5+ Best Air Track Mats In Australia [Top Rated]

Are you looking for the best Air Track mats Australia has to offer? Today we're looking at 6 of the most top rated models available to purchase online with fast delivery.

These Air Track mats range in size from 3x1m up to 6x1m, perfect for every use case, whether that's professional gymnastics at home or school, or learning how to do a backflip safely. 

Below the top rated mats we look at a buyers guide on how to choose the best Air Track mats for your personal situation and how you can ensure you're buying the best model. 

1. FBSport Air Track 3M x 1M

  • Handcrafted, durable material
  • Inflates in 60 seconds
  • Depth of 10 or 20cm

This mat from FBSport is designed to provide a base for various activities such as gymnastics and cheerleading.

The measurements are listed at 300cm by 100cm. This mat is completely handcrafted and constructed out of PVC tarpaulin for a depth of 10cm or 20cm depending on the model. It can accommodate a maximum pressure of 3.2 PSI.

This product takes less than 60 seconds to inflate and around the same time to completely collapse. It comes with handles on the sides for convenient transport between locations. The bravo valve makes it easy to set up and clean up after use.

This mat is ideal for a variety of places like schools and businesses. It comes in pink, white, orange and other bright colours.

2. Everfit Air Track 4M x 1M

  • Reputable fitness brand online
  • 20cm thick
  • Carry handles

This training surface from Everfit measures 400cm x 100cm and can withstand a maximum pressure of 10 PSI.

It can be used for gymnastics, cheer practice or just everyday yoga. It is 20cm thick and made up of tightly-packed PVC layers. There is integration of drop stitch fabric which prevents tears.

This mat ensures that slips are reduced due to the high-quality drop stitch. Additionally, the cover is marked with guide lines and has water-resistant properties. This mat can also be used during outdoor activities too.

This mat has 4 handles on the sides to allow easy movement between storage and area of use. There’s an embedded valve which can be utilised to quickly inflate and deflate this product. It comes in a classic blue colour.

3. 1INCH Air Track 3-6M

  • Various lengths and depths
  • Water-resistant, use on water
  • 2 carry handles

The 1INCH Air Track is available in 300cm to 600cm by 100cm dimensions, with a depth of 15 or 20cm. It supports pressures up to 10 PSI, ideal for various exercises. It is decorated with 2 valves which allow inflation and deflation within minutes.

This product is made out PVC tarpaulin and drop stitch. Thanks to this water-resistant composition, the mat can be placed on several surfaces like grass and water. The cover comes painted with guide lines for professional athletes.

There are 2 handles on the long sides of the mat, which makes it easy to transport. The sides are lined with Velcro as well. A purchase of this training mat comes with a bag for storage and electric pump. It comes in black and blue.


  • Long 4m and 10cm depth
  • PVC vinyl material
  • Inflates in minutes

This mat from The Beam Store measures 400cm by 100cm with a depth of 10cm. It is made from 2 layers of PVC vinyl which can withstand pressures suitable for gymnastics and other sports.

This PVC vinyl is supported by reinforced seams for durability despite frequent use. This mat can be used on many surfaces like grass and sand. 

This air track comes with handles on the long sides, which make it easy to store. Thanks to the industrial-quality valve, deflating only takes a couple of minutes. There’s a hand pump included for fast inflation.

The sides are lined with Velcro to stick on additional training equipment. There’s a 24-month warranty and a toolkit included. This product is available in a mint colour.

5. OZ Trampolines Air Track Mat 3M

  • Various lengths and thicknesses
  • Good for professionals
  • Inflates in minutes

The OZ Trampolines Air Track Mat comes in at 300cm by 100cm with a thickness of 20cm. It is made out of 2 layers of 1000-denier fabric which makes it ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

This mat provides a suitable surface for intense sports like gymnastics and acrobatics. This is due to the anti-slip properties which also make it easy to wipe down. For professionals, there are guide markings as well.

For easy inflation and deflation, there is an integrated valve. There’s also an electric pump included to prepare the mat in minutes. There are also handles at the sides for smooth transitions between the storage area and work place.

This product is available in blue and white colourway.

6. AirTrack AirFloor eFit 3-5M

  • The original AirTrack company
  • Various sizes from 3-5M
  • High quality build, 2 layers
  • Available in many colours

The AirFloor eFit comes in 300cm to 600cm by 100cm sizes, with a depth of 10cm for all styles. This product can withstand a maximum pressure of 10 PSI, making it suitable for sports like gymnastics and others that require soft landing. It is recommended for novice athletes too.

This air track is made out of 1000-dernier. Specifically, there are 2 layers of this material which provide anti-slip and water-resistant properties. This prevents micro-injuries and allows easy maintenance. This product can be placed on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

There’s an in-built valve for simple set up and clean up. An electric air pump can also be purchased to prepare the product in seconds.

The AirFloor eFit is available in pink, blue and turquoise. 

How to choose the best air track mats? 

You'll want to consider a few features including comfort, flexibility, versatility, durability and ease of use as well as the setup process each time you wish to use your air track tumbling mat. 

Comfort: The air track mats need to ensure comfort at all times, and you'll want to choose one that offers a soft top layer, but robust enough to perform your gymnastics. Different models offer different levels of comfort so refer to the reviews to see what others are saying. 

Flexibility: You'll want an Air Track tumbling mat that can be inflated and deflated within seconds. No one wants to wait ages for the mat to inflate each time. Ensure the mat offers an AC inflation device as you definitely don't want to be using a foot pump or manually blowing it up. 

Versatility: You'll want a mat that's large enough for you to perform the gymnastics that you're doing. Plus you'll probably outgrow your Air Track mat pretty quickly so you will want to factor this in and probably buy a larger mat, with the future in mind. You will also want to check whether you need a portable mat, or one that you'll use at home. 

Durability: You'll want to choose an Air Track mat that is sturdy and built well. Unfortunately this sector has many cheap imitation models that won't last. While you don't need the most expensive models out there, you can definitely tell the difference between those super cheap models and the mid range models with lots of reviews. Safety is also paramount, so ensure the model you're buying has a good safety rating. 


Whether you need a mat for your high performance training, or simply to learn in your backyard, you should consider purchasing one of the best Air Track mats Australia has to offer. Today we've looked at 5 of the top rated models available to buy online. 

All the Air Track mats offer high durability, lots of features and a good build quality that will provide comfort and safety when using your mat during your training. You can definitely pickup a good bargain when choosing the best Air Track mats. 

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