7+ Best Massage Guns In Australia [Top Rated]

If you've been to see a physical therapist or browsed through your Instagram feed lately, you'll likely have come across a massage gun. Today we'll be looking at the best types available in the Australian market for 2021. 

The correct terminology is a percussive massage gun, and these drill lookalikes are designed to help aid recovery, decrease sore muscles and increase motion by beating your muscles. 

The original massage gun was launched in 2016, and since then a flood of brands have created their own, some are more well known than others. 

The use of massage guns looks like it's on an upward trend, and the price is now more affordable than ever before. You can pick one up for under $100 if you know where to look, and can pay as much as $499, for the Theragun Prime

The Best Massage Guns Right Now

1. XMIAO Massage Gun

This product is aimed towards fitness enthusiasts who want to relieve soreness from vigorous workout sessions. The uniquely-shaped heads of this deep tissue massager allow focus on hard-to-reach areas that larger massagers struggle to stimulate.

It is suitable for full-body use including joints, shoulders, spine and calves. This model can be customized to suit personal needs and wants with 20 speed levels, with a vibration frequency ranging from 1200 to 3800RPM per minute.

There are 6 different heads that can be used and detached from the main body. Each head has a unique shape to suit different contours and crevices of the body and different muscle groups.

There is a touch-screen display which features speed setting adjustments, massage speed and the battery life. This product is powered by a 2500mAh battery which offers 5 hours of running time before charging is required.

The handgrip is structured out of silicon which prevents slips and allows one-handed use. It operates at a low-noise level of 40dB, making it suitable for use in public areas without disturbing others. This massage gun comes in a black colour and is inclusive of a travel case. 

2. RENPHO Massage Gun

The RENPHO massage gun comes with 4 detachable massage heads to accommodate a variety of body areas and pain.

The ball head is suitable for soothing large muscle groups and joints, the bullet head can target smaller areas, the hammer head is for full-body stimulation while the U-shaped head fits the neck, spine and shoulder regions.

There are 20 speed settings which cater to different functions such as muscle stimulation, relaxation, breaking down lactic acid, deep massage and professional use for professional bodybuilders. The maximum force on this product is 3200RPM at the highest speed setting. 

This product is fitted with a 2500mAh battery pack, delivering 8 hours of life through a single use. There is a touch-activated panel which showcases the battery life, current frequency and speed level adjustments.

This massager gun can be used at home, in a professional workplace or in the gym due to a noise level of only 63.5dB at the highest speed level. After 15 minutes of continuous use, this model automatically turns off to conserve power and prevent accidents.

This is an ideal product for a wide range of people including fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a carrying pouch and is available in a black finish.

3. Hydragun

Probably the most expensive massage gun available to buy in Australia, but for those looking for the very best, it's hard to find a better massage gun to buy right now. This is the Lamborghini of the bunch, offering true specifications where others struggle. 

Take the speed, while claiming to offer up to 3,200rpm, it's clear this model actually goes up to that speed, whereas the others featured here struggle to get there. If you want the top end speed you'll definitely need to buy the Hydragun to get it. 

Inside the lightweight luxury focused carry case is the 6 interchangeable massage heads that feel more robust and durable than other brands.

The Hydragun isn't lightweight, and that's probably due to the large 6 hour battery and ultra powerful motor packed inside, but my partner can still lift it relatively easy.

There is a small battery indicator, but this is a series of lights, rather than a specific level or percentage which other models offer.  

The Hydragun offers a much more luxurious finish and power, but this comes at a cost which for most people may put it out of reach. They are very popular non-the-less, but is that due to the huge PR campaign they did during launch, or is it actually one of the best massage guns to buy in Australia? 

4. Healsage

Healsage claims to be the best performing massage gun in Australia, and it's come along way since it's original version was launched. The Pro model features a real time battery indicator on the handle, something unseen in other massage gun models. 

The Healsage model comes with a lightweight design (1.1kg) and offers a consistent percussion with a 12mm stroke length, with speeds ranging from 900rpm to 3,200rpm. 

Similar to other models, it offers enough juice for the entire family or day at work with up to 6 hours of battery life, plus it's super quiet with a anti-disturbance level of 42db. 

Inside the box you've got the usual setup, with 6 different head attachments for every use case, plus you've got an Australian charger with built-in battery. Finally there's the carry case which looks pretty sleek and ultra lightweight. 

One of the stand out features is the 4 intelligent modes for optimal recovery, as well as that battery indicator on the handle. You have no idea how many other guns simply die when they run out of power, which is pretty annoying! 

5. Jollyfit Massage Gun

The Jollyfit massage gun can accommodate a variety of lifestyles from active ones to more sedentary professions. This product comes with 5 different massage heads to fit all over the body.

The round head should be used for large muscle groups, the U-shaped head fits the neck and shoulders, the cylinder head targets the joints while the flat head can be used anywhere for relaxation. There are 2 extra air cushion head that target responsive areas of the body.

There are lots of advertised benefits to using this device including pain relief, improving blood flow and activating muscle growth.

There are 30 adjustable speed settings which generate minimal noise at 60-70dB, making this product ideal for outdoor use without drawing attention and disturbing others.

The speed level and other controls can be accessed through a touchscreen LCD panel. 2 hours of continuous use is available after each charge due to the lithium-ion battery. The handle is wrapped with a silicon material which enables further control due to strong gripping qualities.

This product is available in a black colour and is inclusive of a travel bag which has dedicated indents for the gun and each massage head.

6. Darkiron Massage Gun

Using the Darkiron massage gun has many advantages including improving blood circulation and quick pain relief. This product is inclusive of 6 uniquely-shaped massage heads for deep tissue massage and relaxing in all areas of the body.

The round head is suitable for large muscle groups, the U-shaped head is curved to wrap the spine and shoulders, the flat head can be used anywhere for muscle relaxation whereas the cylinder head reaches all the tight crevices of the body. There are 2 additional heads for soft tissue massage.

This product has 30 modifiable speed settings to fit personal needs and wants. The highest force is at 3300 percussions per minute while the lowest is at 400. However, even at the highest setting, this massage gun does not generate sounds more than 50dB.

There is a touchscreen panel where the speed can be customized and the gear setting is displayed. There is also an LED indicator to show the battery life. This product is embedded with a battery that delivers up to 6 hours of continuous use before charging is needed.

It is suitable for use before warm-ups or for post-workout recovery. This product comes in a black colourway and a travel pouch.

7. JAWKU Muscle Blaster

This model is equipped with 4 attachable massage heads that target both large and small muscle groups, making it suitable for full-body pain relief. The handle for the massage head is angled at 15° to accommodate and reach every contour and crevice in the body such as the elbow.

There are 5 speed levels available where 1400 to 3200 percussions per minute can be adjusted to cater to different body parts and personal preferences. This product has LED 5 lights to indicate the speed level and separate buttons to adjust it.

There are also 4 LED lights to show the battery life. Additionally, this model can be used at home, in professional environments or at the gym due to a low-noise of 40dB maximum even at the highest setting.

This product is equipped with a 2550mAh battery which offers between 4 to 6 hours of use depending on the intensity. The benefits to operating this massager include better blood circulation and fragmenting scar tissue.

This model comes in a black and orange colorway in a matte finish. There is an included nylon case that has space for each massage head and piece. 

What to look for in a massage gun? 

To learn more about what to look for in a massage gun, we spoke with Sarah Stanley, a physical therapist from Melbourne, Victoria.

"The most important things are reliability, noise and battery life." Sarah starts by telling us. "I always choose a combination of the three, but you will pay a lot more for a quieter device." 

Ultimately when you're using a noisy device, it can be harder to talk, so if you're using it by yourself this shouldn't be a problem. If using for a commercial use Sarah says, "you want to be able to talk over the sound, so a noisy massage gun is impractical." 

Battery life is another big factor with different models offering up different levels of juice. Sarah says, "You don't want the gun to die during use, so either ensure you've got a battery level indicator, or something that will last a good few hours."

Ultimately from our own research, you don't need to spend up large to get a combination of all three, but you may be expected to pay over $100. Most models are the same, just rebranded in a different colour, brand name or style. 

Sarah goes on to say, "Make sure you watch some online tutorials on how to actually use a massage gun properly, as the instruction manuals are useless." 

Why Use a Percussion Massage Gun?

They should be used as an alternative to a foam roller, but can also be used as a stand alone treatment device. The benefits include reduced stress, pain and tension, to increased blood circulation. 

"They are great devices for pre-workouts and recovery. We see many long distance cyclists, mixed martial arts and footballers using them on a daily basis," says Sarah.

Do massage guns actually work?

According to independent research, massage guns do actually work and can help relieve pain and recovery from fitness. They work very similar to a massage, but without the cost. After paying for 2 or 3 massages, you'll probably have paid for your own massage gun.

This 2014 independent study in the USA suggested that vibration therapy and massage are both equally effective at preventing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which means you're much less likely to experience muscle tightness for 24-72 hours after an intensive workout or exercise session. 

Does a massage gun help relieve pain?

According to research taken in 2014, vibration therapy works, therefore massage guns do and can help to prevent DOMS within 24 to 72 hours after an intensive workout. The presence of DOMS can increase risk of injury, so any thing that can be done to prevent this, is a good thing. So yes, massage guns can help to prevent pain. 

How often can you use a massage gun?

There is no research to suggest you can over-use a massage gun, however there is research to suggest a full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes at any one time. However you can treat yourself to using your massage gun many times per day. Prior to an extensive workout or gym session, do not over use your massage gun. A few minutes use is preferred by most massage gun manufacturers, with after exercise being used much longer. 

What's the difference between massage guns?

Most massage guns operate the same way. When the first company created their gun, it was quickly copied and reproduced, with most of the core components remaining the same. The main thing that changes is the build quality, the motor speed, the number of attachable heads, the number of settings and modes, plus the colour scheme and design.

Most massage guns we looked at in our guide are most likely very similar, with the exception of the Hydragun which has completely overhauled their model to make it unique. There is then the question as to whether you should pay big money for a model that may be very similar to a budget option. 

How long does a massage gun battery last?

Most massage gun batteries last up to 6 hours. It's rare for them to last longer. Most massage guns come with a built-in rechargeable battery. Others may have a battery that can be changed, but it's rare. Therefore you should plan to charge regularly, especially if you're using your massage gun in a commercial environment.

Home users shouldn't be too concerned with a 6 hour battery life. I've personally got over 4 weeks use out of my gun once, only using it 15 minutes every couple of days. 

Are massage guns a fad?

You definitely have to be keen to buy one. While they sound great, most massage guns end up on the shelf and barely get used after the first few weeks. If you're an athlete or a gym goer then definitely you should add a massage gun to your arsenal. If you're a once a week gym user, I doubt you'll get the benefits you think you'll get from a gun. 

These guns are getting more and more affordable, with the exception of premium models such as Hydragun or Healsage, and as newer models come out, older ones will become cheaper, so your gun will likely lose resale value pretty quickly after purchase. 

Is using a massage gun better than a real massage?

Independent research has suggested that getting a massage is not any better than using a massage gun, however the problem is the person using the massage gun. They may have no idea how to use it properly, whereas a massage therapist is often experienced or has had training before they are allowed to work with clients. 

The concepts between both are very similar, but a massage can offer a much deeper and well rounded experience compared with a massage gun. There is the cost vs experience to consider though. Most massages in Australia cost $65-$100 per hour, whereas you can buy a gun for $100-$400, which is much more affordable.

You probably aren't going to take a massage after every extensive workout session, whereas you may use your massage gun instead. 


  • Imtiyaz S, Veqar Z, Shareef MY. To Compare the Effect of Vibration Therapy and Massage in Prevention of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). J Clin Diagnostic Res. 2014;8(1):133–6.

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