6+ Best Cricket Gift Ideas In Australia [Top Picks]

Cricket is a sport enjoyed by many Australians, but what do you buy a mad cricket fan? Today we're looking at the best cricket gift ideas Australia has to offer, to suit every budget and taste. 

Whether it's a board game, the latest cricket book, a beach towel, a beach set or something else, we've got a few different options, with fast delivery in time for Christmas or a late birthday present.

These are perfect stocking fillers, but we've got many other guides for other last minute gift ideas. 

How to choose the best cricket gift ideas?

You'll probably already have decided on the type of gift you're looking to buy, but below we've got some ideas you might not have considered.

Aside from the obvious, price, there's not much to consider for your cricket lover! You can spend as little as $10-$20 or as much as $1000's for hospitality at cricket games, but what should you buy that costs around $20 - $100? Below you'll see our top picks! 

You can find these gifts on platforms such as Amazon, eBay as well as online retailers. Some are books, others are toys and games, while others can be found in sports shops. 

Our 6 Best Cricket Gift Ideas

1. CROWN & ANDREWS 400052 Test Match

  • Cricket board game
  • 2-22 players at once
  • Something different!

Test Match from CROWN & ANDREWS allows families and friends to enjoy an action-packed game of cricket. This board game can accommodate 2 to 22 players and is suitable for those ages 6 years old and above.

This product allows players to create their own teams and play a miniature game of cricket. It features players which can both bowl and bat. Fielders can also be moved around to snatch flying balls. There is a life-like game field featuring scores and marked lines.

The full package includes a life-like cricket board, a spring-loaded bowler, batsman, field players and more. There are even score cards to help keep track on the match. Boundary rope, rope holders and a cricket pitch are also included. 

2. Crown & Andrews Test Match Card Game

  • 2-4 players
  • Strategy based card game
  • 2 innings per game

This card game from CROWN & ANDREWS can be played by 2 to 4 players. It is recommended for those ages 7 years old and above.

The Test Match Card Game features 25 bowl cards, 25 fielding cards, 48 stroke cards and 12 team batter cards. It is a strategy-based game that features varying amounts of surprise to keep all players on edge.

The package also includes dice and score cards. The goal is for players to complete the most runs by drawing the cards included. A typical game involves 2 innings and can take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

This game can be played between friends or be used to bond with family members. It is compact enough to bring onto road trips.

3. WAHU Double Cricket Set

  • Bright beach cricket set
  • Lightweight bats
  • Carry case

This cricket set from WAHU features all the necessities needed to play an action-packed game. All in all, it features 2 bats, 4 stumps and 2 bases and 2 balls.

All of the equipment included is made out of a hard-plastic material which can withstand hours in the sun. The handle of the bat is wrapped in a rubber for better grip and protection.

This set is an ideal gift for young children who are passionate about cricket. It is a great way to get kids to play outdoors and interact with friends.

There is a carrying case included to store all the equipment. This also makes it easy to move between different locations.

The whole set comes in a bright orange and blue colorway.

4. Cricket’s Strangest Matches Book

  • 320 pages of weird stuff
  • Great stocking filler

Cricket’s Strangest Matches by Andrew Ward is the perfect gift for any cricket enthusiast. It is 320 pages of bizarre yet true cricket games that will leave readers both curious and laughing.

This book features several cricket games that took place all around the world, from Melbourne to Karachi. There are recorded events about matches on ice and instances involving animals, such as with flying ants. Like all works on cricket, this book also includes several one-armed and one-legged cricket games.

The content is different from typical books, with short extracts instead of a standard narrative.
Cricket’s Strangest Matches is only available in English. It is only 20cm in height, which makes it a great book to place on coffee tables or on a regular shelf.

5. The Ashes Beach Towel

  • Large 79x160cm
  • Biggest cricket rivalry
  • Officially licensed

Keep the memories of The Ashes alive with this beach towel, available in an extra-large. This towel features the flags of both England and Australia as well as the classic cricket player silhouette. Most importantly, it captures the Cricket Ashes Cup.

This towel measures 79 by 160cm. It can be used at the beach or as a decorative piece in the home. As a towel, it is very absorbent with no bleeding.

This product comes in a navy blue colour which is dark enough to hide minor stains and residue. The hues consist of blue, red and white which represent both Australian and English colours.

This is an officially licensed product. It is a great gift for any cricket level, whether that be a young child or a grandfather.

6. The 50 Greatest Australian Cricketers Book

  • Newly published book
  • 336 pages of history
  • Good stocking filler

The 50 Greatest Australian Cricketers by Dan Liebke features profiles of the most extraordinary competitors that have solidified their place in Australian Cricket. Dan Liebke is a writer with a focus on comedy and cricket. He worked with the Australian MAD Magazine for 20 years.

This book is 336 pages long and features both female and male cricketers, as well as their journey to success. This includes extracts on the legendary Ian Chappell and his signature moves. There is also a section on Shane Warne and his issues both on and off the field.

Meg Lanning, the first female First XI competitor who represented an Associated Public Schools team is also discussed.

This book goes through Australia’s most prominent cricketers in the last half century. 

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