Best Spin Bike Australia (Save Money, Buy Your Own)

Today we’re going to be looking at the best spin bike Australia has to offer, for home, commercial and office use. Gone are the days of spending thousands, they are now more affordable than ever before.

When people look for spin bike reviews online, there aren’t many. That’s because most people are still under the impression that going to the gym is a better and cheaper option.

However if you consider the average bike now only costs $300, after 20 weeks at the average gym you’d have paid for one outright.

Another complaint is that they take up space, especially in smaller apartments and houses which is true, when the device is in use. The beauty of most of these exercise bikes is that they can be folded up when not in use to conserve space.

It’s not uncommon walking around cities across the country, looking up and seeing spin bikes on balconies across the city. City workers, who don’t have time for the gym are getting good spin bike workouts in the open from their apartments.

Most spin bikes now come with fancy equipment such as computers that track your heart rate, mileage, speed and calories burned. Others offer more advanced features such as steep climbing gears and even mountable televisions on the front.

Getting started is easy, especially with the five bikes we chose and reviewed. They all ship for free or at a low price from Amazon within a few days nationwide. You don’t even need to leave the house to buy one.

You can then unbox, unpack and setup within a few hours and start enjoying those spin bike benefits and save money on gym memberships.

You can then look at accessories such as seat covers to make your riding more comfortable and even additional strength training addons.

Best Spin Bike Australia

If you didn’t want to buy direct from Amazon then you could always look at physical fitness retailers however you’ll find the prices are more competitive online.

Other retailers include Harvey Nroman,, Gym Direct, Lifespan Fitness, Gym and Fitness.

1. Lifespan Fitness Commercial Spin Bike

Best Spin Bike Australia
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If you’re after the experience of a spin class from the comfort of your own home, then the Lifespan Fitness Commercial Spin Bike is the idea spin bike for you.

This durable bike has been tested for balance to ensure the highest level of stability. This allows you to change the resistance without hesitation.

Resistance can be changed simply at the turn of a dial to replicate a steep hill climb. You’ll be pushing your body to the next limit to gain optimal outcomes.

The usual problem I used to have prior to using the Lifespan Spin Bike is that the seat would always be uncomfortable.

But not anymore because the Lifespan Spin Bike is designed for comfort with the mid-density padding and the centre perineal cutout for better support and airflow.

The stable and strong steel frame of the bike ensures you are upright and ready to peddle.

To see how your workout is tracking along, you can use the multi-functional LCD display to track your time, speed, distance travelled and calories burned.

To ensure the bike is the correct height for you, you can adjust the fore and aft.

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2. LSG SP-110 Spin Exercise Bike

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Peddle your feet all the way to a healthy lifestyle with the LSG SPG-110 spin bike. This spin bike is built with a durable steel frame and a 3-piece crank to endure the toughest workouts.

So, even if you tire yourself out while spinning, the LSG SPG-110 bike will be upright and ready to endure your workout every time as this bike is sturdy.

You can adjust the saddle and handle tailored to your preference.

The 12kg TrueSpin Precision Flywheel ensures a smooth ride every time as it keeps you upright and balanced on the bike.

While you peddle, you won’t even hear the bike as the belt drivetrain causes the cycle to be ultra-smooth and quiet.

So, you can cycle at home perfectly without any disturbing anyone around you. With the various resistance options, you can replicate cycling on steep hills using the dial.

To track how your workout is coming along, you can use the multi-function LCD display.

The display tracks your heart rate, time, distance and the calories that you burn during your workout.

Working towards your fitness goals just got a whole lot easier now with the LSG SP-110 Spin Exercise Bike.

3. ProFlex SPN700 Flywheel Commercial Spin Bike

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Start spinning towards your new year’s fitness goals with the ProFlex SPN700 Flywheel Commercial Spin Bike.

This commercial grade spin bike has a stainless-steel flywheel that creates a smooth riding experience, as though you are riding a real bicycle.

If you’re wanting to push your workout to the next limit, you can use the adjustable flywheel resistance dial.

This can either replicate a smooth ride or one that is on a steep hill. The seat, seat post and hand bars are all fully adjustable.

This ensures you are able to ride in utmost comfort. Combined with the extra-thick padded seat, you can cycle for hours without hurting your body.

A great feature of this bike is the LCD display which allows you to monitor your cycling time, speed, distance covered, pulse and the number of calories that you have burnt.

The pulse sensors allow an accurate recording of your pulse to ensure the readings are as accurate as possible. Being able to track and monitor such features will allow you to compare and see how your fitness is improving.

Start crushing your fitness goals one by one with the ProFlex Spin Bike.

4. Lifespan Fitness SP-330 Spin Bike

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For a heavy-duty spin bike that will last, then choose the Lifespan Fitness SP-330 Spin Bike. The high-quality steel frame is important in the make-up of this spin bike as it offers better stability and minimises tumbling during hard sprints or steep climbs.

The frame enables the bike to withstand a weight of 125kg.

To get optimal fitness results, you can use the unlimited resistance flywheel to push your workout to the next level.

All you need to do is turn the dial to get a high-intensity cardiovascular workout by increasing the tension and resistance.

The flywheel is covered with a steel exterior in order to minimise the build-up of dust and debris in the flywheel. Not only to protect the spin bike, but the cover protects hands and fingers if anyone gets too close to the flywheel.

You can make sure that the LifeFitness Spin Bike is the right fit for your body by adjusting the handlebar and saddle position.

In this manner, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable riding experience no matter what size or shape you are.

To make sure that you are on track to reach your goals, you can use the multi-functional LCD display to record your workout measurements such as calories burnt, distance speed and time of your workouts.

5. Everfit Spin Exercise Bike Gym Fitness Cycle

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Why go to the gym when you can have your own state of the art spin bike in the comfort of your own home.

The Everfit Spin Exercise Bike Gym Fitness Cycle has been made with an industrial-level steel frame with the aim of being rust resistant and durable. So, it will be sure to last you for a while.

The stainless-steel flywheel is paired with a 6-groove belt drive that creates a smooth riding experience as though you are riding on a smooth flat road.

To push your workout to the next limit, all you need to do is increase the intensity of your workout by adjusting the resistance level.

To keep track of how your workouts are progressing you can use the LCD display to visually monitor your speed, distance, time, calories and pulse.

To ensure that the EverFit Spin Bike is comfortable for you to ride, all you need to do is adjust the saddle seat and the handle bar.

This will ensure you have the correctly adjusted height and handling position while riding.

The handle bar also has three positions which suit your cycling style: hill climbing, ride easy and aero racing.

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