5+ Best Pogo Sticks In Australia To Bounce

Pogo sticks keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours, bouncing around the back yard, trying to stay upright as long as you can without putting a foot down. 

Growing up, I once pogo'd non stop for 2 hours, breaking my own world record. Fortunately today there's many professional grade pogo sticks that will help you bounce higher, and even perform tricks such as backflips. 

Below you'll see the most top rated pogo sticks we could find in Australia, for kids, teens and adults too. If you're an adult be sure to checkout #4, as it's capable of bouncing up to 11 feet in the air, no joke! 

Whether you're looking for a Christmas or Birthday present, or simply something for yourself to bounce around on, we've got some of the best pogo sticks below. 

1. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

  • Good for kids/teens
  • High level of bounce
  • Wider stance pogo

This product from Flybar is designed specifically for children 9 years old and above who have a weight of 36 to 72kg. It measures 107 by 40 by 30cm and weighs 3.5kg, making it easy to move around.

This pogo stick features foam handles which ensure that children maintain a firm attachment during movement. It consists of an all-metal chassis which is protected by a foam layer to prevent any accidents. The spring is durable and allows even weight distribution while jumping.

Additionally, it is also covered with foam for a kid-safe experience. This product comes with a broad bounce tip, that allows for a wider stance which makes the pogo stick easier to control. There are foot pegs at the bottom to prevent skid and slips.

This pogo stick from Flybar is suitable for young children who have already mastered the basics of riding. It is available in an all-black colourway. 

2. New-Bounce Pogo Stick

  • Good for kids
  • Safety first design
  • Good level of bounce

This pogo stick from New Bounce is a great accessory for young kids just starting out. It measures 94 by 24 by 6cm and is lightweight at 2kg. Despite the compact size, this product can withhold a weight between 40 to 80lbs, or 18 to 36kg.

This pogo stick was curated with safety as a priority. It consists of a metal frame which is wrapped in foam.

Additionally, there are foot pads which are covered in a non-slip cover to provide both comfort and stability during use. The handles are designed to maintain a firm attachment thanks to the thick foam cover.

Foot pegs are strategically placed at the base to reduce the risk of slipping on flat surfaces. The design of this pogo stick is wide stance which is best for even weight distribution and control.

This pogo stick is available in black and green. There is also a rainbow colour option available.

3. NSG Pogo Stick

  • Good for kids & adults
  • Premium performance bounce
  • Low friction spring technology

This pogo stick from NSG is recommended for both beginner jumpers and intermediate ones alike. It has dimensions of 28 by 8 by 107cm and weighs just under 2kg. This product is suitable for both adults and children. It can withstand a weight between 80 to 180lbs or 36 to 80kg.

This pogo stick features steel springs and piston which enables expansive bounces. Thanks to NSG’s low-friction spring technology (LSF), bounces are more powerful yet low-noise. The springs are enclosed within a steel outer shell for maximum durability.

There is a footplate with rubber grips to ensure that a stable stance is always maintained while jumping. Additionally, the footplate is designed to be utilised during air tricks.

The handles on this pogo stick are covered with a foam layer to provide firm grip and attachment during movement.

This pogo stick is great for a cardio workout or for professional play. It is available in black.

4. Vurtego Pogo

  • Good for kids & adults
  • Achieve huge jumps!
  • Change the air pressure

The Vurtego Pogo was used to achieve a Guinness World Record for the highest jump at 11 feet and 1 inch. It is a product that can be used by both kids and adults.

There is a maximum weight capacity of around 135kg. The air pressure can also be increased and reduced accordingly. 35PSI is recommended for children while larger adults can handle 70PSI. 

This pogo stick is filled with 2,844cc of air volume to achieve the highest jumps, and has been compared to a portable trampoline. It is made up of a stainless-steel shaft and aluminium outer shell for maximum durability.

You can safely perform a variety of air tricks on this pogo stick. The hand grips are constructed out of lizard skin to ensure a grip is maintained at all times. There are aluminium foot pegs which provide a stable base for the feet. 

 This product comes in a black and green finish.

5. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

  • Good for kids up to 9
  • Good level of bounce
  • Lightweight and portable

This product from Flybar is targeted at beginner jumpers. It is lightweight at only 2kg, and measures 97 by 24 by 6cm. This pogo stick is ideal for children ages 5 to 9, with a weight capacity of 40 to 80lbs, or 18 to 36kg.

This product is supported by a strong spring which enables gentle bounces and even weight distribution. The spring is trapped in a metal frame, which is covered by foam to prevent accidents.

The handles of this product have grip indents and are also protected by foam. There are tactile foot pegs which ensure a wide stance is maintained during jumps. The foot pegs also prevent skids and slipping accidents.

This pogo stick can be used to fit in a great cardio workout or just a way for children to have fun. This product comes in a variety of patterns from black and silver, blue and white to pink and green.

How to choose the best pogo sticks? 

What should you look for when choosing a pogo stick? 

If you're an adult, then you definitely should checkout #4, the biggest and baddest pogo stick for adults, and advanced teenagers outgrowing their child-friendly pogo stick. 


Most pogo sticks are designed for kids, and will have a weight rating. It's important to check this, as this is usually the maximum that the spring will support. However I've used my sons pogo stick and I'm over double the recommended top weight and the stick was fine! 

We've outlined the sizes above and whether they are good for kids, teens or adults. 


You'll want a pogo stick that is comfortable for both your hands and feet. Some models offer a wide stance which is good for bigger children.

Slimmer kids won't need this option and any model is usually sufficient for them. The one problem with pogo sticks is the inability to customise the height of the handlebars, so if you're taller, go with a bigger model. 

Bounce Performance

Most pogo sticks don't bounce very well. You can quickly outgrow them. If you want to bounce like a true champion checkout #4 which allows you to pressurise your own pogo, allowing you to bounce as high or low as you like. 

Cheaper pogos don't allow you to change the pressure so you're limited to what they support which may be 1-2ft off the ground, or if you're lucky 2-3ft. Check the product specifications to see if it's a 'premium bounce' model as this often means it will go higher. 

Of course the bounce level depends on your weight and ability to use the pogo stick. We won't go into much detail, but you can read this guide on how to bounce higher. 

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