10+ Best Beer Gifts In Australia Under $60

For those beer lovers, who deserve something more creative than a six pack, we have a collection of ten of the best beer gifts, money can buy in Australia under $60. 

Those that drink wine, often have dozens of gift ideas, but for someone who's mad about beer, what do you really buy? It's a tricky one.

It stumped our team when the boss asked us to come up with 5 of the best. After much deliberation and research, using our #1 gift platform, YellowOctopus, we managed to find not just 5, but 10 beer themed gifts for every brew fan.

Best Beer Gifts Australia

1. Beer Tasting Set

  • Price: $34.99
  • Good For: beer tasting night

Beer tasting is a favourite game for men’s nights and the Beer Tasting Set is a great idea for bringing a professional flavour to your next tasting session at your place.

Your mates will be impressed by the set with its four standard 221ml glasses, each having an assigned spot on a fair dinkum rustic wooden tray.

The line-up is all ready for each person to work their way through and name each beer featured in the glasses.

A numbered space in front of each glass holds the bottle cap for keeping track of the brews and making notes of the different flavour characteristics.

Pick the beers beforehand and watch each other’s tasting prowess!

2. Beer Counting Bottle Opener

  • Price: $12.99
  • Good For: Drinking math
  • Includes baterry

Maintaining sobriety and watching how much we drink is drummed into us from an early age these days, especially if we’re driving so a beer bottle opener which keeps count of the number of beers you’re consuming is a pretty handy idea, isn't it? Especially if you’re the designated driver.

The opener features a durable metal opening mechanism with an easy-to-read digital display.

The handle is comfortable to use, and the unit easily fits into a pants pocket.

The LR44 battery is included with purchase so you’re all ready to go.

But beware: do not submerge this device! Simply wipe over with a damp cloth to clean.

3. Inflatable Beer Bucket

  • Price: $29.99
  • Good For: Cooling Dem Beersies
  • Ice not included

Ice buckets are an essential part of any party or gathering of mates for a night at home around the pool table or BBQ.

And boys will be boys! The Inflatable Beer Bucket is a fun and unique way to jazz up the mood.

It’s a novelty ice bucket which when inflated is shaped like a giant beer stein, complete with handle. 

The cooler measures over 40cm tall and 30cm wide and holds loads of cans and even upright wine bottles to suit the ladies as well.

Deflated it’s a small portable pack weighing only 300gms, ideal for camping trips or picnics.

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4. Beer Smarts Q&A Game

  • Price: $21.99
  • Good For: Drinking Games
  • Gift packaging included

Everybody loves a trivia quiz and the lads will especially enjoy one that’s all about their (almost) most favourite thing: beer!

The Beer Smarts Q&A Game is a card game which features cards with questions about ale – some of which will come as a complete surprise and completely stump the players!

The game includes 100 question and answer cards, a 12-page beer tip Guide, and scorepads. The winner is crowned Lord of the Lager!

This is a fantastic drinking game, ice-breaker or party starter. Not only is it intoxicating fun, it also teaches as it’s being played. 

5. Beer Cap Map of Australia

  • Price: $59.99
  • Good For: The Man Cave
  • 74 holes in total

Add an interesting and fun dimension to your man-cave or home bar with the Beer Cap Map of Australia.

This is a great way to collect and exhibit all the different types of beers you’ve tasted from all around Australia, all your favourite ales or the special ones – your choice.

The laser-cut hardwood Australian map design has pre-drilled holes for hanging on a wall and has 74 holes which each snugly fit a standard beer bottle cap.

Make it a hobby as you collect the 74 caps of the beers you’ve decided to dedicate your focus on. The map measures around 50 x 40cms.

6. Trunk of Drunk – 8 Drinking Games

  • Price: $29.99
  • Good For: Get the party started
  • Multiple drinking games

All contained in a neat little box set, the Trunk Of Drunk is a collection of the eight greatest drinking games EVER!

Including the wildest, weirdest and most wonderful of the lot there’s Beer Pong, Ring of Fire (aka King’s Cup), Never Have I Never, the naughty Most Likely, Flip Cup, 21’s, Arrogance and Screw the Dealer.

These are all a bit too scandalous to describe in full here!
The box contains everything you need – 20 cups, 4 ping pong balls, a standard set of playing cards, and a rule book.

Beautifully gift-packaged this is a great little set to delight a mate with. Add alcohol (perhaps lots of it if you’re game) and go for it!

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7. Miners Drinking Beer Hat

  • Price: $22.99
  • Good for: Bux party
  • Working LED lamp

Ideal for any keen drinker, the Miners Drinking Hat with LED Light lets him (or her?) to drink without hands while still playing their game (or doing other things with their hands).

The hat is an imitation of a hard hat and has a beer holder on each side and valved tubes which the drinker can use to drink without touching the can or stubbie. This is a drinker’s fantasy.

What better way to drink than by simple suction at will? No holding of the drink or lifting to the lips?

And to top it off the hat has an LED lamp with two brightness settings which clips on to its front for searching for more beer or seeing what’s ahead when under the influence.

One size fits most (adults of course). Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included). 

8. Mens Lager Beer Socks in a Can

  • Price: $14.99
  • Good For: Corporate beer fan
  • One size fits all...

Socks are always a good standby gift for a guy who has everything and how better to wrap them than in a faux beer can?

The Mens Lager Beer Socks In A Can are just that – a pair of comfy and durable cotton blend crew socks made to fit most sizes which are packaged in a replica Lager can.

The socks are made from Cotton (80%), Nylon (1%), Elastane (2%), and Oher fibres (17%). They’re yellow and white with a fun beer-ish froth print and are machine washable. They have a comfortable elasticised top to make sure they stay up.

9. The Beer Tie

  • Price: $12.99
  • Good For: Smuggling Beer
  • Screw cap keeps beer safe

In your wildest imagination have you ever thought of owning a tie which you can fill with beer? Probably not!

Well, somebody has and you can purchase it.

The Beer Tie is a fashionable (query that!) Hawaiian print tie which you can truly fill with beer and wear to work or other (appropriate) occasion – if you’re game!

The tie is made from plastic, as you may have predicted, and has a volume capacity of 750mls.

It has a screw top to ensure that you won’t get splashed with the frothy liquid as you walk along and slips over your neck after it’s been filled. Simply unscrew the top and take a swig as and when you please.

What more could you ask for? Well, in reality, possibly quite a bit more, but hey, it's a bit of fun and a great party trick to play!

PS: Hand wash only.

10. Make Your Own Ginger Beer Kit

  • Price: $59.99
  • Good For: Home brewing
  • Alcoholic or not

Mad Millie is a brand which allows you to make home-made products of many popular products including things like tofu, artisan cheeses, cacao chocolate etc.

The Mad Millie Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Kit contains almost everything you need to make your own brewed ginger beer at home, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Old-fashioned home-made ginger beer is truly the best you can possibly taste – so much better than store-brewed versions.

The kit has a fermenting jar, steriliser, straining cloth, ginger beer yeast, and 3-way sugar measurer, as well as a complete Recipe. You will need to add other ingredients such as lemon juice, brown sugar etc. and to supply your own bottles.

The kit makes six 750ml bottles of ginger beer at zero cost after the initial outlay, and to continue making more as often as you want by replacing the ingredients.


There's plenty of products out there that are suitable for beer lovers and these are just a handful of the best beer gifts Australia has to offer. You can get great stocking fillers, birthday gifts and presents well under $60 and most come with gift appropriate packing.

Simply wrap em up and give them away and see the smile on your beer fans face when they open them up. They'll appreciate the effort you've gone too, to get something special that's related to their interests. 

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