6+ Best Brisbane Psychics That Are Actually Legit!

Finding a Brisbane Psychic can be hard, especially with so many sceptics out there. Today we're looking at the top 6 psychics we could find after following our 29-point criteria process.

These businesses are all highly rated within Brisbane and online, plus they have many years of experience in their related field. 

Whether you're looking for a 30 minute session, or something longer, an event or function, there's a wide range of services on offer here. 

So without further ado, here are the best Brisbane Psychics and mediums.

1. Tim Fraser Psychic

  • Worldwide online readings
  • Unique, objective approach
  • Affordable rates

For a psychic reading that is straightforward, clearly articulated and explained and conducted by a professional with years of experience, visiting Tim Fraser in Brisbane is a great choice.

Tim uses a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience and innate psychic sense to conduct his readings. His readings are proudly described as pertaining to real life events and futures, while giving way to clients’ renewed perceptions of themselves.

He hopes clients can change the direction of their lives with the information uncovered.  It is Tim’s intent to use his mediumship to convey messages in an objective fashion - including the good and bad.

This means the information Tim receives from spirits flows freely through him during a reading.
Tim’s unique approach to psychic readings costs $85 for a thirty to forty-five minute session, which is an affordable rate as opposed to competitors.

His readings can only be conducted in person, so keep this in mind.


Stafford, Brisbane, Queensland


0411 142 640


Private readings through psychic and mediumship

2. Janice Richards

  • Healing offered
  • Wide range of services
  • Affordable 30 minute readings

Whether you’re seeking a psychic reading, energy healing or work with crystals, Janice Richards’ highly regarded sessions have forged for her a strong reputation in Brisbane.

Janice believes her readings can put her clients onto the right path according to their destiny, so if this is something you believe in, consider visiting for some valuable insight.

There are five methods of conducting her readings, including clairvoyant, numerology, mediumship, pet and channeled readings, which focus on either your own soul, messages from loved ones or from pets and guides.

Janice charges $60 for a thirty minute reading, making this an affordable service for a range of clientele.

Customer Review:

Amara left this testimonial: 

“I have been seeing Janice for readings for the past fourteen years. Not only are her readings extremely accurate, but Janice gives an unparalleled insight into both the spiritual and practical areas of life.”


Carina, Brisbane, Queensland


07 3843 6083 or 0402 139146


Psychic readings, energy healing, meditation circle, workshops

3. Andrew Warnes

  • Specialises in tarot cards
  • Unique subscription service
  • Lots of testimonials

Through specialisation in tarot card reading, Psychic Medium Andrew Warnes enables his clients to change their life path and relinquish themselves from turmoil.

Not only does Andrew use his innate psychic abilities to explore your future, past and present decisions, he has also created a personalised tarot card subscription service.

This service allows Andrew’s personalised advice regarding important aspects of life like relationships, business and family matters to have an impactful and ongoing influence on your decision to take action.

So, for access to the psychic wisdom of the Australian Capital Territory’s 2012 Psychic Medium of the Year, you can pay $100 a year for the subscription or $90 for a first time thirty minute private reading.

Customer Reviews

Nav left this testimonial:
-“He was so spot on on a number of things that when my husband (a complete non-believer) listened to the recording afterwards said: "For a non-believer it’s hard not to believe when he is so specific about so much."


New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland




Psychic readings, weekly tarot card subscription and workshops

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4. Jade Sky Psychic

  • Multiple reading methods
  • Internationally recognised
  • More expensive than others

Jade Sky is an internationally recognised Psychic Medium whose connection with spirit guides and deceased loved ones can provide much needed closure and guidance for clients.

Her use of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, photo readings and even object-oriented psychometry make her readings multifaceted and unique.

Since Jade strives to provide clients with accurate details regarding dates, times, personal information and death, you know her trusted reputation is well deserved.

Readings can be conducted in person, through phone call or email, with the choice between predictive readings that provide personal clarity and guidance or medium readings, which provide communication with passed loved ones.

Jade’s rates are on the expensive side, with phone readings costing $150 for thirty to forty-five minutes, which is justified by her status as Queensland Psychic of the Year 2012.\

Customer Reviews:

Rhiannon left this google review:
-“Absolutely love Jade! She is so accurate, not to mention compassionate and empathetic! Looking forward to my next reading soon.”


Brighton, Queensland




Predictive, medium, business, spirit guide and animal guide readings

5. Deb Webber Psychic

  • As seen on TV
  • 30 years of experience
  • Live shows and tours mainly
  • No phone readings

If you need help navigating your grief after the loss of a loved one, Deb Webber’s insightful and touching mediumship can enable you to communicate with those passed.

Deb has extensive experience providing psychic readings for her clients, as through 30 years of work in the industry, Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship have become her areas of specialisation.

She approaches her readings with passion and the knowledge that entering into your personal experiences is a moment to cherish, so you can trust that private readings are conducted in a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her Brisbane office.

Deb has written for Women’s Weekly and tours the country doing live shows and events in addition to her private readings. For this reason, her private readings are expensive, costing $375 per hour.

Customer Reviews:

Pearl left this testimonial:
-“She gave me a reading in 2010 and told me things no one else on this Earth knew aside from me and my deceased partner.”


Brisbane, Queensland




Private readings, live shows, retreats and workshops

6. Amanda Morrison

  • Certified in teaching
  • Healing therapies
  • Various readings offered

Amanda Morrison is a trusted and certified Psychic Medium whose educational journey through spiritual development has allowed her to refine her skills and conduct the most intimate and accurate readings.

Her specialty is clairaudience, meaning mediumship is the primary way through which Amanda conducts her readings and provides guidance and support for clients seeking connections with passed loved ones.

Not only does she provide readings, Amanda also conducts Reiki and Bowen Therapy as a healer.
Amanda is a LWISSD Certified Master Teacher with a reputation throughout Brisbane for providing a warm and compassionate environment in order for clients to feel supported.

Private readings are offered in person and over the phone, starting at $150. The choice between a psychic and mediumship-oriented reading is also yours.

Customer Review:

Karina left this testimonial:
-“Blown away by her accuracy and her ability to tap into a personal issue that no-one else even knew about...Her reading was enlightening, inspiring and gave me the guidance I needed at a time when I was feeling stuck at a crossroads.”


Brisbane, Queensland


0400 202 327


Readings and bowen and reiki healing sessions

Things To Know Before Consulting a Psychic?

I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a lot of experience in this topic, so we've done some further digging online to find relevant guides that we think you should read before hiring the services of a Psychic. The best one is this guide on 5 things to know before consultation.

Kidspot.com.au also did a post back in 2015 on how to choose the right one.

The average cost seems to be around $60 for 30 minutes and $100 - $150 per hour. Of course you will want to try them out before you commit to a long term agreement.

Avoid phoning 0055 and 1800 psychic lines, these are billed by the minute and they are trained to keep you 'on the phone as long as possible, so the minutes tick by, along with your money.' 

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