5+ Best Speed Ropes (Reviews + Ratings)

Gone are the days when skipping was for hardcore fitness freaks or amateur boxers. Instagrammers and Youtubers are claiming new ways to get fit from the comfort of our own homes and jumping rope is becoming a hot favourite with low entry costs and high results. 

Commonly referred to as jump rope in the United States, speed ropes can handle intensive pressure and speed that you will simply not find with a standard rope. Speed ropes are built to high standards and you can expect to pay more for that.

Newer models come with fancy stainless steel wires and other (smart ropes) count the number of jumps and your length of workout. Many have bearings on the end that allow you to customise the length of rope or weight of it for a faster or slower experience. 

So if you're looking to increase your fitness from home or outside without investing in a gym membership, a speed rope might be what you're looking for. Today we'll be looking at five of the best speed ropes Australia has to offer consumers.  

Best Speed Rope

1. Beast Gear Speed Skipping Rope

  • High quality ‘beast rope’
  • Spare parts included
  • Established brand

Skipping ropes used to be a playground activity but these days it’s a fully-fledged part of the fitness armoury of many professional and non-pro athletes and keen fitness buffs. That’s because it’s a great way to get a total workout for the whole body with one simple piece of equipment and can be done pretty well anywhere.

The Speed Skipping Rope by Beast Gear is made from ultra-strong steel cable which makes it incredibly durable and long-wearing yet surprisingly lightweight.

It provides optimum weight distribution due to its flexibility and will never tangle or bend. The rope has an outdoor protector to ensure that it will endure the punishment of repeated workouts on a concrete or other outdoor surface.

This skipping rope has a unique ball-bearing system at the handles which allows for smooth, efficient rotations and for the rope to spin at an incredibly fast rate so it’s perfect for double-unders and will turn as fast as you want it to.

The rope is also adjustable to 2.8 meters to suit every user’s height, including children.

The rope comes with a free storage bag, double under guide, lifetime guarantee, and spare screws and caps.

The Beast Gear rope is designed to outlast you – see if it can!

2. P.E.Field Speed Jump Rope

  • Comfortable handles
  • Ball bearing design
  • Adjust without tools
  • Suitable for all ages

Skipping is an easy way to exercise. The whole-body movements created when skipping means you get a full workout fast and without the need for, or expense of, any fancy equipment. And jump rope skipping suits everyone young and older.

You might think that all skipping ropes are the same but that’s not true. There are differences in quite a number of aspects of the rope – in the handles, the length, the type and quality of the rope, etc.

With the versatile P. E. Field Jump Rope, you can make adjustments to suit your individualised exercise programme.

You can re-size the rope length to suit your height (up to 6’6” tall) or your jump styles without the need for ‘snipping’ any cable length. Re-sizing can be done without any tools required.

You can also alter the weight of the handles to increase your personal exercise challenge. The handles themselves are ergonomically designed with rubber-coated non-slip PP for a soft, comfortable, and sweat-proof feeling through your entire workout session.

The handles have an inbuilt ball-bearing design to give the rope an unbelievably fast 360-degree smooth spin for the fastest of jumpers. And the rope is set at a 90-degree angle to the handles for better action.

The rope itself is made from a durable PVC-coated wire cable which won’t tangle, twist or bend but, just in case, there is a spare rope supplied with purchase.

3. RDX Adjustable Leather Speed Rope

  • Can be cut down to any length
  • Established brand
  • Well balanced

Skipping is a great form of exercise because it involves almost all of your muscles especially the core, it benefits lower body strength, it’s good for developing joint and bone strength, it’s extremely time-efficient and it’s almost free after you’ve purchased a jump rope.

Choosing a good jump rope is important because you need to be able to skip comfortably for extended periods without wrist, arm, shoulder and back soreness.

Length is very significant, handle comfort and weighted balance also, what the rope is made of and the swivel of the rope at the handles should also be considered.

The RDX Pro-leather speed jump rope is a good choice. Firstly, it’s made from leather which is the material of choice for many pro skippers.

It is length adjustable by cutting to size for height, comfort and/or exercise routine. The rope starts at 9 feet and you cut to size to suit your preferences.

The handles are made from wood and designed for comfort with an ergonomic grip for reduction of undue twisting of the wrist. Weights can be added to the handles to add a challenge to your workout.

The rope is set at a 90-degree angle at the handles for a smooth and fast perpendicular swivel – perfect for speed without any wrist discomfort. The swivel can match your hardest and fastest rhythm.

The RDX leather jump rope seems to fit the bill on many levels.

4. 5BILLION Speed Jump Rope

  • Very affordable price tag
  • Established brand name
  • 3M long cable (all ages)

Lightweight and smooth, the 5BILLION speed jump rope is super-fast to match your workout speed and your double-unders, triple-unders and crossing moves with ease.

No more aching wrists, arms, elbows or legs. This rope is designed to allow you to jump for more and longer sets to get the cardio and core benefits without any pain.

The rope itself is made from 2.5mm diameter coated wire which is light, durable and perfect for high-speed skipping. The package comes with an extra cable which is 3.5 meters long and 3mm diameter to suit different users.

The rope length is easily adjusted by loosening a screw in the handle and pulling the rope through to the length you desire. The rope before any adjustment is 3m long.

The handles are weighted with a long tapered ergonomic grip which will be comfortable in every user’s hand. And the rope/handle has a 360-degree swivel ball bearing double rotation mechanism allowing for extreme flexibility of movement. This greatly reduces the risk of any soreness or aching in the hands, wrists, elbows and arms even in extended workouts.

The 5BILLION jump rope is ideal for MMA training, bodybuilders, boxers, cardio, cross fitness training, and personal training exercises.

5. WOD Nation Attack Speed Rope

  • Thin 2.2m cable for speed skills
  • Built for durability

Designed and built for speed and durability the WOD Nation Attack speed jump rope suits anyone looking to add some quick cardio and full-body workout into their fitness regime. This rope is extremely versatile.

Choose a 2.2mm cable for a maximum cardio speed drill or a 3.3mm for extra work on your upper and lower body. Both ropes are 11 foot long.

The two-rope option is great for the beginner or for the fitness maintenance athlete wanting muscle endurance training. The thicker cable sculpts the muscles and burns fat and allows a beginner to really ‘feel’ the rope.

The thinner rope provides a faster workout for greater cardio exercise. The ropes can be switched over in under a minute without any need for tools. And they can each be shortened or lengthened as well to suit height or jumping types like double-unders etc.

The ropes are made from wire cable and are PVC-coated.

The rope has a ball-bearing 360-degree swivel which provides an incredibly rapid spin.

The handles of this rope are extremely comfortable to hold, looking and feeling very similar to tennis rackets handles - super non-slip and sweat absorbent.

Jump ropes are a great way to exercise when travelling so WOD has included a travel bag with purchase.


We loved the fact that brands like Beast Gear exist to make speed skipping available to the masses. You can quickly see what we like their products and for an affordable option the, Beast Rope is a great option to consider. 

Jill Saunders

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys