Best Multi Station Home Gym Australia (For Every Budget)

Bring the gym to your house with the best multi station home gym Australia has to offer. Gone are the days of paying thousands, you can now get one for under a grand.

Most home gyms offer a wide range of workout options with as many as 38 different exercises you can do from one multi station.

There are many different weight stacks so the first thing you’ll need to do is look for one that suits your weight lifting capability.

You probably wouldn’t want the lowest stack if you’re a body builder, but if you’re a casual gym user the lowest stack would also be the cheapest and probably your best option.

We’ve evaluated this overcrowded market and through weeks of extensive research, found what we believe are five of the best home gyms in the market right now.

While there are many more brands and models out there, it would be impossible to list them all. We recommend doing your own research and using our article as a guide to help you.

Why would you buy a home gym?

There are several good reasons why a home gym is better than a gym membership.

Time-saving is probably the most obvious. Why spend time packing your gym gear, travelling to the gym, changing into and out of your kit and then travelling home or back to work again?

That is a lot of time spent for no purpose unless your visit to the gym includes a class or another social aspect.

Convenience and freedom around when and how often you exercise is another benefit.

Although most gyms these days are open long hours, being able to exercise on a whim, at a different time each day or at a time when your gym is not open or is crowded is pretty appealing.

And the weather is irrelevant as well when you don’t have to go out into it to exercise.

At home, you can alter your exercise routine as much as you want. You can work out as long or as short as suits you at the time.

Cost savings are important as well. Once you’ve recouped the initial outlay of a home gym the savings can be quite high, especially if you’re a frequent flyer at your gym.

Most of us don’t want to be in the public eye when we’re in our tight fitting but comfortable lycra. So being in the privacy of our own home is a huge bonus to owning a home gym. No judgements, real or perceived.

At home, you can also choose your own TV, music or other exercise distractions without being forced to accept whatever happens to be on at the gym.

So there are some reasons to think about investing in a home gym. And if you have a partner, and even teenage children, who also like to use a gym for exercise the savings will and other benefits will multiply.

Best Multi Station Home Gym

1. Powertrain Multi Station Home Gym

Best Multi Station Home Gym Australia
  • 165lbs weight stack
  • 230cm x 180cm x 220cm
  • Local Australian stock
  • Easy setup and installation.

As the importer of the multi-station home gym, Amazon has this product on its shelves at around $300 less than other retailers!

This home gym has a stack of features for the fitness fanatic. Its stations include a weight stack (up to 165lbs), 2 x dumb-bells (1.5kgs), a punching bag, and the station which allows you to do all your other weight training and strength exercises. So that includes rowing, knee raises, all your curls, bench presses, lats, abs, push-ups etc.

The gym’s footprint is 230(w) x 180 x 220(h) but it needs additional room for leg extensions and more width for push-ups, sit-ups and leg crunches.

This home gym is perhaps a good starter multi-station for those who are wanting to tone up and learn how to use the weight and other strength training exercises at home without having to join a gym. It’s a convenient option at a very low price.

Reviews tend to support that assessment of this product. One point to note is that the gym does not come with a weight rating, ie it does not specify the total weight it will take before it will give way.

Reviews suggest that 100kg would be the highest weight it will take. As long as you are aware of that, all should be well.

The gym does require assembly, which generally takes 2-3 hours. 

2. ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station Home Gym

  • 118lbs weight stack
  • Vinyl covered density foam
  • High quality steel frame
  • Easy to setup and install.

The ProFlex M9000 Multi-Station is another low priced home gym from Amazon. The M9000 offers more than a dozen exercise routines and allows you to tailor your workout to your level of fitness and to your needs.

The weight stack can be adjusted between 10 – 118-pound increments so it will meet your strength whether you’re a newcomer to weight training or an old hand. Note: weight rating is 100kgs.

Constructed from quality materials, ProFlex has retained their reputation by using heavy-duty powder-coated steel, non-slip rubber feet, high-density cushioning and soft sweat-proof materials.

The leg, arm and foot holds are thickly padded as well. And the cable attachments have rubber handles for a firm grip. All contributing to a safe, sturdy and comfortable design which is a pleasure to use.

The unit gives you the opportunity for bench press, butterfly press, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, leg extensions, upright cable rows for shoulder work, and tricep pushdowns.

The unit also comes with a heavy-duty punching-bag and speed-ball to give you a cardio workout as well as your usual weight training. This is a very versatile home gym for a full body workout.

At this price (plus delivery from the independent company) this is a great first home gym for the newcomer to this type of exercise routine.

Self-build is required and that takes 3-5 hours, so be prepared for that. (The instructions are online only as well). But all these home gyms require that. And the reviews also suggest that the design is not ideal for taller people (6’ and over) so bear that in mind as well.

Apart from those considerations, this seems to be a good buy at the price.

3. vidaXL Multi Station Home Gym

  • 41kg weight stack
  • 150 x 99 x 204 cm
  • Suitable for up to 100kg users
  • Self build required.

The vidaXL home gym is an extremely low priced option for the person who wants to try out a structured weight-based exercise routine at home without committing to a large outlay. It is also a compact unit (150x99x204cm) so will fit into smaller homes, including units and flats.

The gym allows for a full body workout to improve your physical fitness, your muscle tone and strength and help you to lose weight (with a controlled diet).

The unit has a 54cm high seat (31x30x40cms) and backrest (65x24x4cms) which provide the support you need to perform the various weight-bearing exercises the gym provides you.

There is a curl and butterfly station to work your shoulders and arms; a leg-curl to work your thighs and legs. There are eight weight plates and one top plate so that you can adjust the load to suit your strength as you improve. Total weight rating is 100kg (weight supplied is 41kg).

The range of exercises and workout combinations gives an effective and thorough full body workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The gym does not provide any cardio exercise.

This versatile home gym is built from quality steel with durable padded cushioning made from polyurethane.

Given its extremely low price point, the vidaXL home gym cannot reasonably be expected to be more than a home gym for someone who simply wants to tone up, increase their strength and perhaps help with a weight loss programme.

4. JX Multi-Utility 205Lbs Home Gym

Coming in at a higher end of the price range for multi-station home gym equipment, the JX Multi-Utility 205lbs Home Gym is a unit which is jam-packed full of features over its three stations, which allows for three users at the same time.

Suitable for the whole family, and priced extremely reasonably for what it delivers, it is a high-quality design and build.

The first station is multi-functional itself, offering: an adjustable press machine for the pecs and chest; a rowing machine; lat exercises via a pull-down bar attached to an overhead weight stack; a vast range of cable exercises using high and low pulleys; and an adjustable leg press machine with weight stack up to 120kgs, and a checkered footplate for grip.

What that all means is that the user can complete a whole range of cable routines including: cable flys, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls, single arm rows, military presses, and upright rows.

The second station includes a fully adjustable bench press leverage gym which doubles as a squat machine.

And the third station is a complete chin/dip machine for chin ups, leg raises, and so on.

5. Lifespan Fitness GS6 Gym Multi-Station

  • 78kg weight stack
  • 211 x 163 x 230cm
  • 38+ possible exercises
  • Self build required.

The Lifespan Fitness GS6 Home Gym is a smaller Multi Station home gym which offers 38+ exercises for a total body workout in the comfort of your own home.

This compact unit will fit into your spare room, your garage, or your studio and allow you to do a workout whenever it suits you.

With the exercise guide to help you develop an exercise regime, you can target specific muscle groups by using all aspects of the gym’s multiple functions.

The gym has been designed with a strong central ‘power tower’ for the key bodyweight work, and a free-standing sit-up bench which can be stored away when not in use.

And then there are attachments you can hook on at different points on the central tower (upper, middle and lower) for various cable machine exercises.

There is a lat pull-down bar, a chest press/fly, preacher pad, weight stack (up to 78kg), leg extensions, integrated power tower, and sit up bench (for awesome core strengthening).

Standard inclusions are tricep rope, lat pulldown, cable curl and ankle strap. You can purchase an additional 25kg weight.

The gym is built from high-quality steel and is ergonomically designed, with height adjustable seat and preacher pad, a good clearance between the seat and the upper pulley, and a rotatable foot plate. The bench is also angle adjustable. The padding is supportive and double stitched for strength.

The Lifespan GS6 is priced well for everything it offers. It appears to be a quality home gym which should stand the test of time (and heavy use).

Is it cost effective to buy a home gym?

The cost of a home gym can be as low as $300 and as high as $2,000, depending on the number of ‘stations’ the gym has. Stations are the exercise workouts the gym has, including for example weights, dumb-bells, punching bag, leg-curls and so on.

The cost of a gym membership also varies a lot, depending on what the gym offers, how many sessions per week/month you wish to sign up for, whether you want to include classes and/or a personal trainer in the membership and so on.

To compare like with like, however, let’s look at a gym membership which simply covers 24/7 access to use of the gym’s training equipment only.

It’s reported that a typical gym membership costs around $40/month = $500/annum. There are gym chains which offer cheaper memberships and it’s certainly worth shopping around if you want to do a more comprehensive comparison. And it needs to be remembered that the real cost of a gym membership depends on how often you actually go.

On a very quick look however, the cost of a basic home gym would be recouped easily within twelve months or less. The cost of a state-of-the-art multi-station home gym in perhaps 4-5 years.

Only you can make the judgement call on whether or not a home gym is a good investment for you.

Main features of a multi station home gym?

A multi-station home gym will vary between brands and with cost.

Each will have several, perhaps many, ‘stations’ attached to each other around a central column or in a cohesive unit. They are often fold-away for convenience.

Multi-station home gyms offer a full body workout and will include equipment for some or all of the following: bench press, rowing, knee curls, bicep curls, ab crunches, military presses, tricep dips, extensions, push-ups, weights, dumbbells, punching bag.

The aim of a home gym is to give the owner a wide range of workout combinations for a total body workout.

It is focused on weight bearing exercises rather than cardio however, so you won’t find a treadmill or exercise bike as part of a multi station home gym.

These would be separate purchases if you wanted to include some cardio work in your exercise regime at home. Nonetheless, a home gym does have a lot of attractive features.

Where can you buy best value home gyms?

Apart from Amazon Australia there are many fitness outlets which sell all sorts of equipment including multi station home gyms. There are many own-brand only outlets. There is a surprising range of prices too, some of which are, to be honest, quite daunting to the uninitiated.

So for example you can look at the Unica Technogym, an online outlet for a compact strength-based fitness unit retailing at just $11,000.

Or at the other end of the scale, perhaps for the less serious fitness enthusiast or the less discerning buyer, are those for sale second-hand on sites such as Ebay or Gumtree.

If it is a good brand and in sound condition then there is no reason not to buy a second-hand home gym. But care needs to be taken. Home gyms do have ropes, cables and pulleys which can wear over time. The leatherette seating can also begin to wear and split.

The Lifespan Fitness range sits in the middle with multi station gyms from $530 – $2,200. Amazon offers units sitting in this range as well, with many other outlets the same. A quick Google search yields many results to consider if you’re in the market.

Home gyms in a higher price bracket ($1,700 – $8,000) are sold at Sam’s Fitness. Interestingly, this outlet offers the opportunity to start off with a basic multi station home gym and add to it as you can afford to or wish to.

This retailer warns against the less expensive options on the market as being not up to the task they are meant for. They recommend choosing an option with less functions of a higher quality build. Sensible advice.

Now you know the best home gym Australia has to offer, checkout our other buyer guides, product reviews and more at 

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