5+ Best Stepper Machines To Buy In Australia

Are you struggling to get the perfect figure? Ultimately to get it, you'll need a good exercise regime, but while many people prefer running, cycling or rowing, there is a secret sauce.

Introducing stepper machines, the most rigorous workout, in your own home, without the need for a visit to the local gym or staircase. 

Stairmasters and steppers, offer various levels of resistance for an intensive cardio workout. The uphill aspect, makes it more rewarding than a treadmill, and is great for those who may be recovering from an injury or dealing with joint pain. 

By targeting your calves, quads and hammies, stair climbers are great for an all-in-one lower body workout, offering fast, medium or slow speeds. 

So without further ado, checkout the best stepper machines Australia has to offer to suit every budget, from commercial grade machines, to portable steppers. 

1. The Vertical Climber

  • Affordable option to machine
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Various heights to suit all
  • Highly rated online

This stepper machine is targeted towards both fitness novices and enthusiasts alike. It is constructed out of steel to provide a strong foundation for body masses up to 104kg. There are handles covered in a non-slip material for the user to grip.

The height is adjustable as well, accommodating a variety of body types. With this product, the lower body can be isolated but there is also the option to engage the upper body as well for a full-body workout.

This machine can withstand low-impact and high-impact sessions depending on what the user wants. Both anaerobic and aerobic exercises can be performed. 

After exercising, this vertical climber can be folded and placed in tight areas to save space. This product is ideal for those who want to replicate outdoor training sessions such as rock climbing. It is a great addition to home gyms.

This vertical climber can also be used as an alternative to working out on a treadmill if running is not preferred. Despite the endurance of this machine, it is low-noise so other household members will not be disturbed. This product is available in a black finish with neon green grips. 

2. The Mini Stepper

  • Portable device
  • Various resistance levels
  • Resistance bands included

This machine is designed specifically to exercise the calves but can also be used to workout the arms, hips and thighs. With the ropes attached, the user can have full body workout and intense cardio session.

The calves can be solely worked on or the ropes can be utilised to place pressure on the arms as well. This item is designed to mimic walking but without the luxury of having to visit hiking trails.

There is an LCD monitor that shows the speed and time, allowing the user to easily track progress. Additionally, the display is inclusive of a calorie tracker. 

This stepper has a steel chassis and ropes made out of latex. The grips have slip-resistant lining in that help the user stay in balance while working out. This item is suitable for those with a weight at or below 100kg.

This is a smaller stepper, which allows easy storage and portability. This is an ideal product for those who want to start working out at home yet it is also recommended for professionals as well.

A low-intensity or high-intensity cardio session can be performed depending on the user. This product comes in a red and black colourway.

3. Xiser Mini Stairmaster

  • Simple design, big results
  • Various resistance modes
  • Highly rated online

This machine is a beginner-friendly product for people who want to exercise at home or in the office. Due to its small size, it is easy to transport this stepper between different areas.

The product can be used for slow-paced walking or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is optimal for burning maximum calories in a short time frame. It is currently advertised as the only stepper aimed at sprint conditioning.

The calves, thighs and abs can be thoroughly worked upon depending on the angle and position of the legs. Additional workout equipment such as wrists weights can be used in conjunction as well to work out the arms.

With consistent use, the whole body including the glutes can be slimmed down and become toner.

This is a durable product due to the alloy build. Despite the small and compact construction, this product can withstand 181kg of weight, making it suitable for a variety of different body sizes. 

Due to the simple mechanisms of this stepper, it is suitable for those who are not familiar with gym equipment but want to start losing weight regardless. However, more experience professionals can just utilise this machine for a standard cardio workout. This product comes in a silver colour.

4. Lifespan ST-13 Incline Stepper

  • 15 resistance settings
  • 12 built-in fitness applications
  • LED panel

The ST-13 is an at-home machine with customizable features to suit a variety of workout intensities and fitness goals. This product has 15 incline settings for relaxing walks or more exhausting workouts.

With the integration of Variable Automatic Resistance (VAR), users can easily modify resistance to suit warm-ups, fat loss workouts or endurance training. In total, there are 24 modifiable stages to find just the right resistance.

Additionally, this machine has 12 in-built fitness applications to help guide users lose weight or burn fat. There is also the option to personalize work out plans. There is an LED panel to keep track of the speed, calories burnt, pulse rate and many more settings.

The touch-activated buttons allow smooth transitions between warm-ups and intense workouts. There is a separate area for a handheld device to be placed.

There are levers with non-slip wrapping on this machine to provide a firm grip and workout the whole body. The flywheel is made out of cast iron for durability and this whole stepper can withstand a maximum mass of 170kg.

Overall, this is a high-tech machine, ideal for people with specific workout goals in mind. It comes in an all-black design with orange details.

5. Sole SC200 Stepper

  • 20 resistance settings
  • LCD screen w/ Bluetooth
  • Built-in fan

The Sole SC200 Stepper is supported by a steel chassis that can endure a maximum weight of 150kg. There are 20 resistance settings and 6 workout plans to suit a variety of fitness goals.

This machine has the option to input 2 custom plans as well to cater to unique workout objectives. Regular cardio sessions can be performed or certain regions like the glutes can be isolated to train.

Through an LCD displayer, users can monitor speed, heartrate, calories burnt, resistance settings and many more. The are full-sized handles attached for users to have a firm grasp while working out.

Besides basic workout controls, this stepper comes with speakers that have Bluetooth compatibility. With Bluetooth connection, users can play music straight from their devices, eliminating the need for headphones.

There is also a fan attached to provide relief during workouts. The foot pedals are specifically manufactured to minimize the risk of leg pain due to the 2° inverted tilt. There is also dedicated storage space for one bottle to be placed.

This is a more advanced equipment for home gyms. People who enjoy full control such as over the speed, intensity and heartrate can do so through this machine. It comes in an all-black colour.

How to use a stepper machine? 

When it comes to using a stairmaster or stepper machine, you should ensure you have good posture, and don't hunch over or load your weight onto the machine. 

You may find that using a posture corrector in combination with a stepper can ensure you have the correct posture at all times, these can be purchased for as low as $20. 

We recommend starting slow, maybe a few minutes per day, working your way up. Also don't attempt to use the highest resistance early on, you could pull a muscle, or worse, do some damage!

Now you know the best stepper machines Australia has to offer, why not checkout some of our other buyer guides for various fitness related tasks. 

Natasha Lewis