5+ Best Battle Ropes To Increase Your Strength

One of the ways to increase your strength is by using a battle rope. Today we're looking at the best battle ropes Australia has to offer, from a wide range of brands. 

You are probably seeing more athletes and Instagram Influencers using battle ropes, and while they were originally used by MMA fighters, and Crossfit fanatics, they are becoming more and more popular in normal gyms, and home gyms across the country. 

We're going to show you 5 of the most top rated battle ropes, as well as give you some advice on how to choose the best one for your budget. 


  • Length: 30,40,50ft
  • Thickness: 1.5"
  • Heat shrink handles

Battle ropes from POWER GUIDANCE are available in 30ft, 40ft and 50ft lengths with a 1.5-inch thickness.

The ropes consist of 3 coiled strands. They are constructed out of Dacron fibres which is well known for durability and long-term use. Dacron fibres are also hypoallergenic and can withstand hours of workout sessions.

The ropes are covered in nylon sheets which minimise friction and further provides durability. Nylon also ensures that the rope does not fray and prevents dirt from seeping in.

The ropes have heat shrink handles which ensure that a tight grip is always maintained. An anchor comes included with this product. 

2. Meteor Battling Ropes

  • Length: 9,12,15m
  • Thickness: 3.8cm 
  • Vinyl wrapped handles

Meteor Battling Ropes are available in 9m, 12m and 15m lengths with a 38mm diameter.

The threads are made out of poly-Dacron fibres for the ultimate water-resistance qualities. This material is also wear-resistance, ensuring long-term use without concerns over fraying. The threads are twisted and coiled together, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

The end caps of these ropes are heat shrink to provide optimal grip and attachment, no matter the intensity of a workout. The handles are wrapped in vinyl for palm support.

These ropes can be attached to a pole, tree, car or any other stable attachments. 

3. XGEAR Heavy Battle Rope

  • Length: 30,40,50ft
  • Thickness: 1.5"
  • Connect to wall mount anchor

Battle ropes from XGEAR have 3 sizes: 30ft, 40ft and 50ft in 1.5inch lengths, catering to both beginners and professional athletes.

The multi-stranded threads are made out of poly Dacron which is wear resistant and has high tensile strength. Covering the threads is an oxford wrap which is waterproof and prevents fraying. The wrap can also be removed.

Heat shrink handles are placed at the end for optimal grip support, ensuring that you can engage your whole body without losing control.

The battle ropes come with accessories to assemble a wall-mount anchor. It is available in all-black and a black and yellow pattern.

4. Profect Battle Ropes

  • Length: 30,40,50ft
  • Thickness: 1.5-2"
  • Includes anchor kit

Battle ropes from Profect Sports come in different in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. There are 1.5-inch diameters for 30ft, 40ft and 50ft lengths. Additionally, 2-inch thicknesses are available for 30ft and 40ft ropes.

The threads are made out of poly-Dacron which can withstand hours of abuse without tear. The Dacron material is wrapped in a Duramax cover that is both wear-resistant and prevents fraying.

Handles at the ends of each rope are coated. This is designed for better adhesion, allowing a comfortable, yet secure grip during workouts.

These ropes also come with an anchor kit worth $29.95. A stainless-steel carabiner is also provided. 

5. INTENT SPORTS Workout Battle Rope

  • Length: 30,40,50ft
  • Thickness: 1.8"
  • Includes an exercise book

This battle rope from INTENT SPORTS has 3 sizes with a 1.8-inch diameter: 30ft, 40ft and 50ft.

The rope is made out of poly-Dracon threads and wrapped in a high-tensile nylon fabric which prevents fraying, even on concrete surfaces. An additional protective sleeve is also protected for more durability.

The heat shrink handles are covered with a protective coating layer for optimal grip and stability during workout sessions.

It comes with two straps and a carabiner to attach to any upright pole or tree. A copy of an exercise book is also included. Lastly, this product comes with a lifetime warranty. 

What is a battle rope? 

Battle ropes are heavy duty ropes that are often wrapped in high intensity materials keeping the rope sturdy and in tact. They are usually provided with an anchor kit that connects to the wall. 

You then use the ropes with bouncing movements as well as simultaneous contractions of your upper body, which will improve your strength over time.

Battle ropes have been around for years, but were often found in MMA gyms, and more recently in Crossfit gyms, but is now available in most gyms and classes such as F45 training rooms. 

How to choose the best battle ropes? 

You'll want to take into consideration these factors. 


Battle ropes often come in various materials, these often influence the price. If you just want something budget there's definitely an option for you. 

Other materials include nylon, manila, Poly Dacron, Dacron, polyester, Polypropylene. Each have their own pros and cons, but we'd recommend avoiding manila if you plan on using the ropes indoors as it leaves hairs behind. 


You will have found from our top picks above that nearly all brands offer a 30,40 and 50ft rope. It's up to you which you choose, but the most common is the 50ft option. 

However ensure you've got somewhere to store this as it's quite thick when wound together. 

Shorter ropes are good for more explosive training, such as MMA training. If you plan on training a more rounded approach, definitely go for the longest option. 


Again most battle ropes have a fixed thickness of usually 1.5". You may find some brands offer thicker models of around 1.8" up to 2.5". 

Thicker ropes are better for strength training sessions, but thinner ropes are good for beginners, as well as explosive training exercises. 

The thicker the rope, the heavier it will be, the more grip required and the bigger forearm muscles needed. 


The best battle ropes are something you should consider before purchase. Are you going to be training indoor or outdoor? What type of training are you doing? And how long/thick should your battle rope be? We've provided the top rated options, that when combined with other fitness gear can dramatically increase your physical strength. 

You now know the best battle ropes Australia has to offer. Checkout our other fitness, health and well-being articles and guides: 

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