5+ Best Muscle Meals Delivered In Australia

Looking to build up some muscle or just get in shape? You'll need healthy food, but why bother with the hassle of prepping muscle meals, when you can get the best muscle meals delivered!

When it comes to building or toning muscle, exercise and weight training alone is not enough, a well-balanced diet packed with all the necessary nutrients plays a big factor in seeing results. 

Delivered muscle meals take the guess work out of picking and prepping your food, with nutritious, energising meals planned out for you and delivered to your doorstep.

With factors such as delivery time, affordability, health rating and taste considered, we have listed the top 5 picks for the best delivery services for muscle meals. 

Best Muscle Meals Delivered

1. My Muscle Chef

Aimed at the fitness conscious, My Muscle Chef is a pre-prepared meal delivery company offering high-protein, macro-balanced, calorie-controlled meals delivered weekly.

The service’s motto is ‘fuelling athletes’ and it emphasises the fact that it takes the time out of choosing and preparing healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for building fitness and body tone. They call this ‘goal-based’ eating.

Plans start at $95.50 (5 meals for a single) and can be tailored to singles or couples, with an emphasis on choice around the combination of food types, calories etc included in a weekly order.

The site navigates you through a quite detailed ‘Menu Builder’ within which you can select meals which suit your particular goals, or you can opt for a pre-determined menu such as a Low Carb Starter or a Vegan Pack.

Although you can choose to order on a week-to-week basis or just as you like to, the company also offers a subscription-based plan for regular deliveries weekly, fortnightly or monthly. They take $10 off the cost of delivery for subscribers.

My Muscle Chef delivers to the main capital cities across the country and other large centres, and you can choose between four different delivery days depending on where you live.

2. Chef Good

Chef Good advertises itself as providing a restaurant-style meal service to your door with a changing menu of healthy tasty meals made from scratch at their Melbourne kitchen.

They offer calorie-controlled portion sizes which are nutritionally balanced and use locally sourced ingredients without additives or preservatives.

The company is also involved in Challenge Plan, an online weight loss programme for individuals to take part in to meet a weight loss goals using the meals plan ion the Chef Good site.

They create a profile and then track their progress until they reach their goal weight.

The company offers meal plans which focus on weight loss (Slim & Trim), fitness and weight maintenance (Train & Tone), and dietary choice (Vegetarian).

The first two plans have vegetarian options as well. You also have the option to choose meals from all three menu plans under the Mix & Match plan.

The minimum order is $69 for 5 meals from the Mix & Match menu.

Once you place an order you are immediately opted in to a subscription of future orders with the responsibility on you to either modify or suspend future orders or to cancel altogether. There is a time limit on any changes to the next order so you need to be mindful of that.

Chef Good services most of Victoria and NSW, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Canberra and Adelaide. Delivery costs $12/week irrespective of the size of the order.

3. Macros

One of the first to introduce the concept of ‘macro-nutrients' to the ready meals industry, Macros is a meal delivery service which focusses on the health and fitness conscious sector of the market.

The company's ethos is to provide food which is fresh (not frozen), high in protein and good carbs, low GI, and portion-controlled. It uses no dairy or artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Because the meals are not frozen they do have a shelf life, in the fridge, of 5 - 7 days.

As a point of difference from others in this sector, macros have designed a fitness app which customers can download and use to track their performance against their goals. It also has a community newsletter for ‘healthy living tips’.

The Macros menu is set up as plans designed to suit the most common fitness and health goals. Sculpt for weight loss and toning, Performance for peak fitness, and Muscle Gain for personal best muscle gain.

The meals in each of these plans differ in protein, carb and fat content to suit the different goals, as well as the weight of the meal itself. You do need to choose one of those plans to order from.

The least expensive menu from the plans is $73.50 on the Sculpt Plan for 5 meals.

Macros operates on an automatic opt-in subscription basis which the customer has to actively opt out of or modify future orders.

If you don’t do anything to change your subscription status you’ll receive future weekly orders until you do.

Macros currently doesn’t have a list of their serviced areas on their website – new customers need to check on their page to find out whether they are within the service area.

4. Fitness Meals

Another ready-meal delivery company concentrated on the health and fitness community, Fitness Meals offers a varied menu with meal plans designed for weight loss, training & fitness, and muscle gain, vegan, protein, low carb, and Paleo. As with another popular meal delivery service, the focus is on ‘macros' as the basis of a healthy diet. 

The site provides some guidance around how to customise your meals to fit your goals, and the plans are sorted into categories for ‘starters’, ‘serious’ and ‘couples’.

The site guides you through a decision tree to choose the meal plan which suits you best, and at the end, you can opt to accept their choice of meals or decide to go a la carte and choose your own, presumably from a limited menu which also best suits your goals. You are automatically subscribed to receive weekly orders unless you cancel the subscription.

Once you’ve registered and started you have a profile on the Fitness Meals Dashboard which allows you to customise your meals, plans and macros as you travel along your health and fitness journey, as well as attend to any admin matters you have such as suspending an order.

The cheapest meal plan order appears to be $119.40. Delivery is $15.

The site does not specify where it currently delivers to and nor can you easily find out without going through the order process.

You are automatically subscribed to receive weekly orders unless you cancel the subscription.

5. Gym Food Australia


When you want to gain muscle, you need to eat more, so these are the best muscle meal plan providers that deliver direct to your door, Australia wide. We've used these ourselves over the last few years, but are interested to know who is your favourite muscle meal delivery provider? 

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