6+ Best Sydney Psychics That Are Actually Legit!

Finding the best Sydney Psychics can be hard, especially with so many sceptics out there. Today we're looking at the top 6 psychics we could find after following our 29-point criteria process.

These businesses are all highly rated within Sydney and online, plus they have many years of experience in their related field. 

Whether you're looking for a 30 minute session, or something longer, an event or function, there's a wide range of services on offer here.

So without further ado, here are the best Sydney Psychics and mediums.

1. Genevieve Collette

  • Specific and accurate readings
  • Widespread publicity
  • 40 years experience

Psychic Mediums that garner widespread publicity on programs such as Good Morning Australia are bound to provide trustworthy and authentic services.

So, Genevieve Collette’s ability to channel messages from what she calls the ‘spiritual realm’, is a service you can trust to uncover and make meaning of your history and life’s purpose.

It’s her prioritisation of deceased loved ones and clearly deciphering their messages that allows Genevieve’s services to provide such clarity and direction in her client’s lives.

If you have a particular fear or phobia you find yourself unable to shake, Genevieve’s past life regression therapy could cleanse this blockage from your life.

Her services are on the slightly expensive side, as a one hour reading costs $150, though her instructions to write down sacred contacts and karmic events before arrival can ensure a more accurate reading is conducted.


Collaroy, New South Wales




Readings, house/office clearings, past life regression, events and workshops

2. Pam Bradbury Psychic

  • Specific reading structure
  • Trusted reputation
  • As seen on TV

Pam Bradbury is one of the most respected and trusted Psychic Mediums in Sydney, and believes in the power individuals weld through their life force and collective spirit.

Not only does Pam offer detailed readings that provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of your life, she also conducts an array of events including house parties and corporate events.

Pam’s recommendation is to equip yourself with specific questions to ask during a reading, which can be done over the phone, Skype or FaceTime with no impediment on the reading’s accuracy. A recording of the session is also provided.

For $150, Pam can spend thirty minutes deciphering and translating to you messages received from the spirit world, providing guidance and reassurance.

Customer Review:

Tracy Lines left this testimonial:
-“Pam has helped me through a very challenging time both through her incredibly insightful readings and her ability to tap into the ways I needed to view my life differently.”


Sydney, New South Wales


02 8231 6613


Psychic readings over phone, house parties and keynote speaking

3. Debbie Malone

  • Internationally acclaimed
  • Extensive experience
  • Numerous awards

If you’re finding it hard to trust in a Psychic Medium, Debbie Malone’s international reputation for authenticity and accuracy should put your mind at ease.

Having published four books and even assisted police in locating missing persons, Debbie’s innate ability to communicate with spirits has been covered on Sunrise, The Today Show and The Project, so you know her abilities are shocking.

It is through clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and her mediumship that Debbie perceives and communicates with the spirit guides that present themselves in her clients’ readings.

Through the closure and clarity her clients’ have found in their readings, Debbie has a reputation for facilitating close connections.

Debbie is an award-winning medium, having won Psychic of the Year for Australia in 2013 and Psychic of the Year for New South Wales in 2005.

Because of this reputation for excellence, Debbie’s readings start at $200 for thirty minutes, which can be conducted over Zoom, phone call or Skype.


Sutherland, New South Wales


02 9545 5954


Psychic readings, events and workshops

4. Sharon Brooks

  • Over 30 years experience
  • As seen on radio talk shows
  • Highly rated online

Sharon Brooks boasts one of the most transparent and striking Psychic Medium careers within the industry. She appears on the Psychic Waves radio show and provides live readings for listeners, whose amazement speaks to the accuracy of her insights.

Over her 30 year career, Sharon has developed specialties in psychic readings, future prediction, clairvoyance and tarot reading, so her expansive services are sure to meet your needs.

If enlightenment about your future, life direction or purpose is a question of primary concern to you, Sharon’s services can provide guidance and reassurance.

Her thirty minute reading sessions cost $150 and can be conducted virtually, but her strong reputation throughout Sydney and the Illawarra region can attest to the authentic readings that make the service so valuable.

Customer Reviews:

Brendan Mays left this testimonial:
-“I needn’t have worried as she picked up everything needed with surprising accuracy. Her insights have definitely opened my mind to the possibilities and so far her predictions have all come true.”


Sydney, New South Wales


0402 219 114


Psychic reading, future predictions, personal insights, tarot reading, clairvoyance

5. Kerrie Erwin Psychic

  • Trusted reputation
  • Gift spanning back to childhood
  • Affordable rates

Kerrie Erwin is a trusted Psychic Medium in Australia and has nurtured her gift for communicating with spirits since childhood.

Healing and helping people dealing with grief over lost loved ones is a primary driver for Kerrie, whose background as a nurse has cultivated within her a caring and empathetic nature that shines through her readings.

Having written four books and as a regular writer for the Sydney Observer in the Clairvoyant and Medium section, Kerrie has shared her gift with many aspiring Psychics, even running workshops throughout the year.

So, for a trusted Psychic whose clients have been loyal, long-term customers, Kerrie Erwin is a great choice in the Sydney area. Her thirty minute reading sessions are conducted virtually and cost $100.

Customer Reviews:

Steph left this testimonial:
-“Kerrie is a lightworker in every sense, she has helped illuminate my path & to learn so much more about who I am. A session with Kerrie recharges you & is always fun!”


Sydney, New South Wales


Psychic readings and mediumship, flower essences, past life regression

6. Diane Kerr Psychic

  • Reputation for precision
  • Tailored to skeptics
  • Full range of services

If you’re skeptical about the legitimacy of a Psychic’s gifts, Diane Kerr is the person to visit in Sydney. Diane seeks to show uncertain clients the authenticity of her mediumship through clear and transparent messages.

Diane boasts a loyal and long-term clientele within the Manly area, with a reputation for providing guidance and clarity throughout uncertain periods in life.

Clients have even gushed about her predictions of a future fiance and failed business decisions, attesting to her authenticity and accuracy in readings.

She offers a full range of services, including group bookings for birthdays, baby showers and even weddings.

Diane charges an affordable rate of $80 for a thirty minute reading, which can be conducted virtually with no impediment to the quality of the session.

Customer Review:

A client left this testimonial:
-“Spot on with so many things and just an overall positive and beautiful experience. Thank you so so much you wonderful lady.”


Manly, Sydney, New South Wales


0439 092 831


Private and group bookings for psychic and medium readings

Things To Know Before Hiring a Psychic?

I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a lot of experience in this topic, so we've done some further digging online to find relevant guides that we think you should read before hiring the services of a Psychic. The best one is this guide on 5 things to know before consultation. 

The average cost seems to be around $60 for 30 minutes and $100 - $150 per hour. Of course you will want to try them out before you commit to a long term agreement.

Avoid phoning 0055 and 1800 psychic lines, these are billed by the minute and they are trained to keep you 'on the phone as long as possible, so the minutes tick by, along with your money.'

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