LifeReader Review: Legit Psychic Readings?

Are you looking for the lowdown on LifeReader, what it is and ultimately whether it's worth it or if it's a scam you should avoid? Today you'll see our LifeReader review (Australia edition). 

We decided to check it out and use our trial credit to see what it's all about. 

What is LifeReader?

LifeReader is a one-stop shop for those seeking clarity and connection during unknown situations. The website brings you in contact with psychic readers qualified in a variety of fields including astrology, clairvoyance and tarot card reading.

Whether you are dealing with relationship problems, career issues or meeting general road bumps, LifeReader is a platform to log onto for guidance and reliable advice. It is especially used by those on a self-help journey.

LifeReader is situated in Auckland, New Zealand but has psychics and customers from all around the globe. There is customer service available through email and through phones for those in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. An international line is also available.

How LifeReader Works

Before an appointment is booked, new clients are required to fill out necessary paperwork and make an account.

LifeReader allows you to select a suitable psychic reader for your situation. There is a profile for each reader, with a brief overview on what the person is qualified in.

The profile also includes how many readings have been conducted, in addition to the rating provided by customers. Potential clients can also read written reviews left behind.

Star signs are also displayed for people who want to take that into consideration when selecting a psychic. With several details on the profile page, LifeReader wants to ensure that customers select the most optimal and trustworthy psychic.

After deciding on a psychic reader, clients have the option to conduct their reading session through call or chat. Before the appointment, it is highly suggested that customers have questions written out and ready to ask.

It is also highly recommended that the reading take place in a private area with no noise, children and other distractions. Notes should be written down during the session.

There is no set path during psychic readings. The general rule is that clients come in with specific questions surrounding a tough situation and want to find answers to overcome any obstacles.

The psychic readers are there to provide guidance in order for customers to solve their own problems. A variety of methods can be used depending on the psychic, whether that be spirit guides or tarot card readings.

What Services Does LifeReader Offer?

Psychic readings are available through call or chat for those seeking for something more private. However, calls are still highly suggested in order to foster a deeper connection and build rapport.

The readers on LifeReader are carefully selected and undergo a vigorous testing process. There are various kinds of psychics available who use different methods.

There are shamans, life coaches and general counsellors available to tackle different problems that life has. Whether that be advice for going through a breakup, family feuds or major career decisions, there is a psychic that is experienced and knowledgeable in that specific area.

Like previously mentioned, there are several services available. Clients can choose from tarot card readings, karmic relationships and general relationship counselling.

Reiki healings are also available for those seeking a deeper spiritual cleanse. Those looking for alternative ways to heal and prefer to utilise self-help resources can look specifically at psychics who are experienced in naturopathy.

LifeReader also has different options for those who want to connect with lost loved ones. With animal communication available, clients can receive consolation and talk to furry family members.

There are several different astrology readings available from classical to traditional Chinese ones. Natal chart readings are also useful for people who want to understand the effects of planet alignment on their own individual lives.

There are different tarot card readings as well. Angel Cards are especially helpful for guidance while Crowley Cards can be chosen by those who want their star signs taken into consideration.

Are there positive LifeReader reviews?

There's many positive reviews out there, and some negative. Most negative ones are about the cost, so ensure you're fully aware of the per minute fees before calling or starting a session. 

Rachel left this glowing testimonial:

“This is the second time I have ever called a psychic. The first time was in the late 90's. And they were very accurate. This reading with Gertrude was very enlightened and made me feel much better. I definitely will be calling her again once my finances get on track. Thank you so very much Ms. Gertrude”

LifeReader Trail Account Fees

First time clients are treated to the first call at just $0.19 per minute for 10 minutes straight, with standard rates applying after that time limit. There is also a free chat option for 4 minutes, no matter the psychic reader chosen.

How much does LifeReader cost?

After the first appointment, standard rates can be viewed. Normally, psychic readers price their time at $5.50 to $6.50 per minute whether that be through chat or call.

There are different value packages available. There is $20 option for $40 worth of services, as well as a $30 package which is worth $60.

How to create a LifeReader account?

The first step is to visit the website. Choose to start a chat or a phone call. You'll be asked to create an account or login with Facebook credentials. You must be over 18 to create an account. 

You need to provide your email address, choose a username.

Next you'll need to provide your name, address, country, birth date, post code and optionally a phone number. 

You can then take advantage of the 4 minutes free, or add funds to your account to start your 10 minutes at $0.19 before the premium rates start.

How much do LifeReaders cost?

You get 4 free chat minutes with every reader to determine if they can help with your query or problem. You'd hate to pay right away and they can't help you. 

First time users then can use their $0.19 per minute for 10 minutes using the green call button. After the initial 10 minutes you'll pay full rates. 

Some psychics charge low rates such as $3 per minute, whereas the most popular ones charge upwards of $6.50 per minute. 

You should look at the number of readings, reviews and positive ratings as you may not need the most expensive provider, the cheaper psychics and healers can definitely offer a similar or even better experience for up to half the price. 

The cheapest psychic was $3.00 per minute. You can save money buying packages such as $80 value for only $40, or $30 value for only $15. 

Is LifeReader Australia worth it?

For first time users, it's definitely a legitimate and reliable platform used by thousands of Australians. It's also available in most countries worldwide. 

There are plenty of positive reviews and during our trial we found it to be very easy to use. You message a psychic and if they can help, you can then start a call. There's no fees until you start the call, and you can message a few psychics rather than choosing the first one. 

If you're going to be using the services of a psychic on an ongoing basis, LifeReader can get quite expensive and you may prefer to have a 1-2-1 appointment with a psychic in your town.

Other people prefer actually meeting someone so they can get a feel for who they are dealing with, unfortunately behind a phone you can't tell this. 

However LifeReader has been around for years and when you're in need of help or guidance, picking up the phone for a short consultation may be all you need.

Plus you can work with psychics around the clock, so if it's 4pm or 4am there's always someone available, which you won't find with a local psychic in your area. 

Natasha Lewis

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