5+ Best Grip Strengtheners To Buy In Australia

Sometimes, the gym isn't always possible, so why not train while on the computer, watching TV or in the car? Grip strength is often neglected, but not any more. 

Today we'll be looking at the best grip strengtheners available to buy in Australia. While there's many brands and models out there, we looked at the top rated ones. 

While grip strengtheners are often favoured by power lifters, everyone from rock climbers to pianists can benefit from increased grip strength. 

The concept of each model is the same, squeeze as hard as possible. But what's the difference between the cheapest and most expensive devices? We'll show you. 

Best Grip Strengtheners In Australia

1. HerculesGrip

  • Good For: Fingers, Hands
  • Weight: 240g
  • Why Buy: 6 pack, 3 resistances 

Hand strengtheners are perhaps not a common purchase for many people but they are really useful equipment for those who need strong hands for managing work and/or pleasure activities or who struggle with health issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, RSI or even finger cramps.

The HerculesGrip set of hand strengtheners consists of five loops and a grip ring. These are designed to gently stretch out your fingers, exercising one finger at a time or all of them at once.

They offer a variable resistance between Light (40lbs), Medium (50lbs) and Heavy (62lbs). You can start on the easiest and progress at your own pace to the most difficult.

Only a few seconds frequently is all you need to improve your fingers’ and hands’ strength and flexibility. They’re compact so you can use them on the couch, on-the-go as you commute or in your gym bag as part of your exercise routine.

The sizing suits both men’s and women’s hands. And they’re made to last from high-quality silicone.

These are excellent for guitarists, pianists, rock-climbers, and bodybuilders, just to name a few, as well as post-injury rehabilitation.

They arrive in a gift package and with handy storage bag.

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2. Sportneer Grip

  • Good For: Forearms, Hands
  • Weight: 109g 
  • Why Buy: Train your forearms 

From Sportneer comes the Hand Grip Strengthener. This is a hand, wrist and forearm exerciser, ideal for athletes as well as those wanting to improve their hand and forearm strength for whatever reason, and post-injury therapy.

The equipment is designed as a wrist curl exerciser with an adjustable stabiliser pad which can be reversed to allow for either forward curls or backwards reps.

It allows for flexible resistance work so it suits all levels of strength and both men and women.

The strong carbon steel springs and thick 10mm foam pad are durable and provide both comfort and cushioning for safe workouts, by simply rocking your forearm backwards and forwards against the resistance of the springs.

Using the forward and/or the reverse curl exerciser for short periods regularly will quickly increase your strength, power and speed in your fingers, wrists and forearms. Ideal for musicians, athletes, rock climbers, and rehab purposes.

Because it mirrors the action of holding a ball it’s particularly good for tennis players, cricketers and other ball sports players.

Have it handy in front of the TV or it’s also compact (26.7*12.7*3.2cm), lightweight (109g) and portable for having in your gym bag or just on the go.

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3. SportsGrip

  • Good For: Fingers
  • Weight: 450g 
  • Why Buy: 3 resistance levels

The hand and finger exerciser from SPORTSGRIP is a handy and effective little piece of equipment which is an excellent addition to your gym bag or home therapy kit.

This is designed particularly for athletes but equally suits rock climbers, musicians, injury rehab and those suffering health issues such as arthritis, RSI or carpel tunnel.

This features an ergonomic design which takes into account the advice of Certified Hand Therapists, MIT engineers and other designers with years of experience.

The result is a comfortable and highly effective exerciser which improves grip, endurance, coordination, finger control, and mobility throughout the hand, wrist and fingers.

This exerciser mimics the shape of your hand and fingers. It has different finger lengths, just as your hand does. It features a unique arch, just as your hand does.

And it includes incorporated finger caps with sidewall supports to keep the fingers in place, divots for flexion exercise, rounded edges for gross grasp exercise and concave design for comfortable thumb workout.

To ensure that the exerciser suits your level of strength and doesn’t cause any pain to the sensory and motor nerves in your palm, it has three levels of resistance: 5lbs, 7lbs or 9lbs.

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4. Heavy Grips

  • Good For: Hands
  • Weight: 135g 
  • Why Buy: 6 resistances

With solid construction quality and three incremental resistance levels to build strength over time, the Heavy Grips hand gripper series is designed primarily for athletes, but will also suit post-injury rehabilitation and hand therapy for conditions such as RSI, carpal tunnel, arthritis etc.

This is a set of three individual grippers. They’re made with high-quality aluminium handles which can take 50-inch-force/lb torque increments between 100lbs to 350lbs. 

This enables the user to train using the same philosophy as other training methods: by increasing resistance and thereby building strength and developing the forearms and grip you’re wanting to achieve.

These grippers end up leaving you with some pain and callouses in the short term but the benefits are well worth the effort!

The grippers come in six strengths: Heavy Grip (HG) 100 for beginners, women and youths; HG 150 for intermediate; HG 200 for advanced; HG 250 for professionals; HG 300 for ‘Kings’ and HG for ‘Monsters’.

These will challenge even the toughest of power lifters and other strength-based athletes. Rock climbers will also love these as training aids.

You won’t find a piece of equipment in a typical gym that focuses solely of strengthening the strength of your forearms, fingers, and wrists. 

Plus, these are small enough to use in front of the TV, on-the-go, and to have in your 

5. Camry Digital Hands

  • Good For: Hands
  • Weight: 408g
  • Why Buy: LCD recording

The Camry Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strengthener is unlike any other hand exerciser.  Hand and grip strength have been shown to be linked to both disease and in some cases death.

Age affects our grip strength and can be noticed in everyday tasks such as opening bottles, carrying bags etc.

The Dynamometer is a very simple way to measure grip strength and both assess health and recovery and determine appropriate exercises to improve grip and overall hand, wrist and finger strength exercises.

Hand strength is also important to minimise the chance of injury when training for sports, playing sports, participating in heavy activities or simply undertaking everyday life.

It’s very straightforward to use, requiring the user to simply grasp the inner handle and squeeze it towards the outer one. The LCD display clearly shows the result of the grip.

It measures strength in pounds and kilograms with a margin of 0.2lbs and 0.1kg.

It also features the entered user code, age of user, and gender, and then it’s reading of the ‘grip value’ and ‘grip status’.

It rates the grip as ‘weak’, ‘normal’, or ‘strong’ based on the determinants of age and gender. Up to 19 definable users can be monitored on an ongoing basis.

The unit measures a compact 19.5*12.5*3cm with a handle width of 8.5cm, which is adjustable to suit different users.

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How to Choose Best Grip Strengthener? 

When choosing the best one, did you know about the different types available to you?

These are coil, spring-based and articulated (fingers). 

Coil Strengtheners are designed around a coil of metal which is usually aluminium. As you grip the device, this tightens the coil and returns it to it's original position. 

This is the most common cheap device you'll find out there. 

Spring Strengtheners usually come with handles which are bound by a spring and the tension of the spring dictates the difficulty to squeeze together. Usually the resistance can be changed. 

These usually cost a bit more as they can be customised. 

Articulated Strengtheners allow each finger to be individually squeezed. Inside they are supported by a series of springs which move independently of each other. 

These are good for finger strength, but not so much grip or hands. 

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