5+ Best Soccer Training Aids (Reviews)

Practice is essential for any soccer player to improve their skills, only the best soccer training aids will test your coordination, aim, agility and your overall fitness. 

Ensuring the success of your next soccer game means finding the right equipment that will make practice far more efficient and a lot more effective. 

From rebounders, goal sets and training targets to agility trainers, these pieces of equipment are incredibly useful for both the players and their coaches.

Find below the five top quality soccer training aids, all specifically designed to target and improve specific skills, such as fitness without the expensive price tag!

Best Soccer Training Aids

1. Portable Soccer Goals Set

  • 2 goals and six cones
  • Folds up w/ carry bag
  • eBook with soccer workouts

Ideal for ball skills and general fitness and athletic training, the pop-up soccer goal and cones set from COOLEKOM is a great buy.

The kit has two pop-up goals and six cones. There are pegs to secure each goal in the ground, a carry bag and an e-book available on purchase detailing suggested soccer skills training drills.

Lightweight (1.1kg) and fold-down the set is very portable and can be used in the backyard or at a training venue. The goals are set up in seconds and have a reflective strip for evening sessions.

The cones are also a bright orange for easy visibility in any light conditions. Folding the goals up is just as easy and they simply twist into the carry bag with the other training aids for easy transportation.

The goals measure 120 cm wide.

All the pieces are made from strong fibreglass and reinforced netting to be both lightweight for portability and durable to last the physical beating that soccer training brings.

The handy e-book includes a comprehensive guide to soccer training to assist parents and coaches alike, as well as moves and tricks made by some of the big-name soccer players.

2.VidaXL Kickback Rebounder

  • When you're training alone
  • 3 x 3 ft rebound surface
  • Flat pack disassembly

The VidaXL Kickback net is an inexpensive portable football practice net for training ball skills such as passing, shooting, goalkeeping or heading.

The frame is constructed of high-quality powder-coated steel which is both sturdy and stable. Supported by an A-frame design (ie a rectangular arm which folds back from the net surface to fully support it) the net won’t fall over when struck by flying balls.

The frame is also rust and corrosion-resistant.

The net is attached to the frame with rubber bands for a strong rebound effect which is quiet yet powerful.

The rebound surface measures a relatively small 100 x 100 cm (3 x 3 ft) so won’t accommodate more than one player at any given time.

The frame’s tube diameter measures 2.5 cm. And the total weight of the product is 4 kg. This is perfect for a backyard setting.

It's also very lightweight and can be disassembled into a flat pack for easy transportation and storage.

Assembly is very straightforward with all necessary accessories included, and the net can be re-arranged into four different configurations for practice of a variety of playback angles.

This is perfect for a backyard setting or individual skills honing at team training venues.

3. Raise Your Game Agility Trainer

  • Multi-pack with 13 pieces
  • Improve speed and agility
  • Used by pros worldwide

From RYG (Raise Your Game) comes a complete set of ball skills training aids including ladders, hurdles, cones, jump rope and minibands.

These are designed to increase players’ speed, agility and muscle strength and endurance.

The set comprises one agility ladders, five hurdles, eight cones, one jump rope and three latex minibands, all perfect for a rounded training session of drills and skills honing.

They will suit sports training where athletes require foot speed, strength, and endurance including ball sports, track and field, and more.

The different items are easily adjusted to suit players of different ages, heights and fitness levels. Simply set them up for different routines on the oval either individually or in groups.

There are enough aids in the one set to keep a team of players occupied for an entire training session.

All tools are built to last through being trodden on, and for several seasons.

The ladder straps and rope are thick and durable, the cone targets are flexible and the hurdles are height adjustable. All items can be rolled up, collapsed or otherwise easily transported or stored.

4. Echoss Football Kick Trainer

  • The original rebound trainer
  • 1.5m to 3.5m extension
  • Good level of strength

The Echoss set of soccer and other ball game training aids is uniquely designed for solo player practising to improve shooting, heading, passing, receiving and general ball control skills, as well as overall fitness and agility. The set includes a waistband, elastic cord and a ball sleeve.

The Neoprene waistband is intended to fit around the player’s waist and then attach to the ball (secured inside the ball sleeve provided) with the elasticised strap.

The strap is an elasticised cord which measures 1.5 metres and extends to 3.5 metres. It allows a player to practice ball skills hands-free, especially in positions such as goalie. The player simply kicks or throws the ball out and away from themselves.

The elastic brings the ball back and provides the player with the opportunity to practice whichever skill is either appropriate for the ball itself or he/she wishes to practice.

The set is very versatile and portable. It’s ideal for any reasonably large space (a normal backyard will easily accommodate it). It also keeps the ball from going over fences or otherwise too far away – retrievable by a simple tug on the cord.

It’s easily assembled. The ball sits within the sleeve and is secured with Velcro straps. The waistband is adjustable to any size waist and suits all ages.

5. Scoremore Training Targets

  • Good for freekick training
  • Connects to the goal
  • High visibility

Scoremore soccer targets (four in each pack) are designed to improve ball goal-kicking skills by being placed in various locations within the goal, particularly the high-percentage areas of scoring: the corners.

The targets are a bright orange strong and durable polyester material which quickly and easily attach to any size goal post with strong Omni-Tape Velcro strips.

Suitable for all ages it can be mounted in all size goals. For younger players, the goal is smaller (generally 4' x 6') so the target is larger in comparable terms and relatively easier to hit.

As the goals get larger up to 8' x 24') the targets become more difficult to hit.

The bright colour of the target keeps the attention of the players and hones their mental acuity and physical agility.

Whatever your age or skill level is these targets will help improve your goal shooting skills. Their size and colour are easy to see from a good distance away and at all angles within the play area. The material used is strong but has some flexibility to allow for shock absorbency when hit by a ball at speed.


When it comes to soccer training, there's many aids out there. Whether you're a coach looking for something to improve your team's fitness, or something to entertain yourself when practising alone, there's many different options out there. 

We've looked at our top 5 picks for the best soccer training aids. Of course there's many more out there on other platforms. We'd love to know what you think are the best ones. 

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