Best Business Criteria

Best Five is now listing select businesses under various topics such as 'Best *Service* in *City*. 

We are only listing businesses which meet our strict selection process. 

Below you'll find out how we determine if a business is one of the best. We follow a 29 step process for each business before listing them on the website. 

And remember, these are our top selections and aren't the opinions of a survey or purely customer feedback. We would ask you to still do your due diligence checks like you would with any other business, and use our guide as a resource to help you. 

  1. Is the business established online and offiline?
  2. Do they have their ABN or ACN easily visible?
  3. Does the business have a good website?
  4. Are they operating on an https certificate domain?
  5. Is the website using their own domain name?
  6. Is there a contact number that someone answered?
  7. Are the opening hours clearly identified?
  8. Is there an address listed online and on Google maps?
  9. Is their a contact email address or contact form?
  10. Do they have authentic business images or fake ones?
  11. Are there good customer reviews online?
  12. ​How many negative reviews are there?
  13. Do businesses respond to negative reviews or leave them?
  14. Do they have a Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo page?
  15. Do they have other social media presence?
  16. Are there any positive or negative comments?
  17. ​Have they been featured in magazines, journals?
  18. Have they won any awards?
  19. Are they on Tripadvisor, Yellowpages, Yelp etc?
  20. Do their services match the criteria we're looking for?
  21. Are their prices reasonable for consumers?
  22. Are they responsive to contact form requests/leads
  23. ​Where they can't help, do they offer a recommendation?
  24. Do they offer discounts or special offers?
  25. What complaints are out there?
  26. Have they been reported to ACCC as a public case?
  27. Are their fake reviews out there?
  28. Do they have any outstanding legal issues?
  29. Anything else that's relevant in our decision?