5+ Best Executive Gift Ideas In Australia

So your boss's birthday is coming up, or maybe you picked their name for secret Santa, either way, you're looking for some gift ideas that are appropriate for an executive. 

Finding the right balance between an enjoyable, humorous present you know they'll love, and not crossing the line to unprofessional, is a tricky endeavour for almost anyone.

These products offer the right amount of usability and practicality, without compromising on the all-important entertainment factor, you're bound to win their good favour! 

Which is why we've put together a list of the 5 best executive gift ideas, with everything from table-top crochet, to perpetual calendars, to help you get on their good side.

Best Executive Gifts In Australia

1. 50 Year Perpetual Calendar

  • Price: $59.99
  • Alternate way to keep the date
  • Good icebreaker

With an impressive marble and brass design, the 50 Year Perpetual Calendar is an alternative way to keep track of the days, months and years to your phone or other digital electronic device.

This is an old-world way of time-keeping similar in looks to a sundial, with a spinning brass face set in a heavy jade-green marble base.

The dial is turned to match up the day with the month and year. It includes leap years and covers the period between 2015 – 2064.

The face features a lovely etched mermaid and compass design.

This makes an unusual, and useful, paperweight, with a felt base to protect the desk and to prevent it from slipping around. 

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2. Crystal Ball Storm Glass Weather Station

  • Price: $49.99
  • Can predict the weather
  • Looks great on the office desk

The Crystal Ball Storm Glass Weather Station is an interesting and fun gadget which looks great on an executive desk, perhaps as a paperweight, and is useful as well.

The ball is set on a minimalist wooden stand and can predict the weather by reacting to atmospheric fluctuations.

The glass ball has a liquid within it which changes as the air pressure and temperature does, allowing you to read whether a particular weather event is on its way, or whether it will be a fine clear day.

The crystal ball comes with instructions on how to read the liquid to forecast the weather accurately. Care should be taken as the liquid is both flammable and poisonous.

3. Complete Games Night Gift Tin

  • Price: $34.99
  • Great for the whole family
  • Great gift box set

From the Lagoon Group in London and beautifully packaged in a faux whiskey gift tin, the Complete Games Night Gift Tin has three games from days gone by, Charades, Name Three and Trivia.

This is another way of spending your time during weekends or evenings – games keep everyone’s moods up by getting some laughter happening.

The set contains everything you need to play all three games.

There are 150 cards, 6 counters, a mat, a 1-minute sand timer and full instructions for all the games.

The games are suitable for players aged 14 and over.

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4. Crookes Radiometer

  • Price: $49.99
  • Rotates w/o power supply
  • Spins faster with sunlight

Crookes Radiometer is another of those gifts for men particularly because it’s interesting and unusual and will bring out the curious boy in them.

What is Crookes Radiometer? This is a solar-powered rotor which operates by using 4 vanes attached to a central upright rod. The vanes are silver on one side and black on the other.

When the vanes have direct sunlight on them or heat, their black side will heat up more quickly (because silver reflects more heat than black does). This disparity creates a small air current which causes the vanes to move and spin around the central rod.

If they are exposed to more sunlight (or heat) they will spin faster.

This is thermodynamics at work. And that is why the man in your life will love this!

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5. Classic Tabletop Croquet

  • Price: $9.99
  • No grass required
  • Play while drinking beer or wine

Croquet – a game we associate with the 1920s and would love to try but it needs a large open area of grass which many of simply don’t have.

The Classic Tabletop Croquet set is a way to try this fun game at home on your dining room table.

Made from high-quality materials (wood and metals) the set suits 2 - 4 players. It has four wooden mallets which have fun brightly coloured accents.

The four coloured balls are also made from wood and the hoops from durable metal. A full set of game instructions is included, and it’s beautifully gift-boxed. 

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Where To Buy Executive Gifts?

Looking for someone for a coworker or the CEO? Well you can find a wide range of Executive Gifts over on Yellow Octopus, or Amazon.com.au. Alternatively there are plenty of other experiences out there from sites such as RedBalloon, Adrenaline, or why not buy a fighter jet experience

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