5+ Best Ab Rollers In Australia For 2020

While this product may not seem all that useful or effective, compared to ordinary gym equipment, ab rollers are actually one of the best ways to develop a strong and defined six-pack.

These devices fit perfectly into your home gym, alongside your spin bike or a small treadmill

Though this doesn't mean you should quit working out your core entirely, nor should this product be considered a replacement for a healthy and balanced diet, but a way of boosting your fitness.

The best ab rollers are ones that aid in testing your core during any kind of workout. 

While you may be already be convinced, keep reading for some insider summaries on the details and features on various types of ab roller available to purchase in Australia. 

1. Hercules Grip Ab Wheel Roller

  • 4-in-1 fitness set
  • Popular ab roller online
  • High quality

A useful addition to your home gym or workout regime is the HerculesGrip Ultimate 4-in-1 fitness set. This is like having a personal trainer in your home, and it gives you a whole-body workout with cardio, endurance, stamina, agility as well as strength training.

Included in the kit is a double-wheeled abs roller which is designed to strengthen your abs and core by rolling back and forwards. A thick knee pad protects your knees from direct contact with the floor.

An adjustable jump rope is the second item you’ll find in the set. Jump ropes are an excellent way of getting aerobic exercise in a small space. You also improve your agility, speed and stamina.

It’s the favoured training of boxing champs. This rope has non-slip handles which are made to last and a tangle-free rope. Next are two versatile double-sided gliding discs which you stand on and move around the floor (hardwood, tiles or carpet) to strengthen your abs. The discs are padded and ergonomic.

And lastly, you’ll receive three loop 100% latex resistance bands which you can use in three different levels of resistance to strengthen your arms and your legs.

This is a set you’ll value. It takes up no space and provides you with everything you need to get all the training and exercise you need at home.

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2. Core X Ab Roller

  • Is smaller than it looks
  • Carbon spring-loaded
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles

Designed to strengthen your core and abs, the Core X Ab Wheel is both easy and convenient to use in the comfort of your own home and it’s a much better way of reaching your goals than crunches and sit-ups are.

Being small it can be put in a drawer when not in use. The wheel is carbon spring-loaded to provide better resistance and a shock-free rebound, allowing a smooth experience as you exercise at all speeds. The handles are ergonomically designed to be comfortable and to cushion your hands.

And a foam mat is also included to support your knees as you move with the wheel. The wheel can be carved at all angles to hone all the muscles you at to tone and strengthen.

You’ll build 6-pack abs, a super-strong core, flat stomach, and toned arms and legs in no time. This exercise is completely safe. It won’t harm any part of your body. It can help to alleviate back pain, and strengthening your core has been shown to reduce the risk of back injury.

It’s also been shown to burn more calories than other core exercises such as sit-ups and planks. And it’s portable (it can be disassembled) so you can take it with you when you travel.

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3. Perfect Fitness AB Carver

  • Carbon steel spring mechanism
  • Ultra-wide wheel
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles

From Perfect Fitness the Ab Carver Pro Roller is designed for workouts of your core which maximises muscle engagement as well as improving the efficiency of your workout time.

The ab roller wheel is a patented design which strengthens the muscles in your back, chest, arms and core. There are 38 muscles through your core, including glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Carver Pro isolates and works all of these muscles giving you core strength and resulting in increased balance, improved posture, and better back health. Other muscle groups through the arms, back, and chest are also engaged and strengthened. And the wheel burns lots of calories as well.

The carbon steel spring mechanism inside the wheel provides a level of resistance when rolling out to produce the ideal tool for strength training. The small amount of assistance generated when rolling back means less pressure on the back and therefore minimal chance of injury.

An ultra-wide wheel means you can carve left and right to use all the muscle groups in your arms and abdomen. Stability and balance are created by the width of the spherical wheel.

Padded and angled handles have been ergonomically designed for optimal engagement of arm and core muscles as well, and the non-slip handle pads can be removed for cleaning, transport and storage.

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4. Elite Sportz Ab Roller

  • Double wheel design
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Portable size

The Ab Wheel Roller Pro from Elite Sportz is an exercise tool that helps you to work out at home, targeting and strengthening your core in particular. This is a simple piece of exercise equipment but it certainly does the job.

The roller works on the muscles in your midsection as well as those through your upper and lower body and your arms.

It uses a double wheel design with handles which you use to roll your upper body out and back from a kneeling position.

This uses all the muscles above the waist, and even strengthens the thighs. The dual wheel design gives you more balance and stability. The handles are very comfortable and non-slip, made from a combination of hard plastic and softer rubber which gives you a firm grip.

It can be used on either hardwood or carpeted floors – a soft mat or towel under the knees on a hard floor would be advisable.

The wheel comes fully assembled and ready to go straight from the box. Measuring only 30.7*15.5*15.2cm and weighing 590g it’s easily transportable and stored.

A useful video on the Elite Sportz website provides instructions on how t get the best out of this product.

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5. Vinsguir Ab Roller

  • Ultra-wide 8cm wheel
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Stainless steel spring

An ideal piece of exercise equipment for the home gym is the Vinsguir Ab Carver Pro. This is a wheel roller which targets your abdominals and arms by getting you to roll forward and back from a kneeling position.

The non-slip rubber 8cm wide rubber wheel is balanced and stable and rolls easily on any floor surface without slipping around. The wheel is spring-loaded with a durable carbon steel spring for greater resistance on the roll-out and some assistance on the rollback.

Its padded rubber handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip while you’re using the roller.

You can use the wheel to carve left or right as well as straight forward and back.

This really gives all the muscle groups throughout your core, arms, obliques, back and even thighs a good workout, leaving them toned and strengthened.

It also provides some cardio and burns calories. There is some assembly required: you’ll receive the wheel, a steel tube, the handles and an Instruction Manual.

The kit also includes a soft high-density foam knee pad for optimal comfort. Made from sturdy stainless steel this product is made to last. And measuring only 24*20.6*8.9cm (as well as being able to be disassembled) this can be taken with you when travelling or to the gym, and easily stored at home.

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What To Look For In The Best Ab Roller? 

What do you actually consider and look for when it comes to choosing an ab roller? In this crowded market there's expensive brands, entry level models and the unbranded Chinese versions you'll find over on eBay. So what do you choose?

  • Wheels

For those looking for serious results such as that six pack, you'll want an ab roller that has a steel core covered by a wheel. The larger the wheel the better, although if you're looking for something portable you'll have to compromise and choose a smaller wheel. 

Depending on where you'll be using this you might want something with tread, so it can be used outdoors. On carpet you'll also need some tread but nothing fancy. Tread will ensure you don't go sliding on the floor, injuring your stomach or arms. 

  • Handles

Additionally you'll want an ab roller that comes with a good set of comfortable ergonomic handles. This will ensure you don't hurt your wrists or forearms when rolling out and in. Most handles are usually plastic but will be covered in rubber, foam or latex to provide a comfortable hold. 

  • Weight

You'll also want to look at the weight of your roller. The heavier you are, the heavier you'll want your ab roller to be. On most models you'll see the weight listed so be sure to check it out. Of course you can buy any weighted model depending on your needs. 

  • Special Features

Lastly you'll want to look at any special features. Some rollers come attached with resistance bands allowing you to use the roller in different ways. Others come with various weights while some might have two wheels for more durability.  

Types of Ab Roller Wheel Workouts

There's many different types of exercises you can do with your ab roller wheel including. Be sure to to checkout these other ideas

  • Ab wheel planks
  • Wide stance roll-outs
  • Narrow stance roll-outs
  • Knee tucks
  • Single arm roll-outs
  • Bridge holds
  • Obligque tucks
  • V roll-outs
  • Knee roll-outs. 

Frequently Asked Ab Roller Questions

Q: What is an ab roller? 

A: The abs roller is a piece of gym equipment suitable for the home that is a great way to build core muscles. It can however be intimidating for some users as it's difficult to move in and out. The roller directly impacts your deep ab muscles, but can yield great results such as shredded six pack abs.

Q: Can you get a six pack with an ab roller?

A: It depends who you ask. Using an abs wheel by itself is never going to give you the perfect six pack, but when combined with other exercises, it definitely can help you to see results. Ab wheels offer some of the most intense workouts you can do, so they are definitely helpful. 

Q: Are ab rollers effective?

A: There's nothing out there saying ab rollers don't work, so they are definitely a cheap device you should add to your home gym or local gym that can work for you. They are an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment that has definitely helped people get shredded or six pack abs. 

Final Verdict

Th best ab roller is the one that suits your own individual needs. These are easy to use, affordable pieces of gym equipment that are perfect for exercising at home or on the go. They are quick to assemble, come with wheels that include tread and handles that are ergonomically designed to make using them comfortable.

Some ab rollers come with bonus features such as double wheels, resistance bands and changeable weights. Whatever you're purpose for buying one, you'll have no issues finding the best exercise roller wheel on this list. Once you've got one, it's just a matter of when that six pack is ready to make an appearance. 

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