6+ Best Perth Psychics That Are Actually Legit!

Finding a Perth Psychic can be hard, especially with so many sceptics out there. Today we're looking at the top 6 psychics we could find after following our 29-point criteria process.

These businesses are all highly rated within Perth and online, plus they have many years of experience in their related field.

Whether you're looking for a 30 minute session or something longer, an event or function, there's a wide range of services on offer here.

So without further ado, here are the best Perth Psychics and mediums.

1. Annmarie Lord

  • Highly rated online
  • Does in-person events
  • Affordable pricing

If you’re interested in connecting with a Psychic Medium whose speciality is motivational guidance for women, Annmarie Lord’s services will suit you well.

Annmarie has a passion for providing intuitive guidance consultations, coaching and mentoring for women who want to realise their potential.

Through equipping her clients with strength, courage and the willpower to work toward their life goals, shaped by Annmarie’s intuitive understanding of what they are really possible of achieving in their future, her clients have built this psychic service into a trusted and highly regarded one.

So, if you’re in search of a Psychic Medium reading that can not only help you to understand your current situation but also propel you into realising your future potential, this is a great option for you.

Annmarie’s Medium and Psychic Readings cost $150 for a physical meeting of one hour in her Perth office space. 

-Specialises in assisting and reading women
-In-person consultation

Customer Review:

​Becky left this testimonial:
-“ Nothing is stopping me from living my dreams, only me! I now know I can build a dream, I feel it, I can see it and I can make it happen.”


Perth, Western Australia


0404 749 969


Events and workshops, readings and reiki, coaching, past life regression

2. Tania Papara

  • Honest readings
  • Affordable prices
  • Reputation for professionalism

For a professional and honest Psychic Medium whose approach is to facilitate personal growth and development through authentic understandings of the future and present, Tania Papara is an excellent option to consider in the Perth area.

Tania is considered a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher and Spiritual Healer, with use of clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance to receive and decipher messages about clients and their loved ones. 

Because Tania approaches all readings with the intent of providing honest and accurate readings, her clients applaud the authenticity inherent to her services. 

If you’re concerned about rates, Tania’s phone call readings are inexpensive, starting at only $60 for fifteen minutes, while the in-person session costs $90 for a minimum of thirty minutes. 

Customer Review:

A customer left this testimonial:
-“Tania is very genuine and empathetic, and as a lifelong sceptic, I'm grateful and amazed”


Perth, Western Australia


0400 437 688


Clairvoyant and mediumship readings in person or over the phone

3. Veronica Swensen

  • Flexible and affordable
  • Email readings
  • Trusted reputation

If you’re in search of a flexible Psychic Medium with a trusted community reputation, Veronica Swensen is another great option in Perth.

Veronica’s career eventuated through coincidence and progressed through word of mouth, as her clients’ experiences exceeded their expectations.

Readings are conducted through her sense of smell, hearing and sight, with a perceptive ability to pick up strong messages from deceased loved ones and foretell future events.

Veronica offers clear guidance through troubling times and promises to strive for detailed answers to all of her clients’ questions.

An added bonus in booking a reading with Veronica is the flexibility with which she conducts her consultations. In-person, Skype, Whatsapp and phone call readings are all available for clients, starting at $80 for a thirty minute reading.

For those unable to afford average reading prices, Veronica also offers answers to specific questions through email for $10 each!


-Flexible and affordable sessions
-Trusted community reputation


Perth, Western Australia




Private and impromptu readings over phone, Skype, Whats App, or in-person

4. Rebecca Millman

  • Popular readings
  • Trusted reputation
  • 8 month waiting list!

Rebecca Millman seeks to create a warm and welcoming environment for her clients to feel connected to their passed loved ones.

Her psychic and medium readings are accompanied by tea leaf reading services. Rebecca also conducts workshops in these areas in order to pass on her gifts to those aspiring.

If reconnecting with deceased loved ones is an important experience to you, Rebecca’s ability to pass on messages and convey feelings between yourself and passed loved ones is sure to put you at ease.

The double edged sword is that Rebecca’s readings are so popular that there exists an 8 month waiting list for private consultations, which cost a hefty $250. Alternatively, Rebecca offers a unique small group reading option, costing $148.

Customer Reviews:

Tiffany left this testimonial:
-“Very eye opening. taught me to trust in my feelings and showed me how to go with my first intrinsic as they are usually right. Yes I can do it, WOW!”


Perth, Western Australia


08 9417 7515 (Email Bookings Only)


Readings, ghost tours, live shows, tea leaf readings and workshops

5. Judith K

  • Tarot ad spirit guiding
  • Affordable prices
  • Range of services on offer

Judith K’s psychic and clairvoyant abilities have forged a trusted reputation for her within the Perth community.

If you enjoy a psychic reading that involves tarot cards and work with spirit guides to foster personal growth, Judith’s techniques will suit you well.

Her focus on coaching through these spirit guides can assist in troubling times related to relationships, careers, life direction and stress, to name a few.

Judith also provides energy or chakra healing, which can act as therapy and a mindful remedy for existing illness.

So, for a trusted psychic whose services are diverse and through, Judith K is an excellent choice in Perth if you’re willing to pay high-end prices, starting at $110 readings, for high quality services.

Customer Reviews:

Cathy left this testimonial:
-“I sincerely appreciate the support and guidance you have given me but also the direction and belief in myself.”


Perth, Western Australia


0408 52 11 15


Psychic medium readings, clairvoyance, energy healing, tarot card readings

6. Peter Hall

  • Reputation for excellence
  • Unique services on offer
  • 12 month waiting list!

If you need compassion, empathy and loving support in experiencing a psychic reading, Peter Hall’s caring approach is ideal for you.

Peter has worked as a Psychic Medium for almost twenty years, and now performs healings and readings through intuitive guides while sharing his abilities for clairvoyance in public shows.

His naturally comforting disposition and uplifting demeanor is paired with extensive experience and qualifications in areas such as spiritual healing, crystal healing and reiki, making his services trustworthy.

Peter offers peculiar services like Tibetan Sound Healing, said to be a fine cell massage working to energise the healthy and alleviate the ailments of the unwell.

His excellent reputation means Peter has a 12 month waiting list for private readings, which cost $150 per forty-five minutes.

Customer Review:

​A client left this testimonial:
-“Peter Hall is an amazing Psychic. I am very grateful to have had a reading with him recently in which he shared many details regarding my personal life.”


Perth, Western Australia


0423 644 820


Readings, healings, workshops, public appearances and events

What To Consider Before Using a Psychic?

I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a lot of experience in this topic, so we've done some further digging online to find relevant guides that we think you should read before hiring the services of a Psychic. The best one is this guide on 5 things to know before consultation. 

The average cost seems to be around $60 for 30 minutes and $100 - $150 per hour. Of course you will want to try them out before you commit to a long term agreement.

Avoid phoning 0055 and 1800 psychic lines, these are billed by the minute and they are trained to keep you 'on the phone as long as possible, so the minutes tick by, along with your money.'

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