age 16 years old or above. However, there are easy instructions provided, making it great for younger kids as well.

It features all the iconic details, from the shattered shackles to the 7-ray crown. The pedestal also includes identical complex details that mirror the real-life structure.

This building kit has sand-green pieces for Lady Liberty and beige ones for the pedestal. A nameplate comes included.

2. Lego Architecture – Sydney

  • Suitable for age 12+
  • Sydney landmark structures
  • With Booklet

This building kit from the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection includes all the picturesque landmarks that Sydney is renowned for. The most familiar structures are the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Additionally, the Sydney Tower and Deutsche Bank Place are also part of this set. Overall, there are 361 pieces in this kit which is suitable for children ages 12 years and above. When fully assembled, the skyline stands at 21cm in height, with a width of 25cm and depth of 6cm.

The main colours are beige, black and white for the buildings. However, there are blue tones to mirror Sydney’s blue waters.

A nameplate comes included, in additional to an educational booklet.

3. LEGO® Architecture - Trafalgar Square 21045

  • Suitable for age 12+
  • London historical structures
  • With instructions

This building kit from LEGO® Architecture features the historic Trafalgar Square, a historic part of London that has been standing since the 19th century. There is the National Gallery, 2 water fountains and Nelson’s Column.

Other structures include 4 sculpture plinths, 6 lamp posts and 10 trees. There are quintessential London features, with 2 buses and 2 black taxis. This set consists of 1197 pieces ideal for kids ages 12 years and above.

When fully assembled, Trafalgar Square stands at a height of 12cm, a width of 24cm and a depth of 20cm. The pieces are mostly in neutral colours, with greens and reds for trees and buses. There is a nameplate included. 

4. LEGO Architecture Skyline Paris

  • Suitable for age 12+
  • Architecture skyline collection 
  • Table top decoration

Visit the city of love with the LEGO Paris Skyline Building Kit, featuring the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre. Additionally, the set also includes the beautiful Champ Elysées, Tour Montparnasse and historic Grand Palais. 

The Paris skyline model is made up of 649 pieces which is recommended for people 12 years and above. When it is fully constructed, there are dimensions of 22cm by 11cm by 11cm. This is the perfect size to fit on any shelf or table top for decoration.

The pieces are mostly neutral colours, with metallics for the renowned Eiffel Tower. There are pops of green and red for the Champ Elysées.

An ornamental nameplate is also provided.

5. LEGO Architecture London 21034

  • Suitable for age 12+
  • London structures
  • With educational pamphlet

From the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection comes the London Building Kit with 468 individual pieces. There are iconic London landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. Additionally, people also get to construct the National Gallery and Nelson’s Colum.

This set is suggested for children ages 12 years old and over. When fully erected, the model stands 15cm high and has a width of 28cm, with a depth of 8cm. The pieces consist of neutral colours such as beige and white.

There is an educational pamphlet with instructions and history about the structures of the buildings. To top it all off, a nameplate is included.

6. Lego Architecture 21024 Louvre Building Kit

  • Suitable for ages 12-15
  • History landmark structures
  • Easy instructions 

This set from LEGO Architecture features world-renowned Louvre, a museum situated in Paris. It also includes the eye-catching Pavilion de l’Horloge and the famous glass pyramid.

This building kit is made up of 695 individual pieces which mostly have beige and silver tones. When fully assembled this model measures 26cm by 19cm by 7cm. It can be placed on any flat surface just for show thanks to the included nameplate.

This set is recommended for teenagers ages 12 to 15 years old. Thanks to the booklet, there are easy instructions which also make it suitable for younger kids. The booklet also provides history on the design of the landmarks.

7. Lego Architecture Buckingham Palace

  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Neo classic design
  • Booklet with history included

The LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace Building Set features 780 individual pieces, making it a great product for teenagers ages 12 to 15 years and above.

It stars the neoclassic design of Buckingham Palace, with details for the east wing, palace gates and flag. There are also parts of Victoria Memorial, and quintessential London structures such as a double-decker bus and black taxi.

When fully assembled, this model is 10cm in height and 20cm wide, with a depth of 19cm. There are mostly beiges and greys, with pops of red for the double-decker bus. For the finishing touch, the included nameplate can be attached.

An instructional booklet with history details is also provided.

8. LEGO 21054 Architecture The White House

  • Recommended for adults
  • Real-life structures
  • With nameplate included

This set from LEGO Architecture stars The White House, a landmark that every U.S. president since the 1800s has resided in. There are intricate details that mirror real-life structures like the Executive Residence, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and Rose Garden.

The East Wing and West Wing are also included. This set comes with 1483 individual pieces, and is recommended for adults. When fully constructed, The White House stands 11cm in height, with a width of 47cm and a depth of 20cm.

This model features more eye-popping colours such as greens and pinks for the Rose Garden. It is divided into 3 parts, which can be joined together and topped off with the nameplate.

9. LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower

  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Extremely detailed parts
  • Booklet included

Build an intricate model of the Eiffel Tower, an iconic landmark in Paris that has been opened since 1889. With 321 individual pieces featuring grey tones, this set is recommended for children ages 12 years old and above.

This model features extremely detailed parts of the Eiffel Tower, from the pillars to the arches. All 3 platforms are included. When fully assembled, this model stands 30cm in height and carries a width and depth of 10cm.

There is a nameplate provided to display this structure in any work environment or play room. An instructional pamphlet is also provided which not only shows the steps but also displays the history of this iconic structure.

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