5+ Best Food Delivery Diet Companies Australia

There seems to be dozens of meal delivery companies in Australia, perfect for those who are too busy to cook, or ...can't cook! However there's not too many that help with weight loss, and dieting, so today we're looking at the best food delivery diet companies.

We've found and evaluated 5 companies that offer great reviews, affordable pricing and various services such as choosing meals based on your goals, or by subscribing to a diet plan where they'll send you food kits, or ready meals based on your weight loss program

Most companies offer some form of incentive when signing up so be sure to ensure you're getting the best deal, such as a freebie or discount code! 

The 5 Best Food Delivery Diet Companies

1. Lite n Easy

  • Healthy food direct to you
  • Over 100 meals to choose
  • Choose meal plan or DIY

Minimum order value: $51

Lite n’ Easy has been rated No.1 in Canstar Blue’s ‘Healthy Meal Delivery’ services review. Not only they try to provide healthy meals, but they also add flavours and prepare delicious meals.

This company is a great choice for those who want to be healthy, but they also care about the taste of the food and don't want to lose the joy of eating.

Lite n’ Easy offers a unique meal plan for your lifestyle and goals. Their services are designed for two groups: Those who are planning to lose weight and those who just want to eat healthy food.

When you choose your goal, the next step is to plan the meal based on your gender, age, height, weight, and your exercise. Then you got yourself a plan for the upcoming week and you can choose the best time for the food delivery.

You can choose your specific plan from over 100 various meals, and you have different options like a regular “full meal plan”, “dinners only” and “any combination” based on your preference.

They also offer a new 2-week program which combines intermittent fasting with their meals to commence your weight loss journey.

Lite n Easy offers you a Money Back Guarantee if you are not delighted with your first delivery.

Voted: Best Food Delivery Diet Company

2. Workout Meals

  • Choose specific meals
  • Fast delivery to your door
  • Choose workout plan or DIY

Meal packs around $10

This service fits the best with your workout plan. Usually, we get the workout plan from trainers and our trainer provide us with tips about the diet alongside the training program but preparing those meals might be a time-consuming burden.

Workout Meals gives you different meal types: weight loss (meals under 250 calories), lean and fit (balanced meals), muscle gain (up to 60 g+ protein), couples, vegan (up to 550 g), and chef special.
There are different options for every meal plan, and you can choose your meals based on the price, calories, and ingredients.

Tracking macronutrients over calories is helpful for your health and you can easily do that with calculated proteins, carbs, and fats posted on each meal packs.

When you choose the meal type, you will have different options based on your gender and activity level and you can choose specific plans for 5, 6, or 7 days of the week.

The exact delivery time of your package will be notified the night before and you may choose a preferred area where you would like to pick up the box at the time of delivery.

There are also free items like two Powerade active water samples with every order and six weeks of free shipping when you subscribe.

3. Foober

  • Comfort meals for weight loss
  • Buy meals as per your plan
  • Meals for specific dietary needs

15 meals around $150

Foober delivers fresh meals and they provide you with two options for weight loss and convenient meals. The website estimates calories according to your body type and activity level, then you can choose between 5-days and 7-days plans for each week.

You can also choose between 2,3 and 4 meals per day and add snacks for $2 per day.
There are 7 different meal plans: Foober delights (1200 calorie),

Foober flavor (1500 calorie), Foober deluxe (1800 calorie), Keto plan (ketosis fat loss), Muscle builder, Foober fasting (fat loss) and vegan meal plan.

Generally, Foober meals suit most dietary specific needs. They consider any eating requirement such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and different lifestyle plans such as paleo and all their meals promote fat loss and muscle gain.

They deliver fresh meals weekly in the esky box with ice. You can place the meals in the fridge and freeze your meals for longer than a week if you want. Some meals require heating and some meals can be consumed cold. 

4. Equalution

  • Pocket nutrition coach & meals
  • App for calorie counting
  • Requires 8 week commitment

From $9 daily

Equalution is a pocket nutrition coach that keeps you accountable for a healthy lifestyle. It can be planned according to your fat loss, muscle gain, or weight control goals.

Equalution aims for transforming the body in just eight weeks. They plan customised meals and daily targets. Your intake targets are the overall calorie, protein, carb, and fat goals that they calculate specifically for your body based on your diet goals.

After you join the program, there is a comprehensive questionnaire that provides you with the necessary information and data required to calculate your needs.

You can choose one of the two service plans: independent (daily targets only) and premium (daily targets+ meal plan).

The Equalution app gives you access to a calorie-counting tool and allows you to submit weekly results and consult with your nutrition coach. They send weekly plans and offer weekly check-ins.

If you are too busy to prepare meals, the good news is that the meal plans are prep friendly. Plus, this service does not require a compulsory exercise.

Another feature of Equalution is gift cards starting from $50. This seems like a different gift for those you love, especially when you are not sure what to buy. 

5. Thrive Meals

  • 8 week weight loss program
  • Choose meals based on goals
  • Weekly subscription service

From $76 weekly

Thrive Meals provide healthy meals and deliver it for free! They offer an 8-week weight loss program which is suggested by Queensland University of Technology.

You can order from the menu for lunch/dinner and extras. The menu has a variety of healthy dishes for one or boxes for two or more people.

Thrive offers four meal plans according to the customer goals: Losing weight, getting more energy, improving wellbeing and boosting protein

They also suggest more options such as 3 days to 7 days meals for each week. You can exclude any parts of the daily meals if you want.

Their mission is to prepare clean, nourishing, and delicious food. All meals arrive fresh with 4-7 days shelf life and you can store them in the freezer.

If you cannot stay home to receive your order, you can advise a specific location in the delivery notes or you can receive your meal after arriving home.

One other good option is a pausing subscription if you plan on coming back to the meal plans in the future. 

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