5+ Best Weight Loss Programs In Australia

The best weight loss programs make eating healthier and losing weight easier than ever, with pre-planned meals, healthy food delivered right to your door and constant support.

With the stresses of daily life swallowing up all your time, who has the time or energy to put together a nutritious meal? These programs do all the preparation for you.

You no longer need to sift through hundreds of gimmick diets that claim to be the newest and most innovative weight loss solution. 

Prepackaged foods and set meal plans ensure you are maintaining a healthy, protein, balanced diet, so that you can kick those calories quickly, easily and safely.

With our top 5 amazing options for weight loss programs, you are sure to find the best program for your body and your lifestyle.

Best Weight Loss Programs In Australia

1. The New Weight Watchers

The New Weight Watchers is a weight loss program that takes into account the individual lifestyles and food preferences of participants in order to create customised plans that have proven effectiveness.

Upon sign up, users are assessed in order to be matched with their individualised weight loss program.

Assessments include areas of weight loss that users find difficult so that the right amount of support can be provided.  The plans allow users to eat the foods they love and still lose weight.

Users can search for foods from restaurants they are at, scan product barcodes and peruse over 5000 recipes to learn the number of SmartPoints in the foods being eaten.

Users have a total of SmartPoints per week to stick to, so it is simply a matter of calculating the amount being eaten and ensuring it is under the allocated amount per day or week.

Weight Watchers coaches are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or at workshops in person. Personal coaching is also available for one-on-one support.

Personal coaching couple with digital access costs $96.50 AUD a month, workshop and digital access is $79.50 AUD a month, and digital access only is $39.50 AUD a month.

The app gives digital access to recipes, tracking of activity, barcode scanning as well as a supportive online community where users can find motivation and connection to assist their weight loss success. 

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2. CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

The 12-week CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a weight loss program that is scientifically formulated to deliver effective results.

It’s new Protein Balance Plus program is designed to increase the amount of fat lost and incorporates low GI foods that maintain levels of energy so that users don’t feel hungry.

Users are given access to a meal plan with a range of simple and delicious recipes that are easy to follow, as well as an exercise plan that can be done at home.

The meals enable users to control their appetite more easily which leads to a decrease in cravings and food intake.

An app is available so that users can track their food and activity wherever they are and stay on track easily. Users who complete the 12-week program lose 3 times the amount of weight than those users who start but don’t finish the program.

A refund is available to users who successfully complete the 12-week program so users can be assured that even if they don’t achieve the results they want, they are not out of pocket.

However, research of the program has shown that users who complete the program describe high feelings of success that translate to internal satisfaction.

The 12-week program costs $19.99 a week or users can save $40.88 by paying $199 upfront. The premium program costs $29.99 a week or $299 outright which saves users $60.88. The premium plan includes online personal coaching and a bonus cookbook. 

3. The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy was established by a mum on a mission to improve the health, strength and body confidence of mums Australia-wide. It was established in 2010 and focuses on assisting mums to look after themselves and put themselves first in the face of time and budget constraints.

With the 28 day program, users get access to workouts that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, meal plans that differ each week and are designed by nutritionists, customised shopping lists to simplify life, more than 4000 recipes, and motivation to complete the program that will increase energy levels on top of revealing the body of your dream.

There are 3 access options for the program that start at $35 (normally $99) a month for monthly access, increase to $87 (normally $249) for 6 months access and $139 (normally $399) for annual access.

A platinum plan is also available in 2 options, either with a product pack (worth $455) for $399 (normally $2200) or without the product pack for $299 (normally 1745.

The platinum plan gives lifetime access to the app, free shipping eligibility for purchases over $50, 10% discount on every purchases including sale items and double purchase points, access to an exclusive members group that contains extra content, special offers, event invitations and support, a coupon booklet, and a present on your birthday. 

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4. Thinco

Thinco is a weight loss program that incorporates three simple phases that lead to the control of weight naturally. The first phase readies your body for the burning of fat by completing 2 days of preparation using the VLC formula that assists in cleansing and detoxing.

The second phase is when the body starts to burn fat with assistance from a meal plan using foods that are specifically selected as a result of their fat burning properties.

A 25 or 50 day plan is available in this phase and the VLC formula is also included that assists to curb cravings and decrease appetite.

The third phase is about maintaining the weight loss that occurs in the second phase and enjoying your life with your new body! There is a tailored plan to help maintenance become a lifestyle as opposed to a diet. No deprivation required!

There are packs available that include everything required to start the weight loss journey. These include the mummy pack for $259, the starter pack for $219, and the wedding pack for $259.

Other items can also be added to these purchases to aid weight loss success like diet drops.

Other weight loss products and combinations are also available for purchase such as maintenance packs, energise and slim combos, and detoxify packs.

There is a cashback program where users can receive either $150 in cash or $179 worth of products. There are weight loss criteria that must be met to receive these.

5. Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT is a 12 week weight loss and fitness program that draws upon personal trainer Michelle Bridges’ 25 years of experience to help users achieve not only the body of their dreams, but the lifestyle as well. It encompasses meal plans and exercise that are customised to suit each individual.

Users are able to access a wide range of recipes so that meals never require much thought, and dietary requirements are easily met. Exercise plans include quick workouts that can fit into busy schedules, allowing users to achieve their fitness goals in the gym, outdoors or at home.

Mindset is a big focus of the program and users will receive lessons each week as well as expert support that will reignite that zest for life and help keep the weight off.

Users can also receive support from trainers and dietitians at any time of the day and there is an online community where users can connect and share experiences to increase motivation and build friendships.

There are 6 programs available that include the weight loss, running, lean and strong, pregnancy and post baby. Each one is tailored to the goals of the individual and incorporates specific exercises or food intake changes to reach those goals.

It costs $199 to sign up and this price includes everything required to kick-start your journey and smash those goals. 

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Do weight loss programs work? 

One of the number one questions asked by men and women in Australia is, do weight loss programs actually work? and if so which ones are the best ones to join? 

Nearly all weight loss programs claim to get results but for most people the journey is often easier with full healthy meal plans, personalised coaching and support. However, there are plenty of positive reviews out there for most weight loss programs. 

If they didn't work, you can almost guarantee sites such as productreviews.com.au will be flooded with 1 and 2 star reviews, claiming the programs are scams or fake. However after looking at the ones we have specifically mentioned above, you don't see many (if any) negative comments. 

A lot of negative reviews actually focus on value for money and some weight loss programs are much more expensive than others, so you should look at your budget before picking the most popular one, as it will likely be the most expensive! 

How do weight loss programs work? 

Weight loss programs aren't some magical software or solution that will guarantee that you lose weight. If something like that exists, please do let me know! 

These programs provide guidance and support based on individual dieting goals and nutritional needs of individuals. You'll often get guidance on food and nutrition, exercise requirements and weight loss support.

Most weight loss programs require you to communicate with the community via their official website or by using their mobile apps. These are usually available for iPhone and Android devices. 

More expensive weight loss programs will also provide in-person workshops or group meetings around the country that you'll be required to attend or at least partake at a time that suits you.

Ultimately you're paying for access to support and guidance material, but you still need to do your own work and put in the effort to start seeing results. 

Best weight loss programs for women

Did you know that 2 in 3 women are overweight or have obesity. It's actually quite a high figure and for most dieting is difficult, but women often feel more compelled to doing something about it.

Women often struggle with weight after giving birth and the lack of sleep probably doesn't help either. Busy professionals, health care providers and business owners may have limited time to prepare meal plans or get in the required exercise they should be. 

Additionally, the older you get, the harder it becomes to lose weight. 

That's why the idea of joining a weight loss program is so appealing. Most women have friends or family that swear by the success they've had from joining.

Weight loss programs are designed to keep you on track, offer personal guidance and support as well as providing dieting advice and adequate meal plans.

All five of the programs we've featured above are recommended for women. Weight Watchers is definitely the largest and most reputable weight loss program for women in Australia. 

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