5+ Best Melbourne Psychics That Are Legit

Finding the best Melbourne Psychics can be hard, especially with so many sceptics out there. Today we're looking at the top 6 psychics we could find after following our 29-point criteria process.

These businesses are all highly rated within Melbourne and online, plus they have many years of experience in their related field. 

Whether you're looking for a 30 minute session, or something longer, an event or function, there's a wide range of services on offer here. 

So without further ado, here are the best Melbourne Psychics and mediums. 

1. Janelle Bridge

  • Worldwide online reading options
  • Parent empowerment advocate
  • Great value & caring

Janelle is a psychic medium based in Geelong/Melbourne, often described as accurate, enlightening, insightful and compassionate. 

Her passion is to help as many people as she can and offers face to face readings in her Zen Den, combined with Online Zoom and Email readings, where she can connect with people from all over the globe.

She can help connect people with loved ones in the spirit world and pass on messages from those you are missing the most.

Janelle also offers support and empowerment for parents of children with additional needs, through monthly meditation circles.

Helping others gives her the greatest fulfilment, whether that be through meditations, psychic readings or even just helping a stranger in the street.

Customer Review:

Rhiannon Beal wrote this review on her positive experience with Janelle.

"Janelle is seriously gifted! The reading she gave me was simply mind blowing. She described every tiny detail of my great aunt with incredible accuracy. Right down to her crocheted blanket."


Geelong / Melbourne


0425 818 961


Psychic medium readings via Zoom, Email or In-Person, Monthly Meditations, Parental Empowerment

2. Archtic Moon

  • Digital, worldwide readings
  • Readings for wide range of subjects
  • Highly rated online

Mel Reddie is a medium and the face of Archtic Moon, with 10 years experience offering worldwide readings of customers’ spirits in order to understand their lives.

Why seek out a psychic reading with Archtic Moon? A medium can use their senses to help you to understand and positively change almost all aspects of life.

Archtic Moon specialises in psychic readings, healings and psychic art; services that can help you in your education, family life, relationships and health.

Making it easy for anyone to benefit from her senses, Archtic Moon offers a variety of mediums for readings including skype, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

Customer Review:

Steph M noted: “Amazing, Mel helped me with my worries and gave me the important information I needed to make the changes in my life for the better.”




0438 770 526


Psychic readings, healings, messages, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience art and assistance, chakra and aura energy readings with pets, people, plants, objects, dwellings and property.

3. Jacquelene Close Moore

  • 25 years experience
  • International availability
  • Highly rated online

Looking for a publicly trusted medium? Jacquelene Close Moore is a trusted medium with a strong reputation spanning over 25 years.

As an international psychic, Jacquelene has provided private readings for clients in over 80 countries, tours Australia performing public readings and engages in live readings on a weekly internet show.

She is focused on customers’ comfortability and control in her readings, offering a flexible experience for clients where payment depends on the time you feel like spending in the session.

 Throughout her 15,000 readings, Jacquelene has exceeded personal guidance for her clients and also helped corporate businesses to thrive.

Group events and parties are also offered, easing any worries you may have and allowing you to relax and enjoy this unique experience. 

Customer Review:

Jessie S attested to Jacquelene’s reputability: “I have been seeing Jacquelene for about 7 years. Through the 7 years, she has always been very correct and precise about her predictions.


Level 31/120 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000


1300 760 651


Predictive, business and career readings, courses, training, mentorship and workshops, live media readings, psychic shows and corporate events, healing, rituals and space clearing, medium readings, group events and parties.

4. Nigel Eru

  • Educational Experience
  • Unique Ancestral Readings

Nigel Eru is an indigenous Maori and medium who connects with his ancestors spirits’ in his readings.

If respect and comfort are primary concerns of yours when seeking a medium, Nigel’s pledge to accommodate the freedom of his clients will help you feel at ease. 

His insightful readings are based on a unique mix of qualities and techniques, including being an empath, healer and teacher and using pendulums, photographs, objects and tarot cards.

Having studied Mediumship and Ancestral Lineage Healing with internationally respected mediums and shamans, Nigel offers expertise that can aid in clarity and healing through his services. 

Customer Reviews

Thank you very much Nigel. You have given the most valuable insights and your accuracy left me speechless…”


Brunswick East, Victoria


0431 539 228


In person and phone/video readings, healing, meditation groups

5. Ioanna Serpanos

  • Disease and wellness healing
  • Trusted long standing reputation

Offering both readings and mentorship for aspiring mediums, trusted psychic medium Ioanna Serpanos has been conducting readings for over 20 years and comes from a lineage of psychics.

Ionna offers a soul purpose and life lesson reading in her clients’ initial consultation, going on to facilitate communication with lost loved ones, healing, business readings and even disease readings that help to uncover the root cause of illnesses.

As a psychic, trained engineer, Reiki Master Teacher and mentor, Ioanna has the experience and insight you need to get in touch with your spirits.

Her services are offered for private and digital sessions, as well as at speaking engagements, public events and workshops. 

Customer Reviews:

Lynne recommended Ioanna’s services on Facebook, saying:

“I’ve seen Ioanna Serpanos a couple of times and she is spot on with her readings, etc. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to see a Psychic Medium. Exceptionally positive and generous. She is amazing!”


Cheltenham, Victoria


0411 249 538


Psychic readings, mediumship readings, tarot readings, business readings, mentorship program, public events and demonstrations

6. Dawn Cleary

  • Lifetime of development & experience
  • 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD

If you are unsure about being able to connect with a psychic, Dawn Cleary’s ability to feel part of the experiences and life of her clients will dispel these worries.

Having nurtured and developed her psychic abilities since early childhood, Dawn offers a comfortable, warm experience where you can trust in her abilities during a session.

Achieving goals and finding inner strength are what Dawn aims to encourage in her clients through her services.

Dawn can help you find clarity and use your intuition to solve challenging problems and resolve issues in your personal and professional life. 

Customer Reviews:

Simon Le Strange wrote this positive review:

“Dawn, thank you wholeheartedly for all your guidance and helping me through my goals, handling the uncertainties along the way and doing so with kindness, non-judgement, laughter, accuracy and also clarity. Your words have and continue to help me on my journey. I look forward to our next conversation down the track. (I write this from the opposite side of the world, as you most importantly predicted I’d be all that long ago).”


2 St Collins Lane Centre The Aviary, 260 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000




Private sessions in person and by phone or video, group workshops

Things To Know Before Consulting a Psychic?

I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a lot of experience in this topic, so we've done some further digging online to find relevant guides that we think you should read before hiring the services of a Psychic. The best one is this guide on 5 things to know before consultation. 

Kidspot.com.au also did a post back in 2015 on how to choose the right one. 

The average cost seems to be around $60 for 30 minutes and $100 - $150 per hour. Of course you will want to try them out before you commit to a long term agreement. 

Avoid phoning 0055 and 1800 psychic lines, these are billed by the minute and they are trained to keep you 'on the phone as long as possible, so the minutes tick by, along with your money.' 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: July 17, 2020 by Rhys