6+ Best Rollercoaster Building Sets [Top Rated]

Are you looking for the best rollercoaster building kits for your son or daughter? Today we're looking at 6 of the top rated kits to suit every budget. Whether you're buying a gift, or a STEM toy for your child to learn at home, there's something for all.

With brands such as LEGO, K'NEX and CDX offering a range of different models from tiny table sized kits, up to living room destroyers costing upwards of $500, there's plenty of rollercoaster building kits on the market. 

Plus, thanks to speedy International shipping, brands such as Quercetti (Italian) are making an introduction to the Australian market. 

1. LEGO Creator Rollercoaster Building Kit

  • 4124 pieces
  • Life-like sensors/sounds
  • Working chain lift

Create your own mini amusement park with this building kit from LEGO. There are 4124 individual pieces in total, making it suitable for teenagers 16 years old and above.

This set consists of a rollercoaster that is fully operatable, with a working chain lift. There are several dips and turns to replicate a real-life experience.

Besides just a rollercoaster, a cotton candy machine and smoothie stand are also included. There is also a ticket booth and a height marker.

This LEGO building kit has 11 figurines which can act as riders, employees and attendants. There are grandparent figurines to act as spectators.

When fully assembled, this model measures 53 by 88 by 41cm. With the inclusion of LEGO Power Functions there are life-like sensors and sounds.

2. CDX Blocks Cyclone Rollercoaster Kit

  • 900 pieces
  • Huge 120cm length
  • True to life gear chain

The Cyclone edition from CDX Blocks includes over 900 individual pieces and is designed for teenagers 14 years old and above.

This set is the mastermind of a real-life rollercoaster designer. It uses gravity in order to pull off loops and dips. There is a true to life gear chain in order to manoeuvre the roller coaster cars.

This building kit is compatible with any LEGO products. The bricks are designed to easily adhere to one another for simple and quick assembly. There are mainly white and black bricks for the rollercoaster itself, in addition to red ones to spell out the ride.

Once fully completed, this rollercoaster model has a length of 120cm. Additional accessories like an RC motor can be included for a more immersive experience. 

3. K'NEX Thrill Rides – Twisted Lizard

  • 402 different parts
  • Realistic motorised chain
  • Integrates with phone app

This set from K’NEX allows you to assemble a lizard-themed rollercoaster 47cm in height. It is recommended for kids ages 7 years and above, and consists of 402 individual parts.

This product is designed to help enhance the minds of children who are interested in STEM subjects such as engineering and math. There is an instruction pamphlet that shows how to assemble pieces step-by-step.

Build your own rollercoaster with a realistic motorised chain to move the car around the track. To amplify the experience, there is a battery-powered motor. 2 AA batteries are required to work the motor but need to be purchased separated.

There is a K’NEX VR Carboard Viewer which can be used with the K’NEX Ride It! App for an immersive rollercoaster ride.

4. Quercetti Roller Coaster Mini Rail Set

  • Italian branded toys
  • 150 different pieces
  • Uses marbles on Skyrail track

This building kit from Quercetti is designed for children ages 6 to 12. It allows you to assembled your own mini rollercoaster that can be used to play with marbles.

It is designed not only for kids to have fun, but also learn about different physics topics such as gravity, momentum and acceleration.

This product consists of 150 individual pieces such as track connectors and railway parts. When fully assembled, there is a total length of 9m.

Unlike conventional rollercoaster kids that have coaster cars, this product is designed to accommodate marble racing games. There are 4 marbles included for this purpose.

There is an included manual that provides step-by-step instructions. This product can be dissembled and configured into different tracks for more interesting races.

5. K'NEX Thrill Rides – Space Invasion

  • 438 unique pieces
  • Connects with smartphone app
  • Includes a working motor

The Space Invasion building kit from K’NEX consists of 438 individual components. It is recommended for children ages 7 years and older. This is a great gift idea for any young scientist interested in STEM subjects like science and math.

This set allows you to construct a fully functional rollercoaster that includes a motor. The motor needs 2 AA batteries, which have to be purchased separately. When batteries are placed, the coaster car automatically runs around the tracks.

Once fully assembled, this model reaches almost 90cm in height. It comes with full-coloured Space Invasion graphics for more fun.

You can download the K’NEX: Ride It! App, available on both Android and iOS devices. Through this app, you can virtually ride the Space Invasion Rollercoaster.

6. ThinkFun Rollercoaster Challenge

  • 39 tracks, 36 posts
  • 40 goals to achieve
  • Great brain teaser idea

This rollercoaster building kit from ThinkFun is designed to provide both fun and stimulate young minds at the same time. It is suitable for adults and children ages 6 and above.

This set consists of 39 tracks and 36 posts to assemble the rollercoaster. There is a working coaster car to manoeuvre around.

This kit is more than just about assembling pieces. There are 40 goals, written down on cards which cater to several difficulty levels. The challenges can be completed by the whole family or just a single user. 

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