5+ Best Posture Correctors Australia [Ratings]

Save all the money you’re spending at the physio or chiro for the treatment of aches and pain in your upper and lower torso areas, as well as your neck, shoulders and arms. You know where they are coming from and the solution is to treat the root cause – your poor posture.

The situation feeds on itself: the more pain you feel the tenser you become and the more your muscles will react to that tension.

Posture correctors have been around for a while but are becoming very popular for use by office workers and others who don’t have medical ‘conditions’ but do have posture problems.

If you have a desk job, then chances are you have poor posture. It just goes with the territory of these times, even though ‘ergonomics’ is a buzz word. And if you have poor posture, then chances are you suffer from a sore back, neck, headaches, or muscle aches. Of course, these problems are not confined to those who sit all day.

This list of best posture correctors will give the word 'ergonomics' a whole new meaning, with unique and innovative designs ensuring your posture is corrected, leaving you feeling healthy, pain-free and rejuvenated. 

The Best Posture Correctors

1. Marakym Posture Corrector

  • Easy to read instructions
  • High quality design
  • 28” to 48” chests

The Marakym posture corrector featured here is designed to help you correct your poor posture. This is a brace which fit around your upper torso to straighten the muscles in your neck, back and shoulders.

It simply works by making it uncomfortable for you to be in a slouching position so you are forced to straighten up.

This helps to retrain the muscles in those areas and eventually they will become strong enough to maintain the proper alignment on their own.

Wearing the brace for around half an hour per day (longer if you want) over a 2 to 3 month period generally be sufficient to correct most problems.

But keep the brace and use it again from time to time to make sure that you keep your spine in its correct healthy alignment.

The Marakym posture corrector is universal for use by men and women. It has pads for women and a clavicle brace.

It also comes with detachable armpit pads for comfort, and 10 strips of kinesiology therapeutic tape and a carrying tote. It’s made from quality neoprene which is strong, flexible and comfortable, and is fully adjustable to fit chests between 28” and 48”.

We Think: The Best Posture Corrector in Australia

2. LIFEWAY Posture Corrector

  • Easy to read instructions
  • High quality design
  • 35” – 48” chest size

The Lifeway corrector is a good option. The brace works using a type of ‘carrot and stick’ approach. If you are in the right alignment then you’ll be comfortable and forget that you’re even wearing the brace, but as soon as you slouch you’ll feel the discomfort until you sit straight again. This process, repeated many times, slowly retrains your muscles into a better posture without the brace.

The brace is universal for men and women, it fits chests between 27” and 48”, and is made from breathable hypoallergenic materials.

The fabric is quite thin and lightweight so not only is it comfortable it won’t show under your clothes.

Using this brace you’ll could notice an almost immediate difference in your posture and your overall level of pain and discomfort.

We Think: Affordable Posture Corrector

3. ComfyMed® Posture

  • Choose different sizes
  • High quality design
  • Getting started guide

We are all aware that our sore back or aching shoulders or stiff neck are due to our hunching over a desk or other work area all day but it seems impossible to change it. Well, that’s not true in fact. There are ways, and one of them is to try out a posture corrector (brace).  

The ComfyMed patented hybrid design brace is a simple figure 8 brace with all the benefits of the flexibility and the lightweight that come with that. But it still has all the comfort and support of a full brace.

This posture corrector ticks a lot of boxes and to name just a few of the more significant: it doesn’t cut into your arms, it provides strong support yet has a soft feel, it has superior comfort with minimal restriction, the quality of both design and manufacture is premium, it’s washable, it’s durable, and it’s easy to put on without any help.

ComfyMed’s braces also help to ease the pain of many other complaints such as arthritis in the lower back, or osteoporosis pain.

The brace is unisex and fits chests between 29” to 40” (Regular - women) or 41” to 47” (Large – men). Easy to follow instructions are included.

If you do have posture issues and do suffer aches and pains as a result then try this brace out. Many people find that they enjoy almost immediate relief when they put this product on and they hardly notice that they are wearing it once they are used to it. It doesn’t show underneath your clothes.

We Think: Best Figure 8 Posture Corrector

4. Pro Performance+

  • Designed for everyday use
  • High quality design

The Pro Performance+ posture corrector (brace) is designed to pull your shoulders back, strengthen the muscles around the spine and re-align your spine. All of that will, over time, fix your posture and remove the pain. 

The muscles will ’remember’ what they are supposed to be doing and you won’t need the brace. You will probably need to use it periodically over a lifetime as your posture slowly reverts to slouching, which is the natural default position for many of us.

The brace is designed in a similar way to a backpack in the way it's put on and taken off. It's made from high-quality breathable materials and is so lightweight that It can be worn under clothing without being seen.

The sizing is adjustable to fit chest sizes between 64 – 127cms, so it suits both men and women.

This brace has specially designed curved shoulder straps to make sure that you don’t experience any discomfort underneath the arms.

We Think: Best Budget Posture Corrector

5. CloudMi

  • Very comfortable
  • High build quality
  • Adjustable 30” to 41” chests

The CloudMi posture corrector firstly stops the aches and pains pretty much immediately by providing much-needed support and straightening to the upper back area.

Then, with continued and regular wear, it re-trains your muscles to keep your back and neck in a straight alignment.

Over time your muscles will ‘remember’ the right position and will keep your spine in good alignment without the need for the brace.

Of course, old habits don’t die and over time it’s likely for bad posture to return. But that’s when you fish out the brace and use it again until you’ve corrected your posture.

The brace is adjustable to fit chests between 30" and 41" so men, women and teens can all use it. Its soft feel makes it comfortable for all-day use.

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The brace belt is also made from soft composite fabric and nylon tape, and the shoulder straps have breathable holes for comfort.

What to Look for in a Posture Corrector?

You'll want to consider these three most important factors; 

Comfort: You'll want your posture corrector to be comfortable, after all you'll probably end up wearing it every day so you'll want something that's lightweight but also fits well. Some brands are far too tight while others are too big. Make sure you choose the right size.

Ease of Use: Some models are really difficult to put on, especially the figure 8 correctors, so take note as to how complicated or easy it is to put on and can be adjusted. You'll only get frustrated if it takes time to put on each day. 

Size: Some brands claim to be one size fits all, while others have specific sizes. Make sure you read our guidance on sizing, and check the individual product pages prior to purchase. Some are designed specifically for men or women, while others are unisex, so make sure you read the full description and statistics table before checkout. 


When choosing a posture corrector it can be confusing, as there's thousands of businesses all selling similar products, each claiming to be the best. 

You, as a consumer should consider buyer reviews as these are the best way to ensure you're not buying a lemon. Alternatively your chiropractor might have suggested the name of a brand you should consider purchasing.

After our initial research, we believe the best posture corrector is the Marakym which comes with a carry case, tape and has been used by thousands. 

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