6+ Best Pet Psychics In Australia [Top Rated]

A pet psychic is someone who can communicate with animals that have passed, or are still alive. Today we're looking at the best pet psychics Australia has to offer. 

You may also hear them referred to as animal whisperers, animal communicators and pet whisperers, mediums and healers.

When choosing a psychic, trust and reputation is very important, so we've ensured all the businesses featured below adhere to our 29-point criteria

If you're always wondered why your cat or dog is thinking, then you should get in touch with some of the psychics listed below. If you're a skeptic, you might want to checkout some other articles. 

1. Amanda De Warren

  • Endorsed by journalists
  • Women's Weekly Animal Whisperer
  • Highly rated online

A great option for those seeking intimate and in-depth knowledge about pets deceased and living is a psychic reading with Amanda De Warren.

She offers specialised animal communications medium readings, which have been known to reveal pets’ health issues, feelings and memories past and present. Her sense of innate communication with and perception of animals emotions emerged at a young age.

Amanda has been endorsed by high profile journalists and featured on Kyle and Jackie O, 2day FM and A Current Affair.

With a reputation for highly individualised, accurate and peculiar medium readings, conducted through sight, taste, feeling, hearing and general sensations, Amanda is a medium you can trust in to provide illuminating insights and closure for painful events involving your loved animals.

Whether you’re interested in your animal’s behaviour, history, health or general desires to communicate with you, Amanda can help through a phone call or physical session, starting at $90 for a mini session.

Customer Review:

​Jeannie left this testimonial:
-“Amanda, I was blown away by the reading today. I wanted to talk to animals past and present and while you did not know that, that was exactly what you gave me.”


Bli Bli, Queensland


0434 713 615


Seriously sick pets, animal communications, passed over loved ones and more

2. The Pet Psychic

  • 30+ years experience
  • Pet behavioural assistance
  • Featured in newspapers

If you’re looking for a specialised pet psychic whose understanding of animals’ unique visual, physical or emotional based communication styles can help you to engage with your pet, Liza Callen is a great option.

Liza has worked passionately for almost thirty years to convey to animals the situations within their families, help loved ones get in touch with deceased pets and allow animals to be heard and understood. This is her innate ability and lifelong desire.

Whether you need to find a lost pet, uncover health issues, communicate with a deceased animal or remedy troubling behavioural problems, Liza’s refined psychic readings can be conducted in person or over the phone.

Having garnered recognition and coverage in local newspapers and niche publications like Mind Body Spirit, you can trust that Liza’s readings are authentic, accurate and conducted with earnest intentions.

Customer Review:

Lisa left this testimonial:
-“I was so amazed how quick the changes were after Liza had communicated with her (rescue dog). An amazing difference with a huge thanks to Liza.”


North East Queensland


07 5641 2382


Pet treatments, lost pets, pet spirits, behaviour, readings and healings

3. Kerrie Searle

  • Highly experienced
  • Flexible sessions online/phone
  • Unique floral remedies

For those seeking to help their pets express feelings, history and emotions, Kerrie Searle’s promise is to go beyond the services offered by a vet or animal behaviourist and facilitate an intimate connection with your animal.

Her specialty is in animal healing and communications through native bush flowers, enabling Kerrie to perceive of your pets’ thoughts, feelings, fears, relationships and behavioural changes or tendencies.

Kerrie views herself as a translator for your pet, prescribing Bach Flower Remedies and Australian Bush Flower Essences in addressing the root cause of your pet’s problems.

So, if you’d like to enjoy a deeper connection with your pet, Kerrie is able to conduct a reading over the phone due to her telepathic abilities, meaning no sighting of the animal is required.

Customer Reviews

Kyla and Deni Mawson left this testimonial:
-“Our time spent with you communicating with Mila really gave us peace of mind, heart and spirit.”


Rye, Victoria


0450 784 350


Pet readings, behavioural assessments and floral remedy workshops

4. Donna DoLittle

  • Innate ability since childhood
  • Structures around questions
  • Highly rated online

Donna Hamer’s ability to communicate with her pets emerged in childhood and blossomed into a successful reputation as Donna DoLittle.

If you’d like to communicate with your pet through questions, images, thoughts and feelings, Donna sees herself as the medium through which this is possible.

Enabling your pet to convey their anguish, feelings and perception of the world around them can even highlight their unique sense of humour, according to Donna, who structures her readings around a set of questions to gauge the mindset of your animal, including their needs, fears, thoughts and behaviours.

Donna not only offers animal communication, but healing and remedies through calming oils and bush flower essences.

Customer Reviews:

Daniella T left this testimonial:
-“Donna communicates with heart and may bring through information you need to hear about the health and happiness of the animal you care about, as well as the messages of love your animal has for you.”


Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Contact Via Website Only


Animal communication, healing, bush flower essences and dog oils

5. Michael Wheeler

  • Trusted reputation online
  • Works with all animals
  • Focuses on personality

No matter the kind of animal you seek a reading for, whether that be a horse, dog, cat or even a fish, Michael Wheeler aims to elucidate your pet’s thoughts, feelings and opinions to you in a clear way.

Michael reads through the soul and mind of animals, meaning his sessions can be conducted without your pet present and include deceased animals.

His focus is on facilitating each animal’s personality to shine through during a reading, with particular attention paid to the point of view articulated by your pet.

Michael’s readings span over 20-30 minutes through a phone call. Each reading is slightly expensive, starting at $180; however, his expertise has gained him a trusted reputation.

Customer Reviews:

Anna left this testimonial:
-“You really are fantastically gifted and I can’t wait to recommend you to all my friends and family. You were so amazingly in tune!”




0425 228 781


Psychic readings, medium readings, pet readings, spiritual readings

6. Animal Talk

  • Recognised on TV/Radio
  • Recording of consultations
  • Highly regarded online

Trisha McCagh is the ‘animal whisperer’ behind Animal Talk, whose lifelong love of animals has culminated in a career helping to connect people with and learn from their animals.

Animal Talk has garnered a trusted reputation and received recognition from Channel 7, Channel 9, ABC radio and The Daily Telegraph, to name a few. 

A private consultation offers a conversation between yourself and your pet, with Trisha acting as translator. Her clients enjoy the strengthening of relationships felt between themselves and their pets. Locating lost animals is also a highly regarded service of Trisha’s. 

Trisha’s private consultations are relatively inexpensive at $105 for a thirty minute session and recording, making the Animal Talk services perfect for those trying to remedy troubling situations with their animals. 

Customer Review:

​A client left this testimonial:
-“It was a really wonderful consultation. We have three horses and at the end I was really comfortable in the direction we are heading with our horses.”


Quinns Rock, Western Australia


0419 999 407


Animal communications readings, lost pet communications, workshops and animal healing

How Pet Psychics Work?

Pet lovers always want to know one thing, what are they actually thinking? You may have heard the term "pet psychic,' also known as animal intuitives, animal whisperers or animal communicators, but how do they actually work? Or is it just a scam?

According to most pet psychics anyone can communicate with their pets at any time, without even knowing it. But animal communicators claim they can do just that, talk with your pet.

Some psychics focus on pets, while others claim to be able to communicate with any animal, such as horses, farm animals etc. 

While some psychics prefer to be in physical contact with the pet, others will take a photograph, or simply talk over the phone with the owner, often seen as a human companion of the animal.

Pet psychics use energies to connect with animals, no matter how far away they are. Most claim that electromagnetic energy surrounds everything in the world, including animals. 

Various pet psychics have various methods for communicating with pets and it's important you clarify with your communicator which method they use. Some are more effective than others. 

Cold reading for example, is just tarot reading and doesn't offer the same level of interaction as someone who communicates with animal emotions, intelligence and/or consciousness. 

Given you're paying good money, you should choose a trustable, high quality psychic with experience. Like all Psychics, it's up to you whether you actually believe in them, or not. 

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