5+ Best Push Up Bars In Australia

It's now easier than ever before to get in shape, or simply maintain your fitness, from the comfort and safety of your own home, with these amazingly useful push up bars.

Whether you're looking to squeeze in a quick full-body workout, or are on track for a hard-core muscle building and toning training program, this product is super versatile. 

Not only will it strengthen your hands and wrists, build your pectoral muscles and boost endurance, but will also burn off excess weight and even improve balance and stability.

Ergonomic grips that reduce strain, anti-slip handles for added safety and adjustable rotations for different muscle groups, are just a few more benefits of this equipment. 

This fantastic product is an essential for every home gym, and will add some much-needed variety to your workout routine, here are our top 5 picks.

What Are Push Up Bars?

These bars are known as press up bars, push up handles and press up handles, it really depends who you ask, but they all serve the same purpose. 

They are always sold in pairs, one for your left and one for your right arm. Place them on the floor and grip them with your hands before performing push ups with them. 

They are a much safer option to doing traditional push-ups, as your wrist isn't forced to bend at an awkward angle, like if you were doing it without the push up bars. 

Some of the modern devices allow you to change the angle on the device, making it a much more ergonomic and friendly way to use the devices. 

What To Look For In Push Up Bars?

On the face of it, they all appear like they offer the same features, but there are a number of aspects to look out for. You can look for padded foam handles that are much more suitable for slip resistance. Likewise you can look for rubber feet, to avoid slipping. 

Some push up bars come with pivot handles for all round comfort, while others offer no such ability to change the direction of angle. 

Some models are smaller than others, some are designed for portability and can be taken away when you're travelling, while others cannot. 

Best Push Up Bars In Australia

In order to get to these top 5 products we looked at a number of models, looking at the overall weight, the hand grips, padding and special features. We also looked at the price, the online reviews and whether others are enjoying the product. 

From here we managed to reach our top five picks. 

1. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

The Perfect Pushup Elite V2 Pushup stands are the best way to get the most benefit out of your standard pushups. These sit firmly on the floor while you move up and down.

But they also rotate just slightly to engage more muscle groups and increase the pressure on all the muscles through your shoulders, arms, chest, back and abs.

The ergonomic grips reduce strain on your hands and wrists.
The steel ball bearings make for a smooth motion with no resistance.

And they’re built to last. These are the perfect addition to your home gym, making your workout time more efficient.

2. DA VINCI Pushup Bars

Pushups are a common part of most people’s workouts but they can be tedious because you need to do a lot of them to reap the regards. Now you can try the DA VINCI Pushup Bars to get the ultimate benefit from pushups.

There are a few of these on the market but these stand out.
The length of the top bar measures 10.5 inches (others average less than 9 inches).

Their extra-wide feet have a sturdy width of 2 inches longer than leading brands so you can feel safe that you won’t tip over no matter how much pressure you put on them.

The bars have comfortable anti-slip and anti-sweat black foam grips for extra support. And they’re made from a strong and high-quality coated steel with anti-slip plastic feet. The bars can be disassembled for travel or storage.

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3. Elite Sportz Push Up Bars

Any workout equipment that saves you time and maximises the benefit you get from an exercise is great. Especially if it’s compact and affordable. The Elite Sportz Push Ups are just that.

These rotating discs give you so much more from your push-ups and will have you adding muscle fat, increasing your upper body strength and tone, and looking great in such a short time by dramatically improving the impact of your push-ups.

The round stands sit steadily on the floor and you can rotate them as you do your push-ups to fully engage all the muscles through your upper body with way more power than you can normally.

You can twist them as much or as little as you like.  In no time you’ll be toned and taught right through your shoulders, arms, chest, and abs.  The smooth movement, due to the steel ball-bearing system, reduces strain on your hands and wrists. And a bonus skipping rope is included with purchase.

4. Power Press Push Up

Get an amazing upper body in no time at all with the colour-coded Power Press Push Up Board System.

This versatile and innovative piece of gym equipment is a board which features over-sized hand-grips which can be plugged into various pre-set positions on the board.

You simply swap your handles into one of the 14 colour-coded positions to work out particular muscle groups. Or you can mix N match positions to change it up.

The board comes with a 10-week workout programme which combines the push-ups and some cardio, plyometric and core exercises.

The 30 minutes a day calendar is designed to develop muscles, build all-over body strength, burn calories and lose weight. There is also a Power Press YouTube channel for more ideas.

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5. SKLZ COREwheels

Forget the dumbbells as an accessory for your push-up routine. Now there’s the SKLZ COREwheels system. These will up your game with the ab exercises, taking your core workout to the next level.

The rolling wheels (one in each hand) allow you to move forward and back across the floor at all angles. This movements (which tends to be destabilised and unpredictable) make all your upper body and core muscles work so much harder than simple push-ups ever can.

They even exercise your hips and thighs. The ergonomic foam handles mean that your hands won’t feel any strain or pain.

And they make your workout interesting – you’ll never quite know what’s going to happen next!

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