Best Cross Trainers Australia (Reviews, Ratings)

Looking to improve your overall health and fitness, but don't have the time or money for the gym? The best cross trainers are an at home full body workout wrapped up into one machine, saving you the time, money and hassle of other gym equipment. 

Not only is the cross trainer cost and time efficient, but it's also a safe, non-impact way to get the same benefits of a treadmill or spin bike, without all the stress on your joints or the risk of injury.

Many models fold up easily and can be neatly compacted, cross trainers are therefore very easy to store and put away in a busy and cluttered home environment. 

Below are our top recommendations for cross trainers, that are sure to get you into shape in no time, without the stress of going to the gym!

5 Best Cross Trainers Australia

If you didn’t want to buy direct from Amazon then you could always look at physical fitness retailers however you’ll find the prices are more competitive online. Other retailers include Harvey Norman,, Gym Direct, Lifespan Fitness, Gym and Fitness.

1. Powertrain Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Size: 135x50x100cm
  • Feature 1: Folds away
  • Feature 2: Budget design
  • Assembly: 45 minutes

The Powertrain elliptical cross trainer is both sturdy and compact enough for even a small home training space. This is a basic elliptical cross trainer for the buyer who wants a budget purchase and is looking for something to start their home exercise routine on. 

The trainer’s arms are set at a medium height relative to the body so are quite comfortable to use standing upright.

They can be quickly switched between stationary and elliptical positions. The machine also features a fully reversible movement allowing you to work out different muscle groups by pushing backwards. The resistance can be adjusted as your fitness level improves.

The computer built into the body of the trainer displays time spent exercising, speed, distance and an approximation of calories burnt.

It does not show heart rate or has other features that more expensive cross trainers do.The workout on an elliptical cross trainer is low impact as well as being good for the entire body. 

This trainer can take a bodyweight up to 115kg. It measures 132 (H) x 50(W) x 100(L) when in use but folds down for storage, including convenient caster wheels for easy movement around the room.

Assembly is required and takes up to around 45 minutes. Full easy to follow instructions are supplied.

2. Evertfit Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Size: 80x50x145cm
  • Feature 1: LCD w/ KPI's
  • Feature 2: Adjust everything 
  • Assembly: 60 minutes 

This Everfit exercise bike and elliptical cross trainer combination is an excellent addition to any home gym setup.

It provides the perfect low impact options to strengthen and tone every part of your body as well as getting a cardio workout without the risk of injury which running or walking can bring.

The machine's frame is made from industrial-strength powder-coated steel for both durability and stability as you exercise. The seat is large and comfortable, as are the stride base and pedals for your feet.

The adjustable mechanical resistance control means that you can set the machine to suit your current level of fitness and increase the resistance as your fitness improves.

The pole grips are rubber-clad and the handlebar and seat are height adjustable to fit every user. The poles can be reversed for two-way movement. And a resistance band with handle is also included.

An LCD display shows you your training program and key performance indicators, including time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate (from a pulse sensor built into the handgrips).

 The machine can hold a weight up to 100kg. It measures 88 x 50 x 145cm fully assembled with wheels for easy movement when needed.

3. Powertrain 2-in-1 Cross Trainer

  • Size: 132x50x100cm
  • Feature 1: Quiet flywheel
  • Feature 2: Onboard computer
  • Assembly: 60 minutes

An exercise bike and elliptical cross trainer all in one, this machine is the ideal budget solution for a small home gym.

Switch the cross trainer handles between stationary and elliptical, or even into reverse position for pushing backwards, in less than 30 seconds to get a full-body resistance workout. And then do a turn on the exercise bike for a cardio burnout.

The resistance band included allows you to adjust the resistance to increase your workout level. The comfort grip handle-bars are height adjustable for use on both the elliptical cross trainer and the spin bike. The flywheel is super smooth, quiet and efficient.

You can track your progress on the onboard computer display which shows your time, speed, distance and even an approximation of calories burned. The exercise machine can take weights up to 115kg.

It is a compact 132(H) x 50(W) x 100(L)cm and weighs only 35kg. Handy wheels on the base mean that you can roll it away for convenient storage when not in use. Placing it on a yoga mat if you have wooden or tiled floors will prevent slippage.

Assembly is required but is not difficult. Allow for up to an hour to do so, with the easy to follow instructions supplied.

4. Lifespan XT-38 Cross Trainer

  • Size: 104x67x171cm
  • Feature 1: iPad/tablet holder
  • Feature 2: 16 resistance levels
  • Assembly: 75 minutes 

The Lifespan XT-38 cross trainer is a front-wheel-drive elliptical which features a large heavy-duty flywheel at the front and rail rollers at the rear.

This configuration provides greater stability and smoothness and a flatter more natural movement than rear-wheel elliptical cross trainers do.

The heavy magnetic flywheel is weighted to provide optimum inertia for smoother strides, and the belt drivetrain is quiet and efficient.

The pedals can be used forwards and backwards for targeting different muscle groups. The stride length is a long 46cm to suit the tallest user and the footplates are a comfortable large size for optimum security and comfort.

The XT-38 also features a variable resistance system (16 levels) responsive to the touch of a button on the LCD console.

The onboard computer also provides a variety of 13 exercise programmed which are both dynamic and personalized to give you the luxury feeling of having a personal trainer in your home.

The VAR system manages all the resistance changes for you as the chosen workout progresses, allowing you to focus on your music, podcast or simply the pure relaxation of your exercise regime.

Your workout data is displayed as well, including time, speed, calories, distance and pulse. It also has a BMI calculator.

And there is a holder/stand for a tablet or iPad. The trainer will hold a weight up to 160kg. It measures 104 x 67 x 171cm and weighs 71kg. The unit has wheels on the base for easy movement around the home. Some assembly is required, with full instructions included.

5. Sportsart Foundation Series

  • Size: 200x79x173cm
  • Feature 1: Bluetooth/Headphones
  • Feature 2: 40 resistance levels
  • Assembly: 90 minutes

At the top end of the home or commercial gym, elliptical cross trainer market is the Sportsart Foundation Series trainer.

This is an ideal choice for a corporate fitness centre, hotel or apartment block. Because it’s self-generating it doesn’t need a power source and can be placed anywhere.

Featuring the trademarked MyFlex pedal cushioning system the platform is highly superior in the baseline comfort it gives the user.

The machine has 40 resistance levels, and a Quickstart function for all 10 of the programmed workouts including Manual, Random, Interval, and Heart Rate Control.

An adjustable stride length makes this an ideal choice for those wishing to increase their aerobic capacity and accelerate their weight loss.

A wireless receiver which can read telemetry heart rate from a chest strap (not included) complements this feature, as does a Cardio Advisor which displays pulse and optimal zones for weight loss and cardio work.

The tri-colour LED console also shows workout level, time, distance, calories burned, strides/min, stride length, total strides, and more.

The trainer has a dual headphone jack, integrated audio volume controls, Bluetooth and USB charging outlets. The cross trainer measures 200(L) x 79(W) x 173(H) and weighs 123kgs. It will hold weights up to 181.5kg.


Buying a cross trainer doesn't have to be an expensive purchase, thanks to the advancements in technology and production costs, you can pickup a cross trainer online for less than a gym fee for a few months.

If you want to stay fit whilst enjoying a busy schedule, but don't want to commit to the gym, then the best cross trainers Australia has to offer in our opinion is the Powertrain Elliptical, offering a budget friendly solution. 

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